Best Fitness Tracker for Basketball

Any sport around the world requires a detailed analysis of almost everything happening around the athletes.

At the international level, you will see a group of highly qualified coaches and trainers working with the players. 

When it comes to tracking basketball players’ fitness, several fitness trackers have been introduced by leading technology companies to help them with their analysis. 

A fitness tracker is a small-sized device that rests on your wrist to sense the movements and pulses around the body.  While you might find some products unsatisfying and deceptive, there are still a variety of quality fitness tracking devices available in the market.

Read through this article to choose the best tracker for your basketball training sessions.

Best Basketball Fitness Trackers [Top Picks]

ProductDisplayWaterproofBatteryAccuracySleep CountAppNotification
Fitbit Flex 2NoYes2-3 daysBestYesYesYes
VivoSmart 2YesYes7 daysGoodYesYesYes
Fitbit InspireYesYes2-3 daysGoodYesYesYes

Fitbit flex 2 smart Fitness Tracker


  • Tracks the steps taken, heart rate, breath taken, and calories lost.
  • Slim and compact design with high-quality material.
  • Work out recognition.
  • Notification alert.
  • Sleep alarms and workout reminders.
  • Waterproof.
  • Works at 30,000 altitudes.

A companion through your daily workout, sleep, and eating routine. You will be able to track all the calories lost and steps taken during every little motion.

The exterior is made up of a slim and compact tracking machine fitted inside a removable plastic band made of high-quality elastic material. The hook is made of stainless steel to avoid rust and loss of shine.

While playing a basketball game, this wrist tracker recognizes the workout and training on its own. This feature allows it to record data accordingly.

Moreover, you will never miss your important calls and text messages while playing your game because they vibrate when your mobile phone receives a notification.

The machinery is manufactured using waterproof material to allow the basketballers to wear the tracker during the rainy season or sweaty conditions.

The Fitbit Smart Tracker adds value to your life even when you are off the field. You can conveniently track your sleep duration and set alarms to wake up on time. The device also reminds you to complete the pending workouts and goals during the day. 

You can easily record your running details, heart rate, and calories burnt during the matches played in the hottest environments. It works equally well at an altitude of 30,000 feet.

What we liked

  • Tracks your daily routine with high precision.
  • Small, slim, and high-quality structure.
  • Goes automatically in the workout mode.
  • Shows notifications and rings an alarm to remind stuff.
  • It can be used in wet conditions.
  • Works fine in higher places.

What We didn’t like

  • No alphanumeric display to see the data.
  • The sensor does not count the stairs.
  • The battery discharges quicker than when charging completely.


Fitbit Flex 2 is not as good as the older version, but the accuracy is still at best. You might not find a detailed alphanumeric screen; this is the only major flaw that you will face.

Garmin VivoSmart 4 Fitness Tracker


  • Tracks the steps taken, heart rate, breath taken, and calories lost.
  •  Slim and stylish design with high-quality material.
  • 7-day battery life.
  • REM sleep and oxygen sensor.
  • Work out recognition.
  • Notification alert.
  • Sleep alarms and workout reminders.
  • Waterproof.
  • GPS tracking.

The Garmin Corporation has created this stylish-looking fitness tracker to monitor your daily routine and show the results on its prominent display.

This product serves as a sleep analyzer that contains REM sleep to check the oxygen levels in the bloodstream with the help of sensors attached to its back.

You can use ViviSmart 4 on your wrist during basketball matches to track your heart rate, steps, calories lost, stress left, breathing rate, and much more. The device is connectable to your iOS or Android device.

You will never miss a call or a message from your loved ones while training. There are LED and vibration notifiers to make the job easier for you. The material is water-resistant so that you can use the tracker during humid conditions and wet circumstances like rainy weather.

The battery works for 7 days straight to provide a long-lasting and less tiring charging period. You can also connect the tracker to GPS to track your location while moving from one place to another. 

The heart rate tracking is subject to a threshold set by the user. When the limit is passed, the device notifies the user to stop working out.

What we liked

  • Accurately track your progress throughout the day.
  • Small, compact, and comfortable to wear.
  • Portable and less troublesome because of the long battery life.
  • Tracks the oxygen level in the bloodstream with the help of sensors.
  • Works well in wet conditions.
  • Shows notification and reminds when the workout is required.
  • GPS tracking for better and more accurate results.
  • Contains an alphanumeric display.

What We didn’t like

  • The device often counts the sleeping hours when you are lying down or sitting motionless.
  • The step count is usually less accurate than Fitbit.
  • The screen is irritating and uncomfortable at times.
  • The company’s support is not as good as others.


VivoSmart 2 is a stylish and eye-catching fitness tracker that switches between modes with ease. The interface is simple, but there are inaccuracies on time.

Fitbit Inspire HR Fitness Tracker


  • Tracks the steps taken, heart rate, breath taken, and calories lost.
  • Slim and stylish design with high-quality material.
  • Heart-oriented function.
  • Work out recognition.
  • Notification alert.
  • Sleep alarms and workout reminders.
  • Waterproof.
  • Works at the 28,000 feet altitude.

A wrist tracker that is made specifically for in-depth analysis of the heart during basketball or other difficult and stressful sports. It enables the user to track heart rate, calories burnt, steps taken, air-breathing, and many other activities happening inside the body. 

The product is not suitable for use in very hot surroundings. For basketball matches played at an altitude as high as 28000 feet, this tracker is the best device to track your progress.

The sleep mode is more detailed than other fitness trackers as the heart rate analysis enables Fitbit to Inspire to distinguish between the times when your sleep is light or deep.

The battery also works for 5 days in normal conditions. You can easily charge the device from 0 to 100 in just a couple of hours. Furthermore, the data storage rate is impressive, where the device stores data in 1 second (consistently) during the workout while at the rate of 5 seconds in a normal situation.

Last but not least, the alphanumeric screen makes this tracker more accurate and convenient than Fitbit Flex 2. The design is also sleek and durable for usage during basketball games.

What we liked

  • Deeper sleep analysis for heart patients.
  • Comes with an alphanumeric display.
  • Works well underwater.
  • Notifies the user when there is any call or text message is received.
  • The sleek and durable structure will have fewer scratches.
  • Impressive data storage rate (1 second during the workout, 5 seconds in standard). 

What We didn’t like

  • The battery life is no longer than 2-3 days.
  • There are synchronizing issues at times.
  • Vibrates randomly when in sleep mode.
  • The heart rate calculation is often inaccurate.


A simple and accurate tracker for heart patients and athletes. A must-try for those who value their heart rate more than any other thing.

Why Do We Recommend These Basketball Fitness Trackers?

Why Do We Recommend These Basketball Fitness Trackers

An all-in-one tracking:

The products that we have suggested are known to track several types of data, such as heart rate, calories lost, steps taken, breath taken, oxygen level present inside the blood, etc. These devices save you from spending money on multiple gadgets to track your workout details with completion.

Waterproof and durable:

The structure is quite durable for use in basketball training. The bands are made of quality elastic material and the jaws are made of stainless steel. The machinery’s waterproof nature allows the users to wear the band when they are playing during the rainy season.

Alarm and notification

You can check the notifications you receive on your phone. When you receive a text message or a call, the LED lights turn on and off to inform you. This feature allows you to check the crucial texts while playing your game.

Easy to use

These trackers are easy to use as you will find various handful features at your disposal without any difficulty. The LED indicators, vibrators, and screen alerts make the management convenient.

Sleep tracking and auto workout

A smart function to look forward to. The tracker automatically distinguishes between the times when you are sleeping and the occasions when you are working out. This feature saves you from the worry of switching between modes before doing something. 

How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker for Basketball?

How To Choose Best Fitness Tracker For Basketball

Choosing the most relevant fitness tracking device for your basketball training is not an easy job to do. The availability of numerous options might confuse you at times. This section will end the mystery for you and will help to decide on a blink.


The first thing that you need to make sure is the accuracy of the tracker that you are buying. You are going to buy the tracker to analyze your daily workout and fitness routine. 

Inaccuracy in this respect might cause you a significant issue in the long term. Make sure that your tracker counts the steps, heartbeat, and sleep timings with precision. Also, check any other data that you are willing to extract from the device.


Another thing that you must look for in your device is the comfort and ease with which you can wear it. Quality fitness trackers will have lighter weight so that you cannot feel the difference while practicing.

Most people skip this factor and buy a heavier watch. A considerable amount of weight restricts the arm motion to some extent.

Sleep tracking:

This factor is highly subjective, but we recommend buying a wrist tracker that records your sleeping routine as well. The athletes need to sleep for at least 6-8 hours each day to stay healthier. Some trackers run a more detailed analysis during sleep (classifying your sleep timings according to the intensity).

Easy to use:

Buying a feature studded tracker is an excellent thing to do, but what is the benefit when you cannot use all those features easily? It is preferable to buy a fitness tracker with a convenient user interface to make things simpler.

You will find several trackers with LED indicators. This type of tracker is challenging to get along with, as you must know the kinds of signals it is giving.


Mostly, people monitor their progress on mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. The small tracking screen is not ideal for checking the detailed analysis. The trackers that synchronize the data on other devices must be at the top of your priority list.


All the trackers that we have suggested are value-adding for the basketball fans. You will find some demerits in all of them, but you must keep in mind that no electric appliance is flawless. You should consider the features before making any decision before buying. 

The Fitbit has always been a prominent name in the fitness tracking industry. Customers usually say that Fitbit 2 is not as good as Fitbit 1 (which was discontinued by the company). The same story applies to the Fitbit Inspire, which does not satisfy the local customers as much as it should.

VivoSmart 2 is the best substitute for both of the products as mentioned earlier. You will get a stylish, alphanumeric, durable, and accurate tracking device that can be uncomfortable. Invest your money in either one of these devices, and you will be happy with the detailed insights.