Steph Curry vs Kyrie Irving

Using an off-hand basketball isn’t an easy task, no matter whatever reason it is being used for. The players have to go through plenty of practice, hours of training and repeat themselves to convert this practice into a habit.

Hence, in basketball, there is no room to slip. The players have to adjust their moves accordingly and strive to prevent maximum mishits.

However, you would rarely find such a player for whom an average score doesn’t matter, and they try to come up with new enthusiasm in every season. Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving are amongst them.

Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving are two prestigious basketball players who have always significantly impacted their fans. They both carry quite contrasting career journey because both are point guard champions.

However, many critics have done a prolonged debate on their best performance and decide who is relatively the best?

In this article, I have covered the contrast between Steph Curry vs. Kyrie Irving concerning different aspects and suggest which player is better in all aspects.

Steph Curry vs Kyrie Irving: Who Is Better in All Aspects?

When you glimpse both of their careers alongside, you will find some common positions they used to ply in the court.

You must have known that the two are professional ball handlers and striking point guards who have been leading the games in NBA leagues.

But this isn’t it; other than playing position or shooting style, they are comparable in many aspects. So let’s discuss each element in detail.

 According to Wall Street Magazine, when Stephan chews his mouth guard, he shoots free throws, which are 3% more when he keeps the mouth guard in one place.

NBA Tournament

Beginning with Stephan Curry: he joined started his career in 2009 and became an NBA player who got enlisted in Golden State Warriors in the same year.

He was recognized for his outstanding shooting abilities, which led to some major modifications in him. In the NBA league, Stephan made a remarkable record, which was the highest point of three-pointer shots.  

Contrarily, Kyrie Irving was also an NBA player who began his career in 2011 and got selected for Brooklyn Nets. His name was also enrolled in Cavaliers.

However, in the 2015-2016 final basketball season: Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors match, Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving played against each other. 

However, the Cavaliers won the NBA tournament because of Kyrie’s victory shot, which left everyone surprised. After this season, the two teams again encountered each other in the 2017 final match.

But this time, the success was in the fate of the Golden State Warriors. Anyhow, the two teams only played with each other in these seasons since Irving joined the Celtics.

So, this was all about their competing matches, which they played against each other, but do you want to know, their passing, ball handling, and passing styles which left everyone inspired.

Ball Handling

Everybody knows Steph and Kyrie are the best ball handlers in the league. They both comprise brilliant qualities that a ball-handler should have. They are subtle, quick, rigid, and deceitful who can easily handle and pass the ball in the court.

Talking about Kyrie, he is known as one of the best ball handlers in the world. If a player gets isolated with Kyrie, it could get challenging to defend and get the ball.

While Steph is also very impressive in ball-handling, players are usually at risk of breaking their ankles when playing with Curry. Anyhow, the positions and steps they take while handling the ball are just far-fetched, and spectators enjoy their entertaining moves.

Defense Move

There were times when Stephan and Kyrie strived to practice their defensive move. Since the defense side is always the week point of your opponent and it should be played consciously. Both players carry aggressive skills.

Therefore, their fans specifically enjoy this part of the game. Anyhow, at the beginning of Curry’s career, he seemed thin and small, which led him as an outstanding defender.

Nevertheless, in Kyrie’s initials, people determined him as lack discipline in his moves, due to which he was not used to fighting over screens. But many people believe that with consistent practice, he could be a great defender.

Scoring and Accomplishments

Although there are various common aspects between Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving, their gameplay is distinct. On one side, Steph concentrates more on shooting and also takes a lot of bounces.

Yet, on the other side, Irving is more focused on ball handling. However, he is a good shooter, but not as best as Curry. Kyrie Irving has played 9 NBA regular seasons and 2 NBA final tournaments.

He remained successful in enlisted in All-NBA third team, Celtic, who was the first team player who scored 23 points on average.

However, Steph has successfully played 11 regular NBA seasons and 3 NBA final tournaments selected for All-NBA first team three times, and have been awarded MVP twice, which led him to great fame.

Notwithstanding, when Stephan was associated with Golden State Warriors, his massive number of thriving steals won the NBA championship.

But, while remaining playing with the Cavaliers, Irving started seen under the spotlight with Lebron James’s help: one of the greatest NBA players.

Anyway, both players have been the basketball leaders of their times who remained successful in cooperating with their team players while climbing the ladder of success.

Steph Curry vs Kyrie Irving: Who Is Better?

Both players have touched the sky of success, but there should be a single decision regarding who is better?

Nevertheless, by glimpsing their achievements, shooting style, playing positions, scoring, it can be said that Stephan Curry was better than Kyrie Irving.

Steph had excellent shooting capabilities, and his scoring percentage was also higher. Curry is also identified as a two MVP winner for the final NBA championships.

However, no one knows if Kyrie has ever been crowned. Hence, taking every aspect in general, Stephan Curry holds better records and wins the battle.