Best Basketball Shoes Under $50

I know it is challenging to find good basketball shoes under $50. But don’t worry. I have good news for you. I have done some thorough research and brought you a list of the best basketball shoes for under 50 dollars.

With these $50 basketball shoes, you will manage your monthly budget and enhance your performance on the court simultaneously.
So, without wasting any further time, let us get started with our list of the best economical shoes currently available in the market.

Best Basketball Shoes Under $50

ShoesLookComfortGripUpper PortionOutsole
Ahico ShoesBrilliantBrilliantGoodHigh-TopRubber
Fushiton ShoesBrilliantGoodGoodHigh-TopRubber
Nike Precision IIIGoodBrilliantBrilliantHigh-TopRubber
Adidas Mid 2.0GoodBrilliantGoodMid-TopRubber
Nike Hustle D 8GoodBrilliantBrilliantHigh-TopLeather

Ahico Men’s Fashion Sneakers

The name might not be as popular as the previously mentioned basketball shoe, but this masterpiece not only saves you money but also brings quality and performance with itself. Ahico shoes are known for their most comfortable grip with firm support for feet.

The designers have worked on the overall look of the product to give it a catchy, adult-oriented feel. It will suit your personality if you are a youngster who aims to conquer all the odds. The sole design is non-slip, too.

The upper portion of the shoes is made of flexible and soft mesh, which allows them to adjust according to the feet of the person wearing them. You can efficiently run for long hours due to flexibility.

What we liked

  • Stylish to use both on the field and off the field.
  • The fit is impressive with a brilliant grip.
  • The weight is lighter than other substitutes.
  • Comfort is never an issue due to the mesh upper.
  • The ankle maintains its shape and posture.

What We didn’t like

  • The sole slips on the wet and slippery surfaces.
  • The sole’s material is of lower quality.
  • Slightly rough usage might cause the shoe to break itself from the sole.
  • The packaging is insufficient.

Fushiton Men’s $50 Basketball Shoes

If you are searching for cheap and feature studded shoes, then these pairs can help you achieve both things at a time. Starting with the design, you will find the skin made in a very stylish manner and with an eye-catching texture.

Overall weight is light compared to other sports shoes, and the inner portion is all padded to absorb shock and make you feel comfortable. The manufacturer has incorporated the hollow carved technology to minimize harsh impacts and ensure that the injuries are reduced.

The outsole is made up of rubber, while the upper portion is high to ensure a stable posture for your ankle. Moreover, the laces provide a firm grip to hold feet at the required position.

What we liked

  • Laces and high tops support your ankles and feet.
  • The look is very fashionable for youngsters.
  • Hollow-carved technology eliminates the risk of getting injured.
  • The weight is pretty low for skinny players to wear.

What We didn’t like

  • The sizes are not standard, and you might need to wear them before purchase.
  • The comfort is a problem as it might feel unbreathable at times.
  • Customers usually complain about the detachment of shoes from the sole.
  • Made of rubber, not leather.

Nike Basketball Shoes

Nike Incorporated’s new Precision III is considered one of the best pairs to work out and practice without severe injuries and strain. The high-top design provides users with the utmost support that keeps the ankle in a stable posture.

Moreover, the laces allow the shoes to grip your feet firmly. The upper portion is padded with soft and firm spongy material for comfort while the outer part is made from rubber (not leather).

There are two pivot point supports that enable users to rotate without any fracture or strain risk. Multi-directional traction and lightweight midsole allow the users to move swiftly across the court.

What we liked

  • Multi-directional traction allows the users to move quickly on the field.
  • A light midsole takes the burden off your feet.
  • Two pivot points make rotatory motion convenient.
  • High-top design for better ankle support and security.
  • Paddings on the top for shock absorption and comfort

What We didn’t like

  • The overall look and design are not that catchy.
  • A clear no for those users who prefer buying leather shoes instead of rubber

Adidas-Hoop Mid 2.0

There is no doubt that Adidas is currently among the top three companies that have control overshoe manufacturing and supply in the NBA. This pair of shoes is undoubtedly lower in worth but pays all your costs by providing you with the control and comfort you need.

The outsole of this model manufactured by Adidas is made up of rubber while the upper portion is made from knitted fabric, stretching to the mid-top level. Other than that, you would find TPU support to provide you with the base support to play your game like a champion.

The Ortholite Float insole is another feather that you will love to come across while using this masterpiece. These shoes are anti-slip with a weight as low as a feather. The grip is hoop style, not lace-up.

What we liked

  • TPU support allows your feet to rest in the most suitable position
  • OrthoLite Float insole lowers the total weight considerably as compared to the features on offer
  • Comfort is never an issue as there is sufficient cushioning in the shoes
  • Users rarely experience a slip as the sole is friction-productive.

What We didn’t like

  • The hoop style provides lesser support than the lace-up style
  • Mid-top support is insufficient as compared to high-top support.
  • The rubber sole is not as durable as the leather
  • The look is not as good looking as any other shoe in the market

Nike Team Hustle Boys’ D 8

With the higher side price, Nike has produced this budget-friendly shoe to satisfy its middle-class customers. Other brands, though relatively cheaper, do not provide the quality promised by Nike.

There are reasons why Nike rules the NBA usage chart. You will receive a leathery layer with a slight covering of spongy material to provide the comfort required, starting with the upper. Other than that, there is a strap wrapped around the midsole to stabilize your stance with firm support.

These Nike shoes are high-top yet contain a weight lighter than almost all the other competitors.

What we liked

  • Comfort is not an issue while using these shoes from Nike
  • Customers’ reviews show that the company has not compromised quality over price
  • High top provides much-needed ankle support to kids
  • Strap around the midsole for extra stability

What We didn’t like

  • For those people who demand a stylish look, these pairs are not the first choice cause it doesn’t give a leathery look.
  • Finding an appropriate size is often an issue
  • It might cause trouble to those with white feet.

How To Choose The Best Basketball Shoes Under $50?

How To Choose The Best Basketball Shoes Under $50

You would find various options in the market when it comes to buying shoes for your basketball routine. Some shoes reduce their price to benefit the customers but subsequently drop the quality to earn more profits.

To save you from such scams, we have made a list of some common factors that you must look for in the shoes that you are about to choose


The first and foremost thing to consider while purchasing any accessory is the comfort you would get when using it. What is the purpose of buying a cheap pair of shoes when there is not enough cushioning for your feet? Ensure that the shoe you choose provides soft but firm support to help you play for a long time.


You need to see if the shoe that you are about to buy fits or not. Usually, professionals prefer purchasing the ones with laces. You might also come across the zippers or hooks, but this reduces the overall stability.


The security factor is correlated to the comfort you receive. If the cushioning is sufficient, then it is an implied thing that you would rarely get injured. Check the paddings, the top, the midsole, and the outsole before investing your money.

It is somewhat understandable that you would not get the ideal security and paddings at such a low budget, but you should still choose wisely among the substitutes.

Overall weight

Mediocre players and newbie basketball fans often neglect this factor. See, the weight of your shoes matters a lot. In the end, it all depends on your body build and play style.

You will find a variety of shoes on the market. The ones with high coverings to secure your ankle, the others with slightly fewer coverings, and then the pairs with no ankle coverings at all. The fewer the coverings, the lower the weight.

Why Do We Recommend These $50 Basketball Shoes?

After discussing the factors that you must consider before buying basketball shoes, you will receive the features you will receive when using the shoes mentioned by us.


This is obvious. You have come to this article to look for shoes that provide the best value at a lower price of 50 dollars. All the pairs mentioned by our website in this article are budget-friendly, and you will find it easy to purchase any one of them.

Brand Name:

We have listed the cheapest shoes in the market, but this does not mean that we did not consider that quality factor. All the mentioned in our article belong to well-known brands. You will receive many handy and convenient features. Though the results might not be perfect, they will be above-satisfactory

Comfort and support:

You may also like these shoes because of the amount of comfort you will receive while playing your field. On the other hand, you will find the most supportive designs in the market to help keep your feet and ankles in the right posture.

Look and style:

A factor considered irrelevant by many, but some people value wearing pairs with eye-catching colors and mesmerizing designs. The shoes that we have mentioned are all pretty good in design (a couple of them being more stylish than the rest)


You will find these shoes more sustainable and resistant than other shoes in the same range available in the market. So, we have brought those products that you will never regret investing your money in


We must say, this conclusion is one of the most difficult ones to write. You will see that all five models are some of the cheapest shoes from respective companies, but several features make them worthy of being used while playing the game.

The budget is not an issue in your choice this time, as all the shoes lie under the same price range. While the features are a very subjective thing, we will suggest you buy the Nike Team Hustle Boy’s D8 shoe, and we have reasons behind it.

The first and foremost reason is the brand name (which is trustworthy). The second is the comfort and grip that it provides to its users. The looks are not that charming, but these shoes leave all the others behind due to the leather material in the outsole.

In the end, it all depends on your subjective choice. All the products are discussed in detail. You need to identify the one that complements your use.