Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Basketball Shoes for Flat FeetThere are millions of people in this world that have flat feet.

Having flat feet is not a limitation. You can do anything with ease with these types of feet.

The problem arises with flat feet when you are attached to basketball. Basketball is a game that has many requirements.

Aggression, speed, and jump are the foremost important things to play basketball. These actions exert a lot of pressure on the feet. Any stress to feet hurts the feet and in severe cases causes painful injuries.

The good thing is that the basketball shoe manufacturing companies are having detailed research on different aspects of the basketball shoes in line with the requirements of the players.

Flat feet player, if plays with casual basketball shoe will not perform up to the mark because of the pain in the feet during and after the match.

It is recommended that a proper basketball shoe for flat feet must be purchased to avoid injuries and to play the game with ease.

Comfort level of the cushioning, traction, responsiveness, and breathability and the factors that must be considered while opting a basketball shoe for flat feet.

This article is based on the best basketball shoes for flat feet. We are presenting the basketball shoes that elevate your performance with flat feet in the basketball court.

Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet (Top Picks)

Nike Air Overplay IX

Nike Mens The Air Overplay IX White/Black/Pure Platinum Basketball Shoe 8 Men US
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For players having flat feet, Nike Air Overplay IX is the best option to have in basketball shoes. They are made with mesh. Mesh material made them breathable and durable while keeping them lightweight.

Breathable mesh is something extraordinary in these shoes because it will not let your feet getting tired even after hours of play.

For flat feet, the cushioning is tremendous. It is done with the help of the Nike Air Unit, which is present in the heel region.

Air Unit absorbs the shocks and keeps the heel and the rest of the feet protected from the impact of the shocks.

Flat feet players lean towards such cushioning because of the complete protection to their feet. The rubber sole is used with the perfect pattern to grasp the surface well.

If you are an aggressive flat feet player, these shoes will be up to your pace and will support you during the multi-directional movements and sharp cuts.

Another great thing about these shoes is that they are active for ankle protection. The padding and soft collar make the ankles feel comfortable and protected. The upper will never allow your ankle to outstretch.

In the midsole, a special material is used to give comfort and shape to the flat feet and reduced the pain of the game. Cushioning is the shining trait of Nike Air Overplay IX.

What we liked
  • The midsole is made with a special material that supports flat feet.
  • Air Unit absorbs the shocks and makes the landings safe.
  • Rubber sole grips the surface well.
  • They are very breathable and light in weight.
  • The shape of these shoes is excellent with the availability of different color combinations.
What We didn't like
  • They are not as durable as compared to other shoes.
  • It is better to buy these shoes from the Nike outlets if you have wide feet.


Adidas Dame 3

adidas Dame 3 On Tour Shoe - Men's Basketball 18 Core Black/Utility Black/WhiteCheck Price on Amazon

Dame 3 from Adidas are the shoes that have all the capabilities to fulfill the demands of the basketball players having flat feet. These are made with the help of two materials, textile and synthetic fabric. This combination makes them breathable and sturdy.

You can play with these shoes for hours because of the excellent breathability that does not allow the feet to get burn. The good thing is that the shoe grips the feet well because of the good stretchability of these shoes provided by the duo of synthetic fiber and textiles.

The heel region is cushioned well with the spring-back action of the heel to the outside compressions. The heel adds energy to the player’s performance and allows the player to move briskly around the court.

Landings are also safe because there is no fear of getting shocked after the landing. Your feet are protected by the excellent cushioning that distributes the shock all over the feet.

The upper collar is made with soft material that holds the ankle at a particular position to avoid sprained ankle and ligaments burst.

Dame 3 came with tempting style and color combinations. You can have the best color combinations available in this shoe.

What we liked
  • Cushioning is perfect for flat feet players.
  • Dame 3 is breathable and supportive.
  • Bouncy heel absorbs the shocks and protects the heel from injuries.
  • A combination of textile and synthetic fiber gives flexibility to these shoes.
  • They are protective of ankles.
What We didn't like
  • Unlike other textile shoes, they are heavy.
  • Dame 3 slips on dusty surfaces.


Adidas Neo Foam Ilation

adidas NEO Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe, Black/Black/Onix, 7.5 M US
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These lightweight basketball shoes are tremendously best fit for flat feet players. They are very supportive of the flat feet players because of their comfortable cushioning and charged heel.

Adidas Neo Foam Ilation is made up of synthetic leather. A little textile is also used to make the padding and collar of these shoes.

Neo foam is used in the cushioning and construction of these shoes that makes them lightweight and responsive. Shocks are absorbed by the foam and protect the feet from getting hurt.

There are mini holes present on the body of these shoes. These holes allow the air to get in the shoes lower the inside temperature of these basketball shoes.

Traction is something above excellence. The sole pattern is responsible for sticking to the surface and allows you to move with freedom all around the basketball court.

The grip of Neo Ilation on the feet is commendable because of the availability of the lace-up structure of these shoes.

Laces make the fitting tight around the feet without hurting the feet. Neo Ilation is available in a fair range of colors.

What we liked
  • Neo Foam reduces the overall weight of these shoes.
  • Perforation in the upper body makes these shoes breathable.
  • Cushioning is soft and resistant to shocks.
  • Laces are well placed and hold the feet tightly.
What We didn't like
  • They are shock-resistant but less than other lightweight shoes.
  • Taller players avoid them because of their extra height.


Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct

Mens Nike Kobe Mamba Instinct Shoes Dust/Electrolime/Pure Gray 852473-003 (11.5)Check Price on Amazon

Kobe Mamba Instinct is one of the impressive shoes and the latest one in the line under Nike’s name. They are famous and admired for the durability and stability they provide, which is even more improved by TPU yarn.

Not only this, but they also provide comfort and ankle support to your feet. They are featured as extremely stylish and stunning in look. They are also available in a vast variety of color combinations.

Fly weave technology is responsible for making Kobe Mamba Instinct breathable and supportive. Kobe Mamba Instinct shoes require a try before purchasing them as they are smaller and narrower than usual models.

Allowing natural movements around the court, Kobe Mamba Instinct shoes are specially designed for quick directional changes. A combination of Fly weave upper and Lunarlon midsole responsiveness provides you with almost Black Mamba Instinct.

Due to internal bootie constriction, inner slipping is minimized, which ensures one-to-one fit maintaining comfortability. Kobe Mamba Instinct shoes allow you to have an excellent multi-directional grip keeping its legacy alive.

These shoes are famous for natural movements being a stable and responsive piece of footwear.

What we liked
  • Allow quick and excellent multidirectional changes.
  • Available in a number of color combinations.
  • Allow natural movement around the court.
What We didn't like
  • These shoes are narrower and smaller than usual.
  • Less durable than other shoes.


Nike Air Jordan xxxii

Nike Air Jordan XXXII Mens Hi Top Basketball Trainers AQ8830 Sneakers Shoes (UK 14 US 15 EU 49.5, White Metallic Gold 100)Check Price on Amazon

Air Jordan XXXII basketball shoes are among those shoes which stand out on the playground and prevent you from blending in.

If we see Air Jordan XXXII in terms of stability and balance, then it is found that Air Jordan XXXII has decoupled zoom air cushioning that makes it much more comfortable than XXXI’s full-length Zoom Air cushioning.

These shoes make use of flyknit material, which makes these shoes fit your feet more effectively and does not accommodate any space for internal slippage.

These shoes have multiple layers which makes Air Jordan XXXII have low breathability due to the presence of multiple layers in these shoes.

Along with remarkable traction and cushioning, these pair of shoes provide outstanding support and lockdown to players having flat feet.

Cushioning is excellent, and the rubber sole has a praiseworthy traction pattern. The sole is responsible for gripping the surface with sheer force and makes the player stable and responsive.

It is might possible that some persons feel these shoes a little bit tight in the first few runs, in that case, that player is recommended to readjust his laces until he feels comfortable about the fitting of his shoes.

What we liked
  • Decoupled Zoom Air Cushioning makes Air Jordan XXXII comfortable and bouncy.
  • Flyknit technology makes them flexible.
  • Traction is praiseworthy.
What We didn't like
  • They are tight in fit.
  • Less breathable as compared to other basketball shoes of this material.


Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Shoe - Men's Basketball 13.5 Onix/White
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It is one of the most selling brands in the global market. Adidas’ most famous basketball shoe is equally good for the basketball players having flat feet.

Flat feet players always demand a shoe having superb cushioning that keeps the feet comfortable. They are made up of synthetic leather and fiber. Synthetic leather ensures the durability of these shoes, and fiber makes the shoe breathable.

Breathability is an added advantage with protection and durability. There is no room for the temperature to heat up the feet of the player.

Special care is done on the cushioning of these shoes. Cushioning is comfortable and responsive. The heel region, along with the midsole neutralizes the shocks and protects your feet from getting any reactive impact of the compressions after landing.

Sole is designed in such a way that it supports the flat feet and provides a strong grip on any surface, including the dustier one too.

You can display all your skills on the court without having any danger of slipping and rolling over of feet. Laces are specially made for these shoes to exert less pressure on the feet while remaining tightly intact during the whole game.

You can wear these basketball shoes with any casual dress. The shape is unique and attractive and available in dozens of color schemes.

The heel is bouncy; it means that the energy of the player is enhanced with the bouncy heel. It adds the energy to enhance your performance and allows you to move swiftly during the game.

What we liked
  • The best-selling basketball shoe in the global market.
  • Cushioning is supportive and protects the feet from shocks.
  • Flat feet players move with confidence in this pair of basketball shoes.
  • They elevate the overall performance and speed of the player.
What We didn't like
  • High top makes it difficult to break in quickly.
  • Durability is not as good as compared to the high cost of this basketball shoe.


Nike Air Command Force Basketball Shoes

Nike Mens Air Command Force White/Black/Wolf Grey/Volt Basketball Shoe 9.5 Men USCheck Price on Amazon

These shoes are the 90’s fashioned sneakers. despite the old design, these shoes provide remarkable protection to the ankle of the player’s feet and make it dominant on the playing court.

These shoes possess very soft and smooth cushioning that has the ability to save the feet of the player from shocks while jumping and running during a basketball game on the basketball court.

This type of soft cushioning is also ideal for flat feet players as it protects them from any distress and pain. Nike Air Command Force basketball shoes are superior to usual high-cut basketball shoes and thus provide outstanding ankle protection to player’s feet.

These shoes exhibit amazing durability because these shoes are composed of leather material that is stitched inside these shoes.

These shoes can be used well on the court as well as can be used in daily routine as casual shoes. These shoes have an old design of the ’90s, but these shoes provide outstanding protection to the player’s ankle that makes it very useful.

What we liked
  • The high cut of these shoes provides protection to the ankle.
  • Being lightly weighted, they provide calming comfort for a long time.
  • The feet of the player are prevented from shocks during the game by the use of soft cushioning.
  • The durability and robustness of these shoes are increased by the use of leather.
What We didn't like
  • The height of these shoes may make the player uncomfortable.
  • A player may feel irritated by inner stitching.


Under Armour Curry 3

Under Armour Curry 3
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The first appearance of Under Armour Basketball shoes in the list of best basketball shoes for flat feet is in the shape of Under Armour Curry 3.

With the attractive look and color combinations, these signature shoes are fit for you to play basketball with flat feet. Charged padding enhances the speed and performance of the player, and Ana foam makes them comfortable and lightweight.

Cushioning is impressive if you have flat feet. Cushioning and sole texture gives shape to the flat feet and prevents the feet to feel the impacts of the game.

Breathability is very good and allows you to wear them even on hot days for an extended time. The sole is made with rubber and the herringbone pattern adds value to the grip of the sole.

There is no difference in playing on the normal surface or dusty surface because of the excellent traction of Curry 3.

It will never let you slip or slide on any surface and safeguards you from injuries. Heels are protected with the help of a carbon fiber shank. It resists the shocks to break in the shoe and hurt your feet.

The most important thing about these shoes is that they are made with the help of the signature Threadborne technology of UA.

Threadborne upper adds strength, flexibility, and breathability to these shoes. You will love these shoes because of their ability to enhance your performance with flat feet and protects the feet from injuries.

What we liked
  • Curry 3 is durable and stylish.
  • A herringbone pattern is responsible for unmatched traction.
  • Threadborne technology is used in the manufacturing of the upper of UA Curry 3.
  • There is no limitation of the nature of surfaces in the usage of these shoes.
What We didn't like
  • Expensive than Nike and Adidas.
  • Fit tight for wide feet players.


Nike Lebron Soldier 10

Nike Lebron Soldier 10 SFG Black
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Nike Lebron Soldier 10 is specially designed for flat feet. These shoes own one of the best qualities a basketball sneaker needs to have in.

Carrying three straps, one on the ankle, second on the midfoot, and third on the forefoot; Nike Lebron Soldier 10 sneakers are considered to be the most secured sneakers out in the market.

These straps help the shoes to stay tightly on foot and thus provide the player with support. They give confidence to the player while jumping and making cuts on the court.

To provide you with natural mobility and ease to move around the court, the ankle strap is kept particularly lighter as compared to the other two straps.

This feature, although providing much security and protection, would not make your feet feel hindered and trapped inside the shoes.

Nike Lebron Soldier 10 offers Zoom Air units to the forefoot and heel of the shoes being effective against aching feet. These shoes are helpful in absorbing the impact that you receive while coming down from a high jump.

This removes the danger of being hurt because of the hardwood surface of the shoes after a rebound or a layup. Not only it protects you from an injury, but it also provides a high level of comfort and confidence during performance.

Lebron Soldier 10 is a top contender for a basketball player having flat feet leading him to the top of his game. Its price is on the high end of the price scale is highly expensive.

What we liked
  • Three shoe straps provide incredible and ultimate protection to the feet.
  • Zoom Air units provide cushioning and support in absorbing impact.
  • These shoes provide you with remarkable traction.
What We didn't like
  • These shoes have a narrow fit as specifically designed for flat foot players.
  • These shoes are hard to break in.
  • These shoes have an issue of color bleeding.


Nike Men’s Hyperdunk

Nike Mens Hyperdunk 2017 Low Top Lace Up Running Sneaker, Black, Size 11.5
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The Hyperdunk series of Nike is a famous series in basketball shoes. They are just like the same in versatility as Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive.

The high-cut construction protects the ankle from injuries and gives confidence to the player in layups and aggressive movements.

Sole is made with imported rubber. To increase the traction, the herringbone pattern is made on the rubber sole. Rubber sole with herringbone pattern adheres strongly with any surface.

Flat feet players feel comfortable in these shoes because of the quality of cushioning and protection from shocks. Cushioning is done with the help of modern technology and material. The shocks are flattened before having any disturbing impact on the feet.

Ventilation of basketball shoes is an important factor in long games. Hyperdunk from Nike is up to the mark with the ventilation system and keeps your feet comfortable at a moderate temperature.

There is no room to argue on their shape. These shoes have an attractive shape, and they are available in many colors. They are presentable under normal clothes as well.

What we liked
  • They are responsive.
  • Cushioning is supportive of flat feet.
  • Herringbone pattern allows them to grip any surface with ease.
What We didn't like
  • The fit is tight and may discomfort wide feet.
  • They have a high price tag.


Playing basketball with flat feet is a painful act if your basketball shoes are not made for flat feet. In this article, we researched the best basketball shoes for flat feet from the global market.

To get rid of feet pain during and after the game, select any of the above-mentioned basketball shoes for your feet to play basketball.

These shoes are equally good at protecting flat feet from injuries and pains. No doubt, there are some ups and downs in every shoe, but the purpose of enabling you to play basketball risk-free with flat-free is fulfilled completely.

Nike Air Overplay IX is the number one recommendation from our side for flat feet players to play basketball without pain and stress to feet. This shoe has excellent cushioning that absorbs the shocks and prevents your feet from getting hurt.