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Normally rookies and amateur players tend to hire coaches to improve efficiency in various aspects of the game.

This method is effective but the main problem that might arise is the cost that one has to bear in order to avail the coaching services.

With the improvement in technology, the world has seen a shift in the dynamics of daily life. There is equipment developed to do tasks quickly and easily.

Basketball coaching is also heading in the same direction. Sports companies are now investing their fund in newer and more advanced products to help the players learn. One such product is the smart basketballs.

Smart basketballs provide you with extensive data collected during the practice session via a mobile app. Smart Basketball has reduced the importance of orthodox coaching and made the whole process virtual.

In this article, we have compiled some of the most prominent smart basketballs in the market and discussed the features which you must look for before investing your hard-earned money into it.

Best Smart Basketball Reviews

DribbleUp Best Smart Basketball Review

dribbleup smart basketball review

DribbleUp Smart Basketball is famous among the newer generation because it is easy to use and very interactive. The whole training program requires DribbleUp Smart Basketball and a mobile app to make your training sessions more productive than ever.

The basketball is made up of microfibers and has the size and weight of an ordinary basketball used in practices. The ball will have an optical mark which gives you immediate access to your stats after scanning it.

No matter where you practice, be it a courtyard, living room, basketball court, garage; this masterpiece can handle your athletic stats with ease.

All your stats, once measured, can quantify the level of athleticism that you have achieved. You can then simply improve these stats by working hard and checking them again on the app.

The DribbleUp virtual coach gives you all sorts of important tips that you would need to improve your gameplay. Expert analysis is always a great thing to have at your disposal. The package also includes a complementary mobile stand to keep your virtual coach in a stable position.


  • The basketball quality is exemplary and second to none.
  • Microfiber material allows you to practice anywhere you want.
  • The size and weight are standard.
  • The mobile app includes extensive training programs.
  • Optical connectivity makes pairing easier for newer users.


  • The tracking system is often faulty because it works on the vision of the mobile camera.
  • There is an issue in remaining connected to the ball as it loses connection when out of camera vision.
  • Mobile app compatibility is an issue so check your device compatibility before purchasing.

Wilson X Connected Best Smart Basketball Review

An extremely reliable smart basketball manufactured by Wilson incorporation to provide upgraded training features to rookies and fans. This piece of brilliance has an integrated set of technology that enables it to measure your stats accurately.

First thing first, the system is good at tracking the position from which the user shoots the ball so it becomes easy to know the positions that the player needs to work on.

Your range and throw efficiency is measured to identify the strong zones in your gameplay. The automated game modes are introduced to make your practice session more fun especially the buzzer-beater mode is there to help you beat the time.

The system is quite versatile but it generally works well with a 10 feet tall goal with a net attached to the rim.

The remote app is compatible with both iPhone and Android so you can run it on every device. The company does not provide a mobile phone of course.

Moreover, the physical features of the ball are all standard. It has a 29.5 inches size and the weight approximately equal to that of a normal basketball. Though this product is not for asphalt usage because it might cause the outer layer to tear up.


  • Standard weight and size provide real and consistent match practice.
  • 4 different game modes to add more versatility to your workout.
  • Accurate tracking.
  • Court positioning to identify the weak links.
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android.


  • Should be strictly used on courts and smooth surfaces.
  • The mobile app often pauses so it is suitable for short but repetitive practice sessions.
  • The battery is irreplaceable so you need to take care of that.

SiQ Best Smart Basketball Review

SiQ Smart Basketball is undoubtedly the most authentic smart basketball available in the market right now. The product tracks each step you take and every movement that you perform. Now, you can simply turn any basketball hoop into your personal training area.

The basketball and mobile app together are able to calculate the speed of each shot. The user can also check the heat map at each area on the court to know the exact strength of shots fired.

Moreover, there are unlimited ways to record your gameplay from different angles. The system is equally competent when it comes to recording the ball rotation, range of throws, and the angle of each shot fired.

Talking about the authenticity we mentioned before, this basketball is approved by FIBA as a piece of genuine equipment to train.

Promising talents like Duncan Robinson are personally using this product so the quality is definitely not an issue. The ball is made up of synthetic leather so the outer layer will not wear off easily.

Furthermore, the SiQ mobile app has a monthly subscription plan which gives you complete access to all sorts of training guides and tips. What’s even better is that the company provides free basketball after a period of 12 paid months.


  • Made up of synthetic leather.
  • Authentic product as it is approved by FIBA.
  • Various training features are there to assure better results.
  • Offers a great membership package with free basketball each year.


  • The app is not compatible with certain devices.
  • Customer support does not respond quickly.
  • In order to use the ball, you need to subscribe to the app.

What is A Smart Basketball?

what is smart basketball

The word smart comes from the smartphone. Smart basketball is basically an integration of mobile phone technology in basketballs. These basketballs record almost all sorts of movements made by the players whether it be a pass, dribble, or a pass.

The speed, impact, and range are measured accurately to help the player know what is lagging behind the professional standards.

A smart basketball, once connected to the mobile, sends all the important stats to the mobile app via a network connection. Many fans, amateurs, and even professionals are availing of this highly convenient product to open up the gates to modern training.

Who should buy smart basketball?

Rookies and fans

The class of users which smart basketball manufacturers target often is the rookie players who are always ready to up their game and the die-hard basketball fans who wish to copy the play style of their most favorite basketball player.

No matter how bad you play or how hard it has been to manage pressure situations in the game, this incredibly modern mode of training can hand you an advantage on various occasions.

Amateurs seeking a professional career

There are players who have the potential to play basketball at the highest level but they cannot afford a coach to train them. In order to channelize their efforts, smart basketball is a pretty handy solution that is cost-effective as well as convenient.

There are many professional basketballers who have personally recommended various smart basketball models that can help improve the game. Now, an enthusiastic player like you can step foot in the national arena with hard work and smart basketball.

The best gift for your child

Parents always love to see their children happy. There is no better way to make your child stronger and swift than investing in a product that will ultimately make him leave the video games and play a healthier sport.

This product can reinforce a positive message in your child’s mind when he would see the stats go higher and higher. This Christmas, you can gift not just a basketball but a healthier life to the young ones.

Things to consider before purchasing The Best Smart Basketball?

Durability and material quality

Durability is the most common thing that customers demand in any product that they buy. The smart basketball that you are going to purchase will help you through the long training sessions.

The weaker outer skin and low-quality material will tear away quickly. A normal smart basketball can be used at any place smooth or rough. The average useful life of such products is around one year (when used daily for more than an hour).

Size and weight

While using a smart basketball during training sessions, you are training your muscles to manage the slightest aspects of your game that go unnoticed. A wrong basketball size and a faulty weight can train your body in the wrong way.

Either you will find it difficult to throw the real basketball in the game or the ball will feel so light that the higher force will impair the shot accuracy. Hence checking the size and weight is a crucial thing.


The thing that annoys most of the users is connectivity. Negligence during the purchase can be a pain in the heart but the pain that will make your mind numb is the connectivity issues.

A wrong mode of connectivity or periodic loss of connection can affect the overall stats. This means that you are using a simple basketball now, not a smart basketball because smartphone connectivity is not possible anymore.

App compatibility

How bad would you feel when the basketball is perfect in all possible aspects but an issue lies with the software compatibility of the mobile app.

Most of the smart basketball apps claim to be compatible with both Androids and iPhone. Apps usually do not support older mobiles so finding a solution to this problem is comparatively easier.

Additional factors

A buyer must consider other features as well which he considers important in achieving the training goals more efficiently and effectively.

These factors can be extremely important such as the different gaming modes (e.g., buzzer-beater), better connectivity methods, rewarding memberships, etc.

Benefits of A Smart Basketball

Keeps you fit

The best feature about the smart basketball is the same as any other basketball available in the market. This product enables you to work out whenever or wherever you want so this keeps you fit.

Usually, people give up training because they lack a basketball court so smart basketball is the best way possible to motivate yourself in achieving the impossible.

Track your performance

This is a no-brainer. The smart basketball has the core function to calculate your stats and present them in the form of charts and graphs on the mobile screen.

These analyses are convenient to get a better insight into your skills and when improvement is required, the mobile app provides the best trainers. These trainers are experienced and help you to grow professionally.

Is DribbleUp basketball any good?

The DribbleUp Smart Basketball is one of the most upgraded equipment that can definitely make a practice routine fruitful for rookies and professionals.

This basketball enables the user to calculate and analyze their capabilities with the help of the combo of a ball and mobile app. The scannable tag makes it easier to connect the mobile app to the ball.

The Android app then works as a virtual coach for more detailed insight. All in all, DribbleUp can add a considerable amount of value to your workout.

How much does a smart basketball cost?

Smart basketball provides better value than the normal basketball used. There are sensors integrated inside the body, connectivity hardware attached, and the built is made durable.

The companies usually have a specific purpose mobile app with professional trainers giving tips so all these features make the smart basketball expensive but cost-justifiable.

Generally, smart basketballs cost between 150 and 220 dollars. More expensive models have better features like extensive game modes and experienced trainers.

How to play smart basketball?

This question is definitely the most asked as far as the smart basketballs are concerned. People tend to think a lot about the difficulties in operating a technologically advanced basketball but the process is quite simple. First, unbox the basketball and clean it using a towel.

Next, you need to install the mobile app that the basketball supports and try connecting it to the basketball. Once that is done, keep your mobile at one end of the court and start recording your movements.

The basketball will analyze all the stats like the speed, impact, and range, etc. This data is then automatically sent to the mobile app and then the stats are displayed on the screen. You will find expert advice to help your cause. This channelizes your training in the proper direction.

How does smart basketball work?

Basketball fans usually complain that smart basketballs are relatively difficult to handle but this statement is based on the perception that technology is difficult to get used to.

The smart basketball works on the system of networking where the basketball is connected to the mobile and handled through a mobile app while is usually compatible with both android and iPhone.

Stats are recorded at the time when you are practicing and then transferred to the mobile app using the network. Moreover, these stats are easy to understand and the system generates an automated tip for training according to the condition.

What does a smart basketball do?

The smart basketball does the same stuff that you expect from a basketball coach. It compiles all the data collected during your workout to let you know the areas you need to work on or the strong zones where you can easily dominate players.

This system process is supported by a mobile app that receives all the data and displays it in the most user-friendly way. The graphs and charts are then used to give you tips based on expert opinion.

What is the best smart basketball?

The best smart basketball is just a myth. There are a number of products available in the market that provide a wide range of features to the customers.

You will find some of the simplest basketballs that just connect the ball to a mobile app and then there are balls that provide additional features like different game modes and rough surface compatibility etc. It all depends on your budget.

The more you spend, the better you get but make sure that even in the restricted budget you find a product with solid features. The DribbleUp basketball is cost-friendly but fulfilling enough to serve your cause so you can invest in it.


The smart basketball is a great thing to have in your sports gear collection because it can provide you all those basic benefits which you would have received when you hired a coach.

This smart basketball along with the mobile app provides convenience like no other basketball brand. You can simply connect the app and start doing practice at any time of the day. So choosing the most suitable product is a crucial step.

Finding perfect smart basketball can be tricky as there are various products available in the market providing number of different features.

DribbleUp is the simplest one to handle and connect because everything is made so easy that even a kid can control it but the problem lies in the loss of connection.

Other than that, the Wilson and SiQ smart basketballs are also very feature-studied but there are some failure factors that you need to keep an eye on before purchasing.

No matter which product you purchase, always keep your needs under consideration because the best basketball is always the one that fulfills your wants. Read our article again when you are planning to purchase a smart basketball and read buyers’ reviews on the product page.