Best Video Camera for Filming Basketball

Gone are the times when high school sports were considered a refreshment or hobby by the players participating in annual sporting events.

Nowadays, you would see parents, coaches, and even athletes taking their routines seriously and wanting to track the usual mistakes in the techniques and strategies.

If you share a common interest with these people, then this article will definitely answer your needs.

One of the best ways to analyze the gameplay is to buy a quality camcorder for basketball (for basketball players).

Many fans also prefer buying a camera for shooting basketball games while they are in the stadium. An excellent basketball video recorder will capture the live-action happening around you in high quality and will add picturesque effects to the videos and pictures.

There are various basketball camcorder products available in the market for sports fans and players to pick from.  The companies have developed several handy and improved features to make sure that the customers get what they expect from the recorders.

It all might seem fun, like buying the sports camcorder and start recording stuff, but the process is not that simple. It is often difficult for buyers to select the video camera that suits their needs.

This article will clear all the confusion in your mind, define all the aspects to consider while buying the product and list the products that might fulfill your needs.

Best Video Camera for Filming Basketball

ModelResolutionZoomSensorNight Vision
Canon R8001080p57x3.48MPNo
KOT 534K4K16x13MPYes

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF R800 Portable Video Camera Camcorder with Audio Input(Microphone), 3.0-Inch Touch Panel LCD, Digic DV 4 Image Processor, 57x Advanced Zoom, and Full HD CMOS Sensor, Black


  • 57x zoom.
  • 1080p resolution.
  • 48MP image sensor.
  • Image stabilization.
  • Brightness correction.
  • Slow and fast motion.
  • Tripod and SD card available.

For a sport like a basketball, where the videographer would need extra zoom and image stability, this camcorder serves the customers with 57x advanced zoom and OIS (optical image stabilization).

It enables the users to shoot scenes while sitting far away in the stands. A 3.28MP image sensor enables the camera to sense the surroundings, but the quality is not as satisfying as that available in other models.

The recorder captures the surroundings and then saves the video on a separable SD card in MP4 format. The MP4 format is compatible with all websites, apps, and media players.

Moreover, this product contains a brightness correction feature too. It allows you to take images and record videos where the background is extra bright. The camcorder receives relevant signals and exposes the subject more to nullify the impact of the backlight.

The package comes with a 64GB SD card and a quality tripod stand from the manufacturer. The battery works better than other camcorders available on the market. Lastly, the LCD panel is a touch screen.

What we liked

  • Powerful 57x zoom.
  • Contains a tripod and SD card in accessories.
  • The battery life is longer.
  • Allows shooting videos in both fast and slow motion.
  • Intelligent brightness adjustment.

What We didn’t like

  • The resolution is low as compared to other models.
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • No IR night vision.
  • The image sensor is not that efficient.

YEEHAO Digital Zoom Camera

5K Digital Camera for Photography Autofocus, 48MP Vlogging Camera with Front and Rear Lens, Viewfinder, Flashlight, 16X Digital Zoom, Anti-Shake, Compact Travel Camera with 32GB SD Card, 2 Batteries
blank Primeeligible


  • 1080p resolution.
  • 16x zoom.
  • 8 MP image sensor
  • Supports wifi and mobile app.
  • IR night vision.
  • Ultra-wide angle.
  • SD card and tripod stand are supportable.
  • Touch screen IPS display.
  • Chargeable through a USB cord.

An excellent basketball and another sports-related video recorder. The infrared night vision feature allows the user to shoot high-quality clips during night matches or low-light areas where the floodlights do not work effectively.

This brilliant piece of technology has an in-built Wi-Fi feature to make remote handling convenient. You can simply put the camera on record and enjoy the rest of your game by managing or sharing the videos through a smartphone application.

Besides, if you are using your mobile from something else during the match, then there is a remote control available to provide you the luxury of managing your device by starting, pausing, or stopping the recording session. The YEEHAO company has made this camcorder as portable as possible by making the battery chargeable through a USB cable.

You can take it anywhere on the field without the worry of charging or changing the batteries because the battery is built in and easily changeable. Apart from all this, recording basketball and other sports is not an issue when you start using the ultra-wide angle.

A brief analysis of the overall experience will tell you that the 3-inch touch screen with IPS display provides a detailed review option for the videos shot. An image sensor of 8 megapixels picks the details in the surroundings and adjusts accordingly.

The video resolution offered is 1080p and the zooming capability of 16x is good enough to make videos from distant places. Moreover, you will find time-lapse and slow-motion features as well. It also supports the SSD memory card and tripod stand (you have to purchase them separately).

What we liked

  • The high-quality digital zoom makes long-distance video-making easy.
  • The battery is easily changeable.
  • Contains time-lapse and slow-motion features for incredible results.
  • Solid resolution specs.
  • Ultra-wide recording angle.
  • Compatible with night videography.
  • Connects with WiFi for convenience.

What We didn’t like

  • The battery is non-detachable.
  • No SD card or tripod stand-in accessories.

Rosdeca 4K Camcorder Video Camera

4K Video Camera Camcorder 48MP UHD 60FPS Vlogging Camera for YouTube, Kids Video Camera, 3 Inch Screen Digital Camera Video Recording with Wireless Lavalier Microphone, Remote, 2 Batteries, 64GB Card
blank Primeeligible


  • 4k resolution.
  • 16x zoom.
  • 13MP sensor.
  • 3-inch IPS touch display.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • IR night vision.
  • Timelapse and slow motion.
  • USB cord to charge.
  • Wide camera angle.

This highly expensive but feature-studded video camera from Rosdeca is regarded as one of the best products to invest your money in. It leaves the previously mentioned model behind in the resolution of 4k videos that it produces. The 16x digital zoom assists coaches and fans in capturing minute details with less effort.

IR night vision is convenient for nighttime shooting. If you are planning to attend night matches any time soon, then this camera will help you capture details without impairing the overall quality.

The 13MP image sensor is very efficient. Users love the fact that this camera can be used as a webcam when the PC mode is activated. This feature enables you to start live streams and video calls from the stadium.

The screen is 270-degree rotatable, 3 inches wide, and made of an IPS display. This feature, along with the wide camera angle, makes this camcorder one of the best options available for sports videography.

As far as portability is concerned, this device supports USB cord charging and contains multiple rechargeable batteries. Time-lapse and slow-motion technology are handy for in-depth analysis.

Furthermore, you will get a WiFi connectivity feature that allows you to control the device from a remote location. The “NovaCam” app contains several commands, such as start, pause, and stop.

What we liked

  • Wide camera angle for scenic videography.
  • Remote access and control.
  • Powerful 16x zoom for a distant shoot.
  • High-resolution results.
  • Detailed video capture.
  • Easy to carry and charge.

What We didn’t like

  • No SD card and tripod in accessories.
  • No LED light is available.

KOT 534K Digital Zoom Camera

Bifevsr 4K Digital Camera with SD Card, 48MP Vlogging Camera with Viewfinder Flash Dial, Camera for Photography and Video Autofocus, Portable Travel Camera, 16X Zoom Anti-Shake Small Digital Camera
blank Primeeligible


  • 4k resolution.
  • Wide camera angle.
  • 16x zoom.
  • IR night vision.
  • WiFi supportability.
  • SD card and stand supportable.
  • 270-degree rotatable IPS display.

This model is highly identical to the Rosdeca camcorder and equally convenient for shooting sports. Starting with the camera angle, this product is suitable for scenic videography sessions because of the wide angle.

KOT Corporation promises a 4k resolution with admirable image sensing at 13MP. The 16x digital zoom technology enables the user to magnify minor details into something big. The product lacks autofocus, so we do not recommend it if you are expecting quality close-ups of your favorite basketball.

The 3-inch IPS display is rotatable at a 270-degree angle like the Rosdeca counterpart. IS night vision allows you to shoot quality videos at night without an evident decrease in resolution. There is an additional LED light to lighten up dull areas for better results in the dark.

Users can download the pictures and videos via a smartphone app, i.e., “NovaCam.” The WiFi connectivity feature ensures a convenient experience by enabling remote handling.

It is easy to start, pause, or stop video sessions using mobile phones or tablets. Moreover, it can serve as a webcam when attached to the laptop.

The KOT camcorder is easy to carry because it’s lightweight and has a pair of rechargeable batteries. The device is chargeable through USB cords, so you can fill the batteries in the stadium during halftime.

What we liked

  • It produces high-quality videos with better resolution.
  • Easy to shoot distant videos.
  • Remote management is easy with the mobile app.
  • Convenient to shoot at night with IR and LED light.
  • Easy to use.
  • Connectable to the laptop as a webcam.

What We didn’t like

  • No autofocus for detailing.
  • No time-lapse or slow motion.
  • No SD card or tripod stand.
  • The audio quality is ordinary.

GoPro Hero5 Digital Action Camera

GoPro HERO5 Black Waterproof Digital Action Camera w/ 4K HD Video & 12MP Photo (Renewed)
blank Primeeligible


  • 4k resolution.
  • Easy to edit videos.
  • Wifi and cloud support.
  • 2-inch touch display.

This is by far the best video camcorder on our list. We will start by stating the mandatory 4k resolution on every video generated by the recorder.

Considering the durability, this product is waterproof and allows you to record video from underneath the water to capture sports like swimming and diving. Slow-motion and time-lapse modes make your shots even more catchy.

The video editing is a completely different experience on the GoPro. You can edit your videos with ease by adjusting the previews and playbacks of your choice.

The 2-inch touch display is where the videos can be trimmed and set with utmost convenience. This feature makes GoPro a unique video recorder on our list.

Moreover, adding to the smartness, GoPro Hero5 uploads pictures and videos automatically on the cloud to make sure that the files are safe and easily accessible from other devices. You can also run the mobile app to enhance convenience.

There are various controls introduced in this model to improve your overall experience. Voice control, one-button control, and video stabilization are other simple yet helpful features available.

What we liked

  • High resolution.
  • It can be used in water sports.
  • Upload videos on the cloud directly.
  • Ease editing option.

What We didn’t like

  • No charger is included in the accessories.
  • Poor battery performance.
  • No external mic.

How do you choose a good video camera for filming basketball games?

Your budget:

The multimedia equipment market has developed thousands of products according to the requirements of every customer. The number of features outnumbers the desires that one has in mind while purchasing a camera. The only thing that will affect your buying decision is your budget.

You must know your budget before opting for something expensive. The budgetary details are also necessary to ensure that you get the best sports camcorder at justifiable prices.

Video resolution:

The most common and well-thought-out feature while buying any multimedia product is the quality of resolution provided by the product. There are manufacturers who provide 4k resolution at affordable prices, so you should never settle for any recorder having a resolution lower than 1080p.

The sport itself:

The features to look at in your camera depend immensely on the sport that you are trying to cover. Here are some of the most popular sports which the users usually record.

  • Basketball – Basketball is the most demanding sport when it comes to videography. The user will require a DSLR camera with a mandatory autofocus feature to flourish the details.
  • Baseball – This sport requires a camera with excellent zoom quality as the stands are far away from the field. Frame stability is not often the problem as the camera is kept stationary.
  • Outdoor winter sports – It all depends on your usage. If you are planning to shoot POV videos, then you can opt for a budget-friendly product. On the contrary, shooting scenic videos requires a high-quality DSLR camera.
  • Football/Soccer – The camera is kept stationary on a single seat in stands, so the customers are well off to invest in the zooming feature.

Camera type:

DSLR camera:

DSLR cameras are one of the most preferred and demanded types of cameras in the market. This camera complements almost all sports equally. The user has the option to change lenses during the shoot to vary the picture details according to the situation. The filming time of 30 minutes raises questions about the compatibility of the camera with sports shooting.

Mirrorless camera:

You might have never heard about this camera, but it is growing in popularity as its affordability improves. Mirrorless cameras are brilliant to trace ball and other minor objects on the field. The 30-minute limit also restricts the compatibility of this camera.

Action cams:

These cameras have been ruling the multimedia market for over a decade now. They are well-suited to the POV videos due to their unique camera angles.


Camcorders are easy to take away and hold while shooting matches. DSLR cameras have damaged their popularity, but there are better things still on offer.

Professional grades:

P-grade cameras are preferred by sports journalists, as they cost more than other types and it takes your shoulder support to record the scenes.


These cameras are almost redundant because the resolution is no way near the 1080p mark.

Zooming power and camera angle:

People, usually the fans and spectators, shoot videos from distant places. A good zooming strength will ensure that your favorite athlete gets captured in the frame, and the wide camera angle will record the scenes from the stadium to relive the moments by looking at the video shot.

Why These Basketball Camcorders Are Best For You?

Powerful zoom:

It is always anticipated that you might get the seats at the farthest of places in the stadium. All the products recommended by us have a powerful zoom to help you shoot videos of the gameplay from your seat.


The action in the court happens so fast that we cannot often understand what has happened. The slow-motion function in the camcorders mentioned in our article allows the user to get into the details.


The design, size, and battery specs make sure that you can easily pick the device up and take it to any part of the stadium.

Remote control:

This feature is also convenient, as it enables the recorder to simply connect itself to the internet connection and upload the data to the cloud. The user can manage the camera with the help of a mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Video Camera for Filming Basketball?

The best camera for filming basketball or any sport depends entirely on your budget and preferences. Once you identify your budget, the next thing is to decide the type of sport that you would like to shoot.

The expected surroundings will help to choose the most important features. If your aim is to shoot at night, then IR night vision is compulsory. For distant video shoots, zoom strength and wide camera angle must be your priorities. Video resolution and battery specs also play a key role in decisions.

How much zoom do I need on the Basketball Camcorder?

This question can only be answered by one person, you. For instance, if you are planning to shoot basketball videos from a semi-distant range, then 16x zoom is your best option, hands down.

On the other hand, if you are planning to visit a huge stadium, then 16x might not be good enough to provide detailed images. You should definitely opt for better-zooming power.

How do you charge a basketball video camera without a charger?

Yes, we know there is a charger available for us to charge the device anywhere. The problem begins when you forget the cord at home. There are two different solutions available in this case.

The first solution is to charge the battery using ordinary cells and the other answer is the rubbing technique, where you rub the battery rapidly in your palms for 30 seconds. This generates heat energy and static charges.


The conclusion is very simple and expected. The more you spend, the better the video recorder you would get. There is a large variety of features to choose from, just to make sure that you get what you want.

If your budget is not restricted, then we will advise you to purchase GoPro without any doubt. The quality and features provided by the manufacturer simply outweigh the price. At lower money, consider other models on the list by comparing their features with your needs.