best basketball shoes for wide feet

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Wide feet are the problem that most players face. Basketball players are tall and bulky. All their body parts are large, including their wide feet. Therefore, purchasing the best basketball … Read More

What is GOAT in basketball?

Goat is a term that is used to refer to our favorite players in the basketball sport. The term itself can be confusing since it refers to barnyard animals, and … Read More

What is overtime in basketball?

Overtime is always the most exciting part of the game of all kinds of sorts. It always has fans biting their nails and the players are under intense pressure to … Read More

What Is A Weighted Basketball?

There are many techniques and long hard hours of training used by basketball players to attain the ability to be able to throw the ball and basket it. All these … Read More

How to Get Better At Basketball

How to Get Better At Basketball

Basketball is a professional game played all over the globe. This game is entirely based on sharp tricks and sound techniques. Whether playing professionally or for fun, every player wants … Read More

how to improve and get better at basketball shooting

Best Tips to Improve Basketball Shooting

Regarding basketball, accurate shooting makes the difference on the scoreboard. Shooting is the most important and challenging skill of basketball. The three-point swishes are the heart of basketball, and the … Read More


How Engineers Play Basketball

Basketball has the spark and charisma to give its addiction to anyone, irrespective of the age and profession of the person. There is no limitation of such barriers to playing … Read More

History of Basketball Invention

History of Basketball Invention

The history of basketball started in Springfield, Massachusetts, with its invention in 1891. It was invented by a Canadian physical education instructor named James Naismith. It was considered a sport … Read More

What Is A Carry In Basketball?

Following all the major basketball leagues, you probably have not heard of the term carry. All the players in the professional leagues are pros and know the rules of basketball. … Read More

What is a Wing in Basketball?

Each area of the court on the basketball field has its name and identity. It helps players and coaches to decide strategy and even helps the analysts to break down … Read More

What is Basketball IQ?

Basketball is a game of techniques and strategy. A lot of the leading players in this sport apply all kinds of strategies to win games and score. This means there … Read More

What Does PPG Mean In Basketball?

Basketball is a sport that is filled with different kinds of terminologies that are used to define different types of elements of the sport. As we have already spoken about … Read More

What Does GB Mean In Basketball?

Basketball is a sport full of acronyms of different terms from the game or about the game. Everything and anything in this sport have its particular name and term that … Read More

What Does PER Mean In Basketball?

There are many statistics used in basketball to estimate the efficiency rate of players in each game. One of these rating statistics is called PER, standing for Player Efficiency Rating. … Read More

What Is The Paint In Basketball?

The paint plays a very important role in deciding the strategy for the game. The paint refers to a specific area in the court and most basketball strategists and analysts … Read More

Best Basketball Referee Shoes

Best Basketball Referee Shoes

Referees are the backbone of every basketball match, so it is in a team’s best interest to make sure that the referees are comfortable, stress-free, and well-equipped. When you’re dealing … Read More

how to play horse in basketball

How to play HORSE in basketball

There is a lot of fun involved with playing basketball, but there is nothing more fun than playing HORSE! HORSE can be played alone in a driveway or against a … Read More

Best Basketball Shoes for Bad Knees

Best Basketball Shoes for Bad Knees

Basketball is a fast-paced sport that demands agility and quick movements. It includes high jumps, fast running, cutting side to side, sharp turns and frequent stops, etc Most of these … Read More

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Basketball shoes come in many trendy looks having a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Basketball requires proper footwear, as the demands of each game are different. Basketball shoes have … Read More

best in ground basketball hoops

Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops

Can you imagine playing basketball without a basketball hoop? The answer will be a big no. Finding a suitable hoop that stands tall during any weather condition or playing situation … Read More

best smart basketball review

Best Smart Basketball

Normally rookies and amateur players tend to hire coaches to improve efficiency in various aspects of the game. This method is effective but the main problem that might arise is … Read More

best portable basketball hoop

Best Portable Basketball Hoop

Imagine going to your granny’s house with your basketball. Where would you port the ball? Considering this problem, companies have started making portable basketball hoops to ensure that players do … Read More

Best Basketball Shoes for Women

Best Basketball Shoes for Women

I know there are lots of basketball shoes for women. But, the question is, are those really good enough for women to play basketball? I don’t think so… Sometimes, after … Read More

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Jumping is a vital aspect and the basic demand of playing basketball. There is no relaxation in this trait whether you are a rookie or a professional. The jumping must … Read More

What Does Hedge Mean in Basketball?

In basketball, many rules and techniques differ; various offensive and defensive strategies are distinct from each other and are adopted by the players during the entire game. These are the … Read More

What is Basketball Reach in Foul?

Sometimes, basketball rules can be drastically confusing, especially if you’re a newcomer in the sport. Because the game is driven so quickly that one can hardly understand its foul rules … Read More

What are the 5 Positions in Basketball?

A basketball team can hold many skillful players, but only five can play inside the court. Once these players are selected, they are assigned different positions according to their suitability. … Read More

How to Become a Basketball Referee?

Becoming a basketball referee could be a very considerable means to remain participated in your most favorite sport. However, it could be possible that you have applied several times to … Read More

Why Are Basketballs Orange?

Did you know, in the 1950s, Tony Hinkle, the head coach of Butler University’s Basketball, directed a campaign to alter the basketball color, which was brownish in the shade then? … Read More

How to Make It to the NBA?

Did you know, there is only 0.03 percent of high school basketball players get enlisted in the NBA, which presents that the NBA league has huge criteria to get eligible … Read More

How Much Do NBA Coaches Make?

Among all basketball leagues, the NBA is the richest and most renowned basketball league worldwide. Despite that, the NBA coaches do not make as much as the NBA players, but … Read More

How to Deflate a Basketball?

Are you planning to travel with your basketball either for a basketball camp or for your final match? If you decide to take your basketball with you on a long … Read More

How Much Do NBA Mascots Make

Mascots are crucial parts of every game, which provide much relief in a comedic way during intense game situations. When the team is going to lose the game, they cheer … Read More

How to Play Basketball Overseas?

Basketball has evolved globally over some years. Many rules have been eradicated, and many principles have been added. However, one thing which is never easy is to become an expert … Read More

What is Goaltending in Basketball?

You may not have seen goaltending violations in basketball matches often, but it is one of the most crucial rules in basketball tournaments. However, this is not a very common … Read More

What Does Waived Mean in NBA?

As a Basketball fan, many basketball notions could be pretty hard to understand. Usually, some people never heard about such concepts. Waiving is one of these problematic terms in basketball, … Read More

What is ISO in Basketball?

Have you ever heard any player or its follower commenting on the ISO player and get curious about what they are talking about. Well, there’s nothing to wonder about? ISO … Read More

What is a Triple Double in Basketball?

If you have ever followed NBA basketball, you’ve perhaps heard the term “Triple-double in Basketball.” however, if you have never happened to know about this term, there’s no need to … Read More

Steph Curry vs Kyrie Irving

Using an off-hand basketball isn’t an easy task, no matter whatever reason it is being used for. The players have to go through plenty of practice, hours of training and … Read More

What is NBA 3 Point Line Distance?

For the past 40 years, the 3-Point line is being used in the beautiful game of basketball. Since its inception, the “arc” has made many shooters’ careers on the court. … Read More

Double Rim vs Single Rim

There has been an argument amongst various basketball players about single and double rims. Some of them share their opinion that a single rim is bad; meanwhile, some believe that … Read More

Best Cushioned Basketball Shoes

Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes

We all know that comfortable basketball shoes play a vital role in winning matches. The more comfortable your shoes are, the more will be the chances that you’ll win a … Read More

Best Basketball Towels

Best Basketball Towels

Basketball is a game of strength and agility. The more you exert power and speed, the better would be the result.  Good basketballers always give their all to the court … Read More

Best Fitness Trackers For Basketball

Best Fitness Tracker for Basketball

Any sport around the world requires a detailed analysis of almost everything happening around the athletes. At the international level, you will see a group of highly qualified coaches and … Read More

Best Basketball Arm Sleeves

Best Basketball Arm Sleeves

Basketball involves many tricky moves, cuts, jumps, and running. We have to invest a good amount of energy in the game and actively involve our feet, hands, legs, and arms.   … Read More

Best Basketball Shoes Under 50

Best Basketball Shoes Under $50

I know it is challenging to find good basketball shoes under $50. But don’t worry. I have good news for you. I have done some thorough research and brought you … Read More

Best Basketball Shoes for Overpronation

Basketball Shoes for Overpronation

Before starting the discussion on basketball shoes for overpronation, lets briefly overview the term “overpronation”. Overpronation is a condition of feet that arises when the foot’s arch roll downwards or … Read More

Under Armour Basketball Shoes

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes

“Nike is the best basketball shoe manufacturer,” a thing that almost all basketball fans hear nowadays. Nike and Adidas have indeed held the majority of the market share when selling … Read More

Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

Basketball players invest a lot of money in the accessories that they use. For rookie players, especially the students, it is often challenging to manage the budget when most of … Read More

Best Basketball Water Bottles

Best Basketball Water Bottles

I know there are many good water bottles in the market that you can buy without any hesitation.  But, Let’s be honest. We want the best of them. Worth every … Read More

best basketball referee whistles

Best Basketball Referee Whistles

If you are a basketball referee, you would certainly be very careful in the matter of your whistle. You would never wish to compromise on your most important tool and … Read More

Best Basketball Headbands

Best Basketball Headbands

Having long and curly hair as a basketball player seems cool and fun. It feels great that the elflocks are making waves in the air, but the more important thing … Read More

Best Wrist Brace For Basketball

Best Wrist Brace for Basketball

Most of the bandages, tapes, and clothes usually are worn to fulfill a specific purpose. The basketball players’ most important assets are their hands. They use their hands to pass, … Read More

Best Thumb Brace For Basketball

Best Thumb Brace For Basketball

Basketball requires the active participation of your hands, along with the involvement of your legs and feet. It would not be unfair to say that this game demands the active … Read More

Best Ankle Brace For Basketball

Best Ankle Brace for Basketball

Basketball is an exciting game and is being played all across the world. It involves jumps, running, twists, turns, sharp cuts, and many other tricky moves. The ankle is a … Read More

Best Basketball Shoes for Men

Best Basketball Shoes for Men

Apart from protection, a player cannot win his game solely by relying on his physical strength and stamina. He needs good basketball shoes to have cushioning, traction, support, breathability, comfort, … Read More

Best Basketball Shoes for Running

Best Basketball Shoes for Running

In order to maintain a stronghold on your game, you have to make instant cuts, sudden moves, high jumps, fast running and it also involves instant acceleration and deceleration. This … Read More

Best Agility Ladder For Basketball

Best Agility Ladder For Basketball

If we describe agility, agility is the ability to change your direction quickly and effectively while you are playing. An agility ladder is a ladder that can be easily spread … Read More

Best Basketball Pumps

Best Basketball Pumps

Would you ever like to play with a deflated basketball? Of course not! Even the idea of playing with a deflated ball would appear as a nightmare to you! A … Read More

Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

A team of, mostly, five players play this game and there is five basketball positions corresponding to five players. These positions are the point guard, the center, the shooting guard, … Read More

Best Basketball Books Of All Time

Best Basketball Books

As a basketball player and as a basketball fan, you would love to understand the game more and more. You would be passionate to learn new techniques and learn from … Read More

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are made according to the nature of the court. Some basketball shoes are only for indoors, some are for outdoors and some are for both courts. Outdoor basketball … Read More


Basketball Shoes for Big Guys

You can not have a stronghold on your game unless you play with stupendous basketball shoes that boost your performance. The height of basketball players also varies, some are tall, … Read More

Best Knee Braces For Basketball

Best Knee Braces For Basketball

Would you ever like to face knee injury and knee pain while playing basketball? This question seems too silly as no one would ever have wished knee injury and knee … Read More

Running in Basketball Shoes

Companies manufacture products with specifications that suit the customer’s needs. Each shoe in the shoe market is market as per the usage. As the name suggests, Basketball shoes are made … Read More

Buzzer Beaters

The latest NBA season has recorded 6 buzzer-beaters scored by different players. While you would see teams competing for 48 minutes where one of them emerges as a winner, there … Read More

Basketball Jersey Size Chart

Young basketball fans and rookie players usually find it difficult to find a suitable basketball jersey for themselves. It is disappointing when you needed your favorite basketballer’s shirt and all … Read More

Best Duke Players In The Nba

Best Duke Players In The NBA

The majority of the viewers reading our article will surely know about the Duke Blue Devils basketball team. But, if you do not know what the fuss has always been about, … Read More

Nba Teams Without A Championships

NBA Teams Without A Championship

The NBA championship is considered unarguably the best basketball league in the world. The franchise management, sponsors, players, broadcasters, and fans invest a significant effort supporting their respective teams. While … Read More

easy way to clean basketball shoes

How to Clean Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are of great importance to players as they prevent injuries of the ankle and foot during the game and provide support to the foot as well. They get … Read More