The Professor Basketball [Grayson Boucher]

Grayson Boucher is known as “The Professor Basketball” who is a legendary streetball player.

The thin skinny guy is the perfect example of the fact that you don’t need to be tough and broad to play basketball with great moves and positions.

However, these are the tactics and strategies which make one win the game. Grayson Boucher holds incredible skills in dribbling, ball handling, shooting, and defensive moves. 

Get through some great highlights about Grayson Boucher, which you may have never seen, and get clear about some common queries in your mind.

Who is The Professor Basketball?

Grayson Boucher is known as The Professor Basketball. Grayson Boucher was born in Oregon, United States, on June 10, 1984.

He is an American streetball player who is renowned for his conventional play. He has also worked in certain films and is also known as an actor.

As basketball champion, Grayson Boucher started instructing numerous people about the game and got Professor Basketball’s name.

Grayson Boucher is gifted with extraordinary basketball abilities, who not only taught other people but his rivals on the court and left them speechless with his shooting style and moves he used to take.

The Professor Basketball Height

Grayson Boucher weighs approximately about 160 pounds 5 ft. 9.8 in (177.3 cm) in height. He barely attacked the most influential statistics on the basketball court.

You must have seen that an average basketball player’s height is above 6 ft. 5 inches. Yet, Grayson was not even 6 ft. that’s why NBA did not consider Grayson as an ideal-heighted basketball player and did not enroll his name in the list.

Pro Tip: If you’re a short-heighted basketball player and cannot reach the basketball rim, you should become a three-point shooter so that you could shoot the ball from a distance.

The Professor Basketball Net Worth

Being a mythical basketball player, you must have thought about his net worth. He is estimated with a net worth of $2 million.

He has played basketball matches in more than 30 countries and has won many tournaments, making him earn a lot of money.

However, before he started basketball, when he was a famous streetball player, his net worth was approximately $500,000, and has successfully won YouTube channel.

Not only this, when he uploaded the first episode of his film, the $14 million within one month only. However, after uploading all episodes, he made a lot of money.

Why Is Not The Professor Basketball In The NBA? Did The Professor Basketball Play In The NBA?

There are several basketball players, but only a few of them get the chance to play the NBA league. Unfortunately, Grayson Boucher wasn’t amongst those who got selected in NBA.

Although he was quick, talented, perfect ball handlers, and possessed some exceptional capabilities that a basketball player should have, there are certain reasons due to which he was unable to be enlisted in the NBA league.

Overlook NCAA

When Grayson Boucher attended the AND1 event, he started showing off and portrayed to the world that he is such a genius player.

AND1 did not take a second to offer him the contract in its upcoming season. And it became the reason that he had no chance to play in the NCAA.

However, it is crucial to play in the NCAA to get into the NBA league. Anyhow, the professor approved the proposal of AND1 and lost the opportunity to play in the NBA.

Lacking in Rules Following

Since Grayson Boucher was a streetball player, and streetball has not the same rules as basketball. However, in basketball, some rules such as traveling and double-dribbling may violate the referee.

For the professor basketball, these tricks were very cool to play, but they’re not actually in the NBA league. That’s why Boucher did not find it pleasurable to follow the NBA rules and resumed playing with his own rules.

Short-Heighted Player

As mentioned above, as compared to general basketball players whose heights were above 6 ft. 5 inches, Grayson Boucher was short-heighted.

Although Grayson Boucher was a fabulous player: he was quick, speedy, proficient, and possessed frequent skills, but due to his height, NBA did not consider his size adequate to be a member of the NBA league.

Not Interested in NBA

The NBA league is a platform, which every player dreams of. For a devoted basketball player, there could be no bigger dream than playing in the NBA league. However, Grayson Boucher was not amongst them.

Grayson Boucher has not a small percent of interest to be a part of the NBA league. Instead, he believed that whatever he is doing is enough for his career.

More in Streetball

The professor basketball is a legendary streetball player, and he played the basketball game similarly. Thus, the type of basketball he used to play was not at all NBA-style.

Nonetheless, his playing streetball style did not help him be labeled an excellent basketball part of the NBA. Though he was certainly the best dribbler, defender, and ball-handler, his moves were not as professional to the NBA league’s enlisted.

Final Verdict

Now, I am sure you have got all your answers about why Grayson Boucher never played NBA league. We can say that he never paid attention to playing, or it was not in his fortune to be an NBA league member.

However, he has established an excellent career in his journey, so we can assume that he’s never required to enter the league. 

Besides being a young player with exceptional skills and conspicuous moves, he guides many basketball players; that’s why he’s called the professor basketball.

These unique positions he used to take play have made him striking and got Professor Basketball’s label. Anyhow, whatever moves he plays, he holds a vast number of fans from all across the globe.