Best Basketball Shoes for Bad Knees

Basketball is a fast-paced sport that demands agility and quick movements.

It includes high jumps, fast running, cutting side to side, sharp turns frequent stops, etc.

Most of these movements make your feet, knees, and ankles absorb a lot of impact as these actions usually involve using the legs.

This article is based on basketball shoes for bad knees as this sport involves high risks of knee injuries.

Therefore, it is essential to use a shoe that has some kind of specifications that aid in delivering reliable knee protection.

The basketball shoes for bad knees usually have great cushioning and awesome comfort that helps protect your knees.

We have searched many basketball shoes for bad knees through different articles and websites and shortlisted the top seven among them, which are discussed below in this article.

Best Basketball Shoes for Bad Knees

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Shoe - Men's Basketball 14 Black/Silver Metalic/Solid Grey
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These shoes possess remarkable cushioning and impact protection along with reasonable traction and support.

This pair of shoes is suitable for fast running and delivers maximum ankle support. The Primeknit Xeno upper makes these shoes exceptionally breathable and lightweight.

Crazy Explosive features Boost cushioning technology delivers incredible bounces with tons of impact protection and keeps your knee safe.

The lacing system used in these shoes relieves pressure on the foot’s arches by tightly yet comfortably wrapping the entire foot. These shoes also show amazing traction on the court surface.

Adidas Harden Vol. 2 Best Basketball Shoes for Bad Knees

adidas Performance Mens Harden Vol 2 Basketball Trainers Shoes - Purple - 14US
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This pair of shoes suits heavier players and big men well. It features a multi-material upper that ameliorates the support and breathability of these shoes.

The full-length Boost cushioning technology incorporated into Harden Vol. 2 works effectively by delivering unbelievable bounces and incredible safety from injuries and impacts, and it is also very responsive.

The rubber outsole and shattered glass-like traction pattern give you ample grip to facilitate your moves on the court surface.

Nike Lebron XIII

Nike Lebron Soldier XIII SFG Tb Mens Cn9809-113 Size 12 White/Black-Black
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Nike Lebron 13 is the third article in our list in the context of best basketball shoes for bad knees. This shoe is constructed with a special focus on delivering incredible protection during your jumps and cuts.

Lebron XIII is lightweight and breathable, with the overall construction of the shoes showing hyperparasite, mesh, and fuse upper composition. These shoes fit true to the size and exhibit snug-fitting, flexibility, outstanding lockdown, and support.

These shoes feature hexagonal zoom units that offer high responsiveness, excellent bounces, and great impact protection to the players. The grip provided by these shoes is also reasonably good.

Nike KD 12

Nike Kd Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoe Mens Ck2090-101 Size 12
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Nike KD 12 nails are in the fourth position on our selected list, and they are Avery light-weight shoes. It features two paper-thin mesh layers sandwiching the Quad Axial Flywire into the upper region. This upper makes them very supportive, lightweight, flexible, and highly breathable.

This pair of shoes runs true to your size, needs zero time to break in, has outstanding lockdown, and delivers snug fitting to the players.

When it comes to cushioning, KD 12 has featured full-length zoom air cushioning technology that is responsible for giving you good bounces for high jumping, super responsiveness, and enhanced protection from impacts this cushioning system is a gift for you if you are suffering from knee pain.

The use of a circular traction pattern on the rubber outsole creates a good traction setup that provides multi-directional coverage and a good grip on the surface.

Jordan Why Not Zero.2

Jordan Why Not Zero.2 OKC Mens Ao6219 100 - Size 12
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Mesh and knit material make the upper region of these shoes very breathable and require zero break-in time. These shoes are true to your size, very durable, affordable, and also offer excellent performance.

The zoom air cushioning technology is used in Jordan why not zero.2  and is very comfortable basketball shoes. This cushioning setup gifts you with good bounces, nice heel-to-toe transition, and high-impact protection. The phylon heel is pretty much amazing and comfortable.

The heel counter and midfoot straps act to secure your feet and deliver good lockdown and support. These shoes have utilized a circular traction pattern that works well on the court surface.

Adidas Dame 4

adidas Men's Dame 5, Bold Gold/Shock red/Black, 10.5 M US
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The sixth article in our list is Adidas Dame 4 which also works amazingly for players facing knee problems and this pair of shoes also possesses good feedback from the users.

Dame 4 has utilized mesh in the upper part, which feels premium and makes these shoes extremely breathable. These shoes need little time to no time to break in and run true to your size.

The neoprene compression collar featured in them delivers great lockdown and also ankle mobility. This lockdown setup along with an internal heel counter and internal shank ameliorates the support factor of these shoes.

Dame 4 delivers adequate responsiveness, high bounces, and tons of impact protection in response to Bounce cushioning technology. This cushioning also enhances the comfort of these shoes. The traction of these shoes is impressive is ascribed to the wave-like traction pattern on the rubber outsole.

Nike Kyrie 5

Nike Kyrie 5 Basketball Shoes nkCN9519 100 (11 M US) White/Black
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The Nike Kyrie 5 is composed of engineered mesh backed with nylon in the upper region to make these shoes breathable and comfortable.

These shoes are designed to provide you with size fitting because of the Flytrap midfoot cage and allow you to adjust the lockdown to your comfort level by tightening and loosening the laces. The shoes deliver a good lockdown and are very supportive.

The forefoot region of the midfoot of Kyrie 5 has a zoom air turbo unit that provides outstanding cushioning in the form of great bounces during the game.

The phylon foam composition is utilized in the rest part of the midsole of these shoes and is introduced to absorb shocks and minimize the probability of foot injuries. It assures you that you will not experience any pain in your soles or your knees during the game.

Don’t worry about traction! It’s amazing! The shoes have a rubber outsole with an intricate, multi-directional traction pattern incorporated into it. This setup is commendable and permits quick and multi-directional movements with optimum grip on the court surface.


In this article, we have discussed the best basketball shoes for bad knees, shortlisted seven basketball shoes in this context, and described their features as well.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive is the article nailing the first position in our top picks. It is incredibly suitable for bad knees by the use of Bounce cushioning technology that delivers tons of impact protection and high bounces.

The use of the Primeknit Xeno upper makes these shoes breathable and lightweight. The shoes provide reasonable support, are also good for fast running, and have commendable traction.

Whenever you happen to go to the shop to buy basketball shoes for bad knees, try our recommended shoes once, you would like to use them and would wear them in the game again.