Running in Basketball Shoes

Companies manufacture products with specifications that suit the customer’s needs. Each shoe in the shoe market is market as per the usage.

As the name suggests, Basketball shoes are made specifically for basketball, while running shoes complement the runners who like to train and workout daily. While both the shoes look almost the same, there are slight variations in shape, cushioning, sole, and outer.

The basketball shoes focus more on the stability and support that your feet need while playing basketball, while the running shoes are more lightweight than supportive. This helps you to run for an extended time without any load on your legs. 

This basic difference is just a start, as we will compare both the shoes and will tell you that running in basketball shoes is good for your health or not.

Running vs. Basketball Shoes

There are several factors that you need to consider before investing your savings into buying a shoe. The running shoes and basketball shoes are two separate things, so you should consider the following things before going any further.

Weight factor

The first and foremost thing that you need to check is the weight of your shoe. The mass of material with which the sole and outer is made is among the most important things.

Running shoes are always lightweight because the runners need to run long miles for better stamina and practice. On the other hand, basketball shoes are also light but not as much as running shoes. The weightage also depends on the shaft size, which we are about to discuss next.

Ankle support

The basketball shoes come in three different shaft sizes, i.e., high, medium, and low. The higher the shaft, the more would be your shoe’s weight.

You can easily determine a good basketball shoe by merely looking at the shaft. Ankle support is the foremost thing in basketball, so the shaft will make its way in the features. 

Running shoes do not contain a medium and high shaft. It might contain a low or no shaft at all. This is because the ankle support is not as much of a problem. After all, there is minimal lateral movement and jumps while running on a track.

Sole material

The sole material used to make basketball shoes is suitable for playing games on the basketball court. You would never want the expensive basketball to get torn up while running on rough tracks. Good sole material makes comfortable basketball shoes for players.

Running shoes are made of a more resistant material which can bear the roughness of stones, pebbles, and other hurdles.


The least relevant factor among the ones that we have mentioned is the cushioning. Both the types have adequate cushioning for the respective usage, but basketball shoes are more shock absorbent than running shoes.

The focus of basketball shoes is on the ankle and the toe area, while running shoes support the base of your foot and the toes.

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What should you do if you play basketball and jog as well?

The majority of our readers have a limited budget, and they tend to buy a multi-purpose shoe for running and athletic sports.

We must tell you that there is no such thing as multi-purpose when considering this particular problem because the usage pattern and shoe specification are in contradiction. 

Still, if you do not have money to spend, then we can pull out from the dilemma of choosing more multi-purpose shoes among the types mentioned. First of all, we will start with running shoes.

It is a big no from our side if you are considering buying a pair of sunning shoes to help you run and play basketball as well. The reason behind this straight rejection is simple.

These shoes do not provide the ankle support which you need the most while playing basketball. This exposes you to career-ruining injuries. Moreover, the sole does not provide the required traction on the slippery wooden courts.

The best bet for you is to invest your hard-earned money in basketball shoes. These shoes are not 100% suitable for your running routine, but the traction and cushioning are good enough to complement your running routine.

You can easily sun in these shoes if you are taking small to medium distant track. On the contrary, if your track is usually long and you need to run often, you might feel two main problems. 

Ankle stress and tiredness

Running in basketball shoes is never an easy thing to do for a long time. The reason is shaft weight and mass of sole and material. Running shoes are light and make you feel the least force being exerted on your feet.

The basketball shoes as not as lightweight as the former, so you might feel tired after running for some time. The ankle also feels the majority of the weight, causing it to strain and stiff. 

Wear and tear

Basketball shoes are made for slippery wood floors of the basketball court. Though you will receive the traction you need, the shoes do not suit running on rough tracks where the surface tears the sole. You might not see the sole getting torn off initially, but it happens when you use the shoes while running for too long.


Our critical comparison concludes that you should never use basketball shoes for running if you are a consistent runner.

Running for hours in basketball shoes can make you reform your feet or make them tired. The impact can be long-lasting, so it is always preferable to use running shoes instead. 

The last bit of advice from our end is that if you feel any pain or irritation while using the basketball shoes for running, you should stop at that very moment and buy a new pair of running shoes. Running is good for health, we know, but running in basketball shoes is never healthy or a proper solution.