How to Dribble Better In Basketball

Dribbling is the skill of deceiving the opponents to defend and proceeding to score a basket.

Dribbling is a different ball game and is an art that takes much more time than other basketball skills.

Dribbling is the simultaneous response of hands and ball coordination, leg and mind synchronization, and the purpose of dribbling at a specific time in the game.

To score points, dribbling is the way to create gaps in the defending lanes of the opposition. An attacker can’t only run straight to the opposite rim.

This article is a collection of tips to improve dribbling skills in basketball.

Best Dribbling Tips for Basketball

To improve your dribbling skill in basketball, you should enforce the following tips in your daily dribbling practice.

Always Keep Your Head Up

Tips to Dribble Better In Basketball

This is the initial step to improving dribbling skills. When the head is up, the eyes will have a complete view of the court, and a player can easily judge the moves of the opponent team.

During practice, look at the rim or the walls, etcetera. It will help you to develop the habit of looking forward during the match, and the question of when to dribble becomes tranquil and clear.

Dribble with Fingers Pads

How to Dribble Better Basketball

Finger pads are the principal objects for performing a breath-taking dribble act in the game. Many players practice the dribble with complete fingers and even palms.

The best technique to dribble a basketball is using finger pads. They will give enhanced control of the ball and make dribbling easy and smooth.

Pound the Basketball Hard

Dribble Better Basketball

It is an important factor involved in dribbling the ball.

The more forcefully you pound the basketball, the more quickly it will return to your hand after striking the ground.

“Every action has a reaction that is equal in magnitude but opposite in direction.”

It’s Newton’s third law of motion. It is the essence of dribbling.

Give enough force to the ball to return to your hands quickly at a comfortable height. This will minimize the time to snatch the ball for the defenders.

Adopt a Stance

Keep the body low and knees bend. It is essential because the more you keep yourself low, the less the height will be there for the ball to reach the hand after striking the earth.

This stance will minimize the risk of opponents snatching the ball as the ball is kept low from the comfortable level of the defender’s stance.

Be Aware of the Ball Positioning

Better Basketball Dribble

A player must be completely aware of the ball’s positioning during dribbling. If you are progressing toward the rim, keep the ball before you.

On the other side,

if you are in a contest with a defender, keep the ball to the right or left-hand side in line with the tip of your shoes and place your body between the ball and the defender to protect the ball.

Learn the Dribbling Rules

Game discipline is very important, and any foul during the game is costly for the team. Knowing the dribbling rules will minimize the opportunity of the free ball to the opposition.

The rules associated with dribbling are traveling, double dribbling, and carrying rules.

Important Drills for Basketball Dribbling

basketball dribble tips

Some important Drills to improve dribbling are stated below:

  • Up and Back Dribbling
  • Balloon Dribbling
  • Spider Dribble
  • Drop and Catch
  • Two up – Two Back


Dribbling is the skill that will stand a player up against others. It is the key to moving a scorecard ahead and creating opportunities for the teammates to score.

The skill is challenging to master, but it is not impossible. The daily practice of the above-stated tips and drills will improve the dribbling skills of a basketball player.