How to Clean Basketball Shoes

How to Clean Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are of great importance to players as they prevent injuries of the ankle and foot during the game and provide support to the foot as well.

They get dirty in games and start losing their grace.

They start smelling very bad and start deteriorating which can affect your tread.

Therefore, it is necessary to clean your basketball shoes to restore the original appearance and grace of shoes.

5 Easy Steps to Clean Basketball Shoes

Here are some amazing steps you could follow in cleaning your basketball shoes:

Use Stiff Brush

Use Stiff Brush to clean basketball shoes

Clean your shoes after a game. In case shoes are affected by some sort of sticky material like mud, etc., let that material dry.

Once dried, use a stiff brush to remove dirt.

If the material (mud) is still wet, then use a wet piece of cloth for the same purpose.

Use a Cleaning Solution

Use a Cleaning Solution for shoes

Take a pot full of water, add some sort of mild cleaning agent or detergent.

Stir the solution to make it foamy. Avoid using very abrasive cleaning agents.

Use a gentle cloth or brush for the purpose of cleaning off the dirt. Wet them in solution and scrub the shoes.

Avoid soaking cloth or brush, just wet them and use them on a dirty part, again wet them and use again for further cleansing.

Dip your cloth or brush in plain water to remove adsorbed soap residue on shoes. Finally, let the shoes dry in the air

Use Toothpaste to Polish the Design

Use Toothpaste to Polish the Design

If there are stubborn stains on the leather part and sole of the shoes, then you can use toothpaste.

Take warm water in a pot, add some amount of detergent (dishwashing agents).

Now, take a white toothpaste, add it to the brush or cloth. Dip the same brush into a warm water solution.

Apply it on cranky stains by moving the brush or cloth on a dirty part.

Cleaning Solution for Shoe Laces and Insoles

Cleaning Solution for Shoe Laces and Insoles

It is better to separate shoelaces from shoes for better cleaning of both.

You can use the same cleaning solution to clean shoelaces as used for shoes.

You can even use a washing machine for cleaning shoelaces. Once cleaned, dry them.

Remove the insoles from basketball shoes, wash them with the same cleansing solution as that used for shoes and laces. Let them dry before inserting them again in shoes.

You can use a washing machine for cleaning them but can damage your insole. Therefore, the handwashing of the insole is preferred over the machine washing of insoles.

Insoles come in direct contact with the foot. As a result, they start smelling very bad.

So, it is suggested that before reinserting them into shoes, sprinkle a little amount of baking soda on them for minimizing the bad odor. You can also use a shoe deodorizer to keep your shoe fresher.

Use of Washing Machine

Use of Washing Machine to clean basketball shoes

You can use the washing machine for cleaning your shoes.

But, this is risky as this method can damage your shoes. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid this method.

If the manufacturer of your shoes allows you for washing you use in the machine, then use it.

To do that, separate your shoes from shoelaces and insoles. Put your shoes in a machine that contains cold water and use less few cleansing agents.

In addition to that, add some towels to prevent the shoes from damage.

After washing, dry your shoes in the air and avoid putting the shoes directly into the sun.


Basketball shoes are very costly. The attraction of the shoe is considered an important factor in purchasing it. The dirty and filthy shoes would never be a choice of anyone.

Cleaning the basketball shoes is easy and demands proper care to the shoe. It is recommendable to void the use of a washing machine for cleaning the shoes.

Clean the basketball shoes with the methods discussed above and clean the inner shoe materials separately.

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