Why Do Basketball Players Wear Tights?

While watching a basketball match, you often have noticed that basketball players always wear a pair of tights, either short or long. An essential thing in every field is uniform, which is the identity of that particular area.

Especially when it comes to a player, a player has to wear many clothes that are part of their uniform to prevent themselves. The tights are a uniform part, which is called “Compression Pants.”

They can be either in the form of full-length leggings or shorts. It all depends upon the player’s choice. But the question is, why do basketball players wear tights?

Well, there are several reasons and benefits of these compression tights which players use to wear. Let’s discuss some of these advantages.

Prevents Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is an acute condition in which a blood clot occurs in a deep vein in the body. These clots are more likely to be formed in the lower leg or thigh tight areas because these areas contain more deep veins.

This syndrome results in intense pain and swelling, and such patients could be in great danger.  Since the compression pants are dynamically beneficial for blood circulation, so it permits the body to circulate the blood with a flow and prevents any clotting in the body.

Besides, the compression material keeps the skins tight, due to which the chance of DVT formation becomes less. 

Researches have shown, there were only 9% of players who used compression tights got DVT. However, the other 21% were prevented from this situation.

Enhances Blood Circulation

One of the most significant benefits of wearing compression tights is they develop blood circulation in the body. A good blood flow is crucial for athletes to get an adequate amount of oxygen to their muscles and perform well.

Moreover, the increased blood circulation also aids players to function the internal organs ideally and perfectly.  Increased blood flow is also beneficial in many ways for the human body.

First of all, it provides a sufficient amount of oxygen to every body organ. Besides, when the blood ideally circulates all across the body, it diminishes every swelling spontaneously, helping your body fight and play for the long term. 

It sometimes happens, especially with players, that sitting or standing in one place for a long time can cold the body’s blood and muscles, resulting in a lack of energy and actions.

However, these compression tights keep your legs engaged and frequently improve blood flow, which does not allow you to free the blood in one place. Hence, the tights can deliver such kinds of long term effects.

Avoids Sweating 

While playing basketball, sweating is a must and unstoppable no matter what the weather is. Not only basketball, but it also happens to every sport.

There is probably no sport which you are playing, and you are not soaked in sweat. The compression pants are intendedly made to avoid sweating and sustain friction.

Although it is not like that, a player wears compression pants and won’t sweat, yet these pants help absorb the sweat and keep as light as possible. Now you must be thinking, these pants look quite thick, how that can prevent from sweating. 

The compression cloth is specifically made, which can absorb moisture and keep the skin dry. However, it is a thick garment but tremendously breathable and allows air to pass through and keeps you cool.

Protects from Injuries

Another reason why players wear compression tights is the prevent injuries when they fall while playing. In basketball, where players usually fall while playing, it is crucial to wear tights to avoid injuries on the knees or thighs. 

These tights work as a barrier between the skin and the ground to protect you from rubs and rashes. Since compression tights inbuilt padding system from the knee area, which works as a spring if a player falls on the floor.

No doubt, many players fall and get injured, but the tights can at least save a person to some extent. The loss of a pair of tights is better than the loss of any body part. So, the players wear these tights to minimize the chance of injuries.

Provides Muscle Stretching

While playing, it is very common that many players’ muscles get squeezed, which is not a good thing on the court.

Muscle tightening does not allow the player to perform ideally because it does not permit enough capacity to stretch and shoot or pass the ball. 

Imagine if a top athlete fails to execute ideally because of muscle contraction, it would be very heartbreaking for his fans. Instead, it is better to wear a pair of tights than not to perform well. 

The compression tights help stretching the muscles as maximum as possible to expand the body and perform well.

This is because these tights sustain the blood circulation and keep the body warm, which prevents the muscles from tightening. So, wearing tights aid the player to expand his body and defend his ball.


Tough the compression tights are quite beneficial for basketball players in many terms, but it has also been noticed that a few of them are not seen wearing these tights.

And many players are seen wearing them not because of correct blood circulation or preventing injuries; they wear them because they look decent.

Whatever the reason is to wear such tights, I have compiled a list of benefits of these tights that provide you while playing basketball. I hope now that you have cleared your concepts about the reasons behind wearing these tights.

If you are a basketball or any player, it is also helpful to wear compression tights to prevent injuries and keep your body and muscles active. So, whether you’re about to purchase a pair of tights, make sure to buy the best one and stand out in your game.