Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Best Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a problem in the feet of a person. This is a painful problem and affects the regular movements of a person.

The most typical indication of this issue is the painful heels in the morning (when a person wakes up).

The pain resides in the complete foot, but the central intensity is in the heels. Many basketball players are facing this problem.

Therefore, It is not recommended to play with this problem without taking any precautions. Use the shoes with extra cushioning and padding, extra protection to heels to absorb the reactive forces, and the excellent breathability factor.

The shoe having these traits would be the one to put on the feet and play basketball. Let’s discuss the most comfortable and suitable basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Best Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Adidas Crazylight Basketball Shoe

adidas Men's Crazylight Boost Low Basketball Shoes, Black/White/Black, (7 M US)

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Adidas Crazylight Boost is the top pick for plantar fasciitis issues. This basketball shoe is lightweight and durable. It is an excellent investment for players having an issue with plantar fasciitis.

The deep 3-D heel model is the special purpose addition in this shoe to protect the heel, the main painful part of plantar fasciitis. This structure improves the stability and absorbs the shocks to reach the heel.

The weight optimization techniques made the heel perfect to reduce the stress on the heels of the players. This is the trait required to combat plantar fasciitis. These shoes are very responsive and supportive, allowing the player to move freely with these lightweight basketball shoes on their feet.

Cushioning is appreciable in a crazylight boost. It gives proper comfort to the forefeet and heel region. Arch support is impressive too. Rubber sole with streamlined lining is responsible for sheer traction and control of foot movements in the court by the players. The risk of slipping and rolling during the tricks is minimized by the quality traction.

They are medium-cut shoes, and provide a fair amount of protection to the ankle region as well. They are available in different color combinations, which makes them attractive and wearable.

They are constructed in such a way that they feel a bit wider than the standard fitting so if you are ordering them online, order a size less than the average size.

What we liked

  • They are lightweight and very stable.
  • Cushioning is superlative.
  • The 3-D deep heel model provides proper protection to the heel from shocks.
  • The midsole is very supportive and boosts the performance of the player
  • Arch support for the flat feet players.

What We didn’t like

  • It is tricky to find a proper fit for the feet as they are a little wide than the normal sizes.
  • The heel region may feel rigid due to extra support.

Nike Men’s Kd 8

Nike Mens KD 8 Fashion Sneakers Black/White-Green Shock-Hyper Orange

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Nike grabs the second spot with men’s KD 8 basketball shoes. These shoes are perfect for players suffering from plantar fasciitis. They are made of unique plastic-like fabric and woven with the help of famous Nike’s fly-weave technology.

The upper segment is made of plastic fabric and plastic threads that provide the required strength and support to the feet. The heel area is adequately cushioned to reduce the compressional pressures on the heel and let you play with plantar fasciitis.

They provide enough cushioning and padding on the required areas of the feet to give proper protection and comfort to the whole feet. The cushioning is backed with zoom air technology, which enables these shoes to be very breathable and supportive to feet having plantar fasciitis issues. The zoom air cushioning separates the midsole from the rear portion and enables the player to move freely and perform the tricks with ease.

The rubber sole provides the required traction and grip on the court and protects the player from slipping and rolling over. The stability of this shoe is the reflection of the good quality of its rubber sole. They are durable and available in different color schemes. Players find this shoe attractive and presentable on the feet.

What we liked

  • Cushioning is unmatched and absorbs the stresses reach to the feet.
  • Air Zoom technology makes it breathable and comfortable.
  • Rubber sole provides excellent traction.
  • They are highly responsive and supportive.
  • Plastic fabric and threads make them durable.

What We didn’t like

  • It is difficult to get it in for the first few times.
  • The overall construction is rigid but does not affect the performance of the player.

Adidas Crazy Explosive

adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Shoe - Men's Basketball 7.5 Black/Silver Metalic/Solid Grey

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Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive basketball shoes have a unique design and are excellent basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis. Adidas used flexible synthetic fiber and textiles to make them perfect and desired basketball shoes.

They cover the feel from all over the top and give a comfortable touch to the feet. The sole is of supreme quality and armed with high traction competence. The sole is made up of imported quality rubber and the traction of this rubber sole on the surface is something appreciable.

Due to the texture and materials used in these shoes, they cover the feet well and allow wide feet to rest there with comfort. The feet are not compressed in them and allow the player to play with maximum comfort. Laces of basketball shoes are graded as high quality for two reasons. Their exerted pressure on feet and grip on feet.

The Xenos laces used in these shoes are responsible for the proper grip on the feet to keep them in a certain position, disallowing the dangerous stretches. These laces also do not exert an uncomfortable force on feet when tied up.

Jumping and landing are made comfortable due to quality cushioning on the heels and toe boxes. The inner cushioning absorbs the shocks and reduces the impact on the feet and allows the player to play with plantar fasciitis.

If you have a lot of energy to serve in the game, these shoes will never disappoint you. With super-soft cushioning, they are always paced up with the energy provided by the player. Airflow in these shoes is kept good. It is because of the proper airflow that they are comfortable to wear and do not feel hot.

They are light in weight and came with the enhanced gripping trait. A strong grip on the surface avoids the rollover motion of the player and prevents him from slipping. The risk of injuries due to slip is less with these shoes.

What we liked

  • The grip of Crazy Explosive is excellent.
  • These shoes provide protection to the heel and feet.
  • The inner sole absorbs the shock and reduces the risk of plantar fasciitis.
  • Xenos laces are very supportive and lock the feet well.

What We didn’t like

  • They are recommended to use for long hours.
  • It may feel uncomfortable to get in for the first few times.

Adidas Harden Vol 2

adidas Harden Vol. 2

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Consecutive Adidas shoes are in our top picks, it’s amazing. Adidas requires no introduction in the basketball shoe field. Adidas harden vol 2 is the best basketball shoe for players having plantar fasciitis issues.

They are lightweight shoes and are very responsive. The ventilation system implemented in these shoes is very impressive and does not allow the inside temperature to rise above the comfortable level. The shoe came in a number of widths so, they are also available for wide feet players to make them versatile basketball shoes.

The upper body of this shoe is made up of TPU-coded thread with the support of forge fiber. This combination makes it strong and durable. The TPU technology and the Adidas three stripes technology give a lot of lateral support to the player’s feet.

The traction is amazing, gives a very good grip on the court, and wipes a lot of dust. The traction is very good on dusty courts as well, and it is also easy to wipe out dust from the sole patterns with a gentle rub.

Soft cushioning is superlative and provides entire comfort to the heel and feet. The heel shape and toe transition are brilliant. The cushioning is responsible to transfer the shocking momentum equally to all parts of the feet and reducing the threat of foot injuries. The design and color schemes are very attractive and allow the buyer to select the right color scheme according to his expectations and demands.

What we liked

  • Soft cushioning reduces the stress on the feet.
  • Traction is very impressive.
  • TPU and Three Stripes technologies provide lateral support to feet.
  • They are lightweight and durable.

What We didn’t like

  • They required proper attention to remove specks of dust after three to four consecutive dusty court games.
  • The heel may feel a bit stiff.

Under Armour Curry 3 Shoes

Under Armour Boys' Grade School UA Curry 3 Basketball Shoes, Island Blue/Blue Drift/Steel, 12 M US Little Kid

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Under Armour Curry 3 is the famous brand of Under Armour basketball shoes. This is made up of synthetic thread, known as ThreadBorne. It is the hallmark thread produced by Under Armour for their stylish basketball shoes to make them durable, presentable, and supportive.

The sole is very stable and has a herringbone pattern on it. The sole is very responsive to grip the surface and avoid slipping and give sheer control to the foot’s movements. The inner sole is made up of a dual-density midsole. The dual-density name is given because the midsole is made up of trademark Micro G foam and Charged Cushioning.

Micro G foam and Charged cushioning absorb the shock from reaching the feet and reduce the risk of plantar fasciitis. This midsole is very comfortable and gives a boost to the energy of the player and utilizes the energy efficiently to add to the aggression of the player.

There is a good use of Carbon fiber in the heel and forefeet area to protect the heel and forefeet. Carbon fiber makes the feet remain undamaged during the outward strikes to the shoes and protect the ankle as well.

Under Armour is well known for the attractive looks of its basketball shoes. Apart from the technical aspects, these shoes are up to the mark on the visuals as well. There are a lot of color combinations available to choose an ideal match. They are lightweight and easy to break despite their high cut.

What we liked

  • The base of these shoes is wide and makes them stable.
  • Dual-density midsole provides an added level of comfort to the feet and absorbs the shocks.
  • They are supportive and Threadborne made them durable as well.
  • Traction is plausible and gives freedom in movement to the payer.

What We didn’t like

  • They have a healthy price tag.
  • Online ordering may result in size issues. They are a little narrow in fit.

Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7

adidas Men's D Rose 11 Basketball Shoe, Green/Black/Green, 7

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Adidas is everywhere in the top ten picks for the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis. Another Adidas basketball shoe in terms of plantar fasciitis breaks into the top ten of our selection. D Rose 7 is the advanced basketball shoe of its antecedent D Rose 6 from Adidas. These shoes have a plus point that they are also supportive of ankles because of the high cut.

The high cut is not offensive to movements of the feet and is a snug fit to the ankle region. Traction is always a question when you buy a basketball shoe or even an ordinary sneaker, etc. D Rose 7 has a multi-directional herringbone pattern on the sole. This pattern along with the quality sole provides impressive traction on almost all kinds of the playing field.

Adidas is famous for its trademark cushioning technology. D Rose 7 cushioning is practical proof of their unmatched cushioning standards. Cushioning is the shoe that is appreciably good and absorbs the shock during the game and prevents the feet from carrying plantar fasciitis from getting hurt.

Heels are enabled with extra Neoprene cushioning. This additional cushioning provides complete protection to the heel and odd shocks. The superlative heel and foot cushioning allow the players to play with plantar fasciitis. The tight pattern on the sole provides extra grip, but not that much quality grip as compared to the traction.

No doubt, this product is very attractive and pleasing to the eyes because of its shape and colors. They can be used for long hours of play because the breathability of these shoes is excellent.

What we liked

  • There is no match of the traction in these shoes.
  • They do not get hot during the game because of their excellent breathability.
  • Neoprene cushioning on the heel gives extra comfort to the players carrying plantar fasciitis.
  • The high cut of the shoes protects the ankle region as well.

What We didn’t like

  • D Rose 7 is flexible and may tease in proper sizing and suitable fit.
  • Wide feet players sometimes feel that their feet are confined in these shoes because of the narrow sole from the arch region.

Air Jordan Xxxi

Jordan Mens Air Jordan 12 Retro 130690 070 University Gold - Size 8

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Air Jordan XXXI is the famous production of Nike shoes inspired by the name of the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. Air Jordan XXXI used the Flight Speed technology of Nike to enhance the responsiveness of the shoe along with boost the performance of the player.

Flight speed technology is used in the cushioning of these shoes which absorbs the pressure exerted on the feet by the sole in ordinary basketball shoes. The feet are saved from injuries due to layups and strong impacts on the playing field. The even distribution of the compressions gives support to the feet having plantar fasciitis.

Apart from the flight speed technology, zoom air technology is also used in the cushioning of these shoes, enabling them to be breathable and boost the performance of the player. The player using these shoes will perform sharp cuts and swift tricks with ease. The fly weave technology of Nike is used in the upper body of the shoe. The upper body is made up of synthetic leather and mesh, which makes the shoe comfortable and durable.

The heel region is covered with the foam pod to absorb the shock on the core region of plantar fasciitis, the heels. The grip of any shoe is the reflection of the sole material used in the manufacturing of the grip.

Air Jordan is made up of very durable rubber which increases the life of the shoe and the grip on the court. The chances of getting a slip on the court and ligaments stretch are lessened in these shoes. Air Jordan is also up to the mark with the available color schemes. Their shape is according to modern-day requirements.

What we liked

  • Flight Speed technology prevents plantar fasciitis to get worse.
  • Shock magnitude is no more harmful because of the foam pods in the heel area.
  • A player can perform sharp cuts and turns with ease.
  • The design is very attractive and came in different color combinations.

What We didn’t like

  • It takes some time to adjust with the feet. So, practice well with these shoes before the match.
  • Order one size up than the normal fitting in the case of online shopping.


Adidas Dame 4

adidas Dame 4 BAPE AP9974 Green Camo (6.5)

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Adidas is kicking out the competitors in this contest. Dame 4 from Adidas is a proper basketball shoe for players suffering from plantar fasciitis. The name of this shoe is based on the legendary superstar of basketball, Damian Lillard. They are expensive, but the performance and comfort undermine the price tag.

The cushioning of Dame 4 is unmatched. It is a critical reason to recommend these shoes for the players carrying plantar fasciitis problems in the game. The cushioning is super soft and bouncy. The bounce technology of Adidas is used in the bounce cushioning of these shoes. They are very comfortable upon impact, distribute the stress equally to the sole, and prevent the feet from taking the impact of the reactive force.

Breathability is also impressive due to the use of mesh fabric in the manufacturing of the upper part. The optimum air level does not allow the temperature to get hot inside the shoes and prevents bad odor also. Traction is good. The sole provides enough traction to eliminate the sliding effect on the impact, but this pair performs better with balanced players.

What we liked

  • Bounce technology cushioning absorbs the shocks and prevents the feet from getting hurt.
  • Cushioning is very comfortable.
  • Mesh upper fabric gives the perfect breathing to this shoe.

What We didn’t like

  • Traction is not impressive on dusty courts.
  • They have a healthy price tag.
  • Lacks ankle support because of the low-cut top.

Adidas D Lillard 2.0

adidas Mens D Lillard 2 Basketball Sneakers Shoes Casual - Black - Size 8 D

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D Lillard 2.0 is at the ninth spot in our top ten picks for the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis. There are two types of options available with the material used in the manufacturing of these shoes. A buyer can either opt for a synthetic leather top or a signature prime knit top. Players having plantar fasciitis problem usually prefers the solid body of the shoe so, the leather synthetic top shoe is a good option for such players.

Bounce technology is used in these shoes to absorb the shocks and restrain them from reaching the feet. This famous technology of Adidas prevents the feet from injuries like plantar fasciitis. Sole is very durable and trustworthy. It is made with thick tire rubber, added extra traction on the court, and controls foot movements.

The breathability factor is excellent in D Lillard 2.0. The top of the shoe is made with mesh and prime knit or synthetic leather. In any case, the airflow is active and allows the inside temperature to remain at a comfortable level. There is no rubbing of feet with the sole because of the presence of the seamless tongue in the inner sole.

There is a collar padding in these shoes that protects the heel and disallows any extended stretch of the ankle to avoid sprained ankle or ligaments stretch. With such a durable sole of thick tire rubber, the dust particles may remain intact with the sole.

There must be proper care reserved for the shoe to remove the dust which, if not removed, may cause a player to slip while jumping or aggressive runs. There is also a limited choice of colors, but these minor deficits can be ignored in comparison with the fruitful functions of the shoe.

What we liked

  • They are durable and lightweight.
  • D Lillard 2.0 has excellent traction and disallows any slip at normal basketball courts.
  • Bounce technology distributes the shock evenly to the sole.

What We didn’t like

  • Dust particles can reduce the grip on the surface of the court.
  • D Lillard 2.0 has fewer color schemes as compared to other attractive shoes in the market.


Under Armour Men’s Lockdown

Under Armour mens Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe, Black (001 Pitch Gray, 9.5 US

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Under Armour Men’s Lockdown is the second product of Under Armour’s basketball shoe series. They have a low price tag as compared to some other Under Armour basketball shoes. The upper part is composed of a mixture of synthetic leather and mesh. Mesh is durable that adds strength to the shoe. The sole is made up of a special quality lightweight rubber. This provides the required grip having light in weight.

The mesh used in the top of the shoe and synthetic leather made the shoe light in weight as a collective product. The sole is made of a special rubber having a long life. In the sole, the trademark UA multi-directional pattern is used which provides excellent traction and grip on the court and also avoids injuries due to slip and ligaments overstretching.

Micro G foam is used in the inside cushioning of these shoes from Under Armour. This cushioning distributes the shocks during the aggressive play evenly to the entire feet.

This distribution of the shock avoids the injury to the feet and enables a player to even play with plantar fasciitis. This shoe is an unbelievable package in contrast to the low price. There are limited colors in this product, a rare trait for UA shoes.

What we liked

  • They are lightweight basketball shoes.
  • Under Armour gives a splendid package for plantar fasciitis at an economical price.
  • Synthetic leather and mesh mixture are the added protection to the feet in the shoe.
  • Micro G foam in the inner sole and hell regions absorbs the shocks and supports the plantar fasciitis carrying feet.

What We didn’t like

  • The heel may feel a rigid place inside the shoe due to Micro G technology.
  • It is not advisable to play with these shoes in hot places due to their average breathability.


The article was based on the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis. There were certain parameters involved in picking the best shoes that address the presented problem effectively.

The best shoe for plantar fasciitis is Adidas CarzyLight Boost Basketball Shoe. This is the number one shoe in our ranking having superlative cushioning and heel protection along with the proper breathability.

All in all, the Adidas basketball shoes were all over the place in the top ten picks for plantar fasciitis along with equal representation from Nike and Under Armour brands.