Best Basketball Headbands

As a basketball player, having long and curly hair seems cool and fun. It feels great that the elflocks are making waves in the air, but the more important thing is you making waves.

Yes, one of the most important factors that might prove to be problematic for you during the game is long hair and drops of sweat rolling down your forehead.

It’s great to know that companies are making great basketball headbands to ensure that all the sweat rolling down your forehead gets absorbed in the high-quality material.

The perfectly fitted sweatbands are regarded as the best solution to the hair and sweat that troubles your eyes and limits your vision during basketball games.

Choosing a good basketball headband to improve your game is often a headache. You will find products that make exaggerated claims related to performance and quality.

The only thing that can keep you from spending money on a fraudulent product is studying which factors you should check while making a purchase and the most perfect and ideal headbands available in the market.

Today, we are going to discuss and review some of the best basketball headbands on the market. I’m pretty sure that you’ll love them!

Best Headbands For Basketball Players

Vgogfly HeadbandOne for all4 inchesLimitedPolyester
Kenz Laurenz HeadbandOne for all2 inchesManyCotton
Poster HeadbandOne for all4 inchesLimitedPolyester

Kenz Laurenz 12 Basketball headbands


  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • The packet contains 12 bands.
  • 2-inch stretchability.
  • Made of cotton.
  • Sweat absorbent.
  • 4 different types.

The Kenz Laurenz pack of 12 headbands is soft and fluffy for athletes who play matches during the hot days of summer.

The material, entirely consisting of cotton, is stretchable allowing the users to wear the bands without any trouble (though it is not as stretchable as the other material). The stretch is usually 2 inches wide compared to the 4.3 inches stretch of other products.

You will find these bands in various colors to suit your attire, and you will be able to choose between options. Price is another factor that will impress you, as you will receive the bands at wholesale prices to make the product more budget-friendly.

The economical price does not mean that the sweat-absorbing feature is compromised. The cotton material soaks up all the moisture accumulated on our forehead. The bands are of 4 different types.

Elastic bands

These bands come in one fit and hold your hair in place, but the sweat absorption is not that impressive. The hold is strong and firm.

Tie bands

The tie bands are more comfortable and customized for users. It is more lightweight and stretchier than most of the other bands.

Concussion Sweatbands

The sweatbands are thicker than other brands. You might feel it bulky at times, but the feel is soft and fluffy overall.

Multi-purpose bands

These bands can be used in a variety of ways. There are video illustrations available on the internet for proper usage.

What we liked

  • Cheaper than other substitutes.
  • A variety of colors to suit your attire.
  • You will get specified bands for different purposes.
  • The absorption is brilliant.
  • The overall feel is soft and fluffy.

What We didn’t like

  • Tears up quicker than other similar brands.
  • The fitting is tighter and uncomfortable for users with a bigger head.

Final verdict:

Kenz Laurenz bands come in bulk, so this is why they cost less than others. The features of these headbands vary according to their usage and colors. On the other hand, there is one flaw that you need to consider i.e., the quality is compromised due to the price reduction.

Vgogfly Headbands


  • 72% polyester, 28% spandex.
  • Fit ranges from 19.3 to 23.6 inches.
  • 8 times stronger sweat absorption.
  • Weight 110 grams (with packing)
  • Comfort, soft, and durable.
  • It can be used with helmets and hats.

The vgogfly headband is made of compatible material that has minimal weight. The sweat absorbent function soaks up all the moisture built around your skull and even keeps the hair in the position that you want. The fabric used is soft and stretchable to higher limits than other substitutes.

The product comes in one size for every user. Whether you are a male or a female, the band resists any slip from the forehead. The exact range of the fit is from 19.3 to 23.6 inches.

The long-lasting and stretchable nature of this Vgogfly headband is due to a 28% proportion of spandex. Moreover, the softness is all because of the 72% containment of polyester (soft and light material to use).

The sweatband of this nature is built to support the sports of all nature, including the ones involving helmets so you can use it on the basketball court and when you are travelling back to your home on a bike or a cycle.

Furthermore, the quality is more durable than other products available in the market. You can wash the band, and it will remain fluffy, lively, fresh, and stretchable.

What we liked

  • The material is soft and stretchable.
  • It saves you from the worry of buying the best fit, as it comes in a single size for all.
  • Absorbs all the sweat 8 times more than other bands.
  • Lightweight and breathable for every user.
  • Keeps your hair in place.

What We didn’t like

  • Single size might trouble users with unusual head sizes.
  • In the case of excessive sweating, the user needs to squeeze the already-absorbed moisture.

Final verdict:

The Vgogfly is the most stylish and consumer-friendly headband available in the market. The users always appreciate the amount of comfort and absorption that they receive along with an eye-catching look.

Poshei Mens Headband


  • 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Sweat absorbent feature.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Single size for all.

A sweatband made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This convenient, stylish, and comfortable headband piece assures that all the sweat during the basketball games will now get absorbed without any second thought.

The material dries up very quickly, and the maximum drops of your sweat get stopped from reaching your eyes. The overall feel is very breathable, comfortable, and relaxing for those who are new to such bands’ usage.

The band is expectedly lightweight to make sure that your neck does not feel tired when you do it. There is also a single size available for all users, which fits almost all types of heads and eliminates the worry of buying the most suitable choice for you.

The average stretch range is 4 inches. The material is tropical so it can be used in both the summer and the winter seasons.

In the case of excessive sweating, it is advisable to take the band off from your head extract all the sweat from moisture, and wear it again to prevent a decline in the absorbing power.

What we liked

  • The material is comfortable and soft for the users.
  • Better sweat-absorbing function than almost all the other competitors.
  • The users do not feel the weight at all.
  • Single size for all to make your fitting choice easier.

What We didn’t like

  • Single size is often convenient, but you might not find a suitable fit for a larger head.
  • In the case of excessive sweating, the user needs to squeeze the already-absorbed moisture.

Final verdict:

The Poshei sweatbands are heavy-duty but lightweight. You will surely admire the moisture absorption as it soaks all the sweat from your head and assures a fresh and irritation-free basketball game.

Why Do We Recommend These Concussion Headbands for Basketball?

There are many products available in the market to fulfill your needs, but we have recommended these bands for a reason. Here are some factors that make them superior to others.


All the products we mentioned on our list are stretchable. The material expands according to the size of the user’s head. You will find these bands in a single size that suits almost all users and then fits afterward.


The material used by manufacturers is either cotton or polyester, which are comfortable and soft. The feel is light to make the bands easy to use while you are in motion.

Sweat absorption

This feature is one of the most important things that these sweatbands bear. Of course, the primary purpose of wearing these bands is to absorb the moisture on your head.


Google the products to see the reviews, and you will see people admiring the durability of these sweatbands. The material is stretchable, so you can use it without the worry of loosening the grip that it has on your head.


The makers of the brands mentioned in our article are well known for the quality of products that they produce. It would be best if you considered these bands without a second thought in your mind because the brands have earned the popularity of the goodwill generated by them.

How To Choose the Best Concussion Basketball Headband?

Every product, whether simple or complex, require certain things to check during procurement. The headbands are always termed as old-school and simple to purchase, but there are still some factors to keep in mind. Here are all those factors:


Remember! Your head is the most crucial thing in your body, so this is why you should make sure that there is no extra pressure mounted on it. The headband that you are willing to purchase must be the best fit for you.

Ensure that the band is not so tight that it restricts blood flow to your brain or irritates you during the match. On the contrary, loose bands can be hard to deal with, especially when they slip down during the game.


The overall touch of the product should be soft. Hard and itchy bands are irritating for the players during the summers.


This one is big. The main function of a headband is to absorb sweat and regulate blood circulation to your brain. A less absorbent material is usually considered the most useless thing to spend your money on.

There are various basketball bands available in the market that use a wide range of materials to absorb sweat. Just ensure that the product in your cart promises a fresh and dry experience for you.

Quality and stretchability

Your main objective should be to buy a band that has a minimum amount of elasticity in it. Refrain from buying the bands that loosen throughout use. A less durable headband deteriorates after some matches.


Buying a sweatband is thought of as a simple task to perform, but this is wrong to some extent. All the products that we have enumerated are unique in their own way, but the significant characteristics are almost the same.

The Kenz Laurenz bands are more budget-friendly products, so you might not find the features and the quality as good as the orthodox bands.

Vgogfly and Poshei sweatbands are expensive and feature studded, so if you are looking for a more fulfilling and comfortable companion, then these pieces of brilliance are the way to go.

In the end, like any other product discussed on our website, the purchase solely depends on your choice and needs. You need to know the thing that you want the most and then invest the funds accordingly.

Now, without anything vague, visit the market and get yourself headbands that will help you play basketball without sweat reaching your eyes.