How to Spin Basketball on Finger [5 Best Tips]

Spin Basketball on Finger

There are many tricks involved in basketball, and the professionals perform these tricks during the game or on social media.

Many of the tricks are listed in the Guinness World Record Book.

Spinning a basketball on a finger is one of the most practiced tricks of a basketball.

From children to professionals, everyone has tried to perform this trick in their life.

This trick looks easy, but it is difficult to master it. The tips displayed on various platforms are the result of extraordinary practice and hard work.

Don’t worry; this article will let you know the propitious tips to spin a basketball on the finger.

Best Tips to Spin Basketball on Finger

Let’s begin with the tips and skills you required to spin a basketball on your finger.


How to Spin Basketball on Finger tips

There is a keyword to success, practice. The more you practice, the more you will polish.

The practice is the only thing required to master the skill to spin a basketball on the finger.

This skill is one of the most accessible skills of basketball to master.

And, the exciting thing is that you can master it while standing in front of a Television. There is no need for a mentor. The key to master this skill is to build a stiff wrist and reflexes.

If you have no time to practice in the day time, then what you have to do is give 10 minutes to this skill before going to bed.

Get Yourself Ready to Spin

How to Spin Basketball on middle Finger

The prerequisites to spin a basketball on hand are the works you have to do before starting the spin.

The first thing is to find an old basketball. It is because the old basketball grooves are worn down and will not trouble your finger.

Cut your nails such that a little nail remains above your finger. It will help the basketball to spin for a longer time. Spinning a basketball with long nails is tough.

The Toss

How to Spin Basketball on Finger

Tossing the basketball is the most critical aspect in spinning it on a finger. There are some important factors involved in tossing a ball.

Firstly, find the grooves of the ball and decide whether to use a single hand or two hands at the time of the toss.

Hold the ball with your finger pads having a visible space between the palm of the hands and the basketball.

Keep your elbows above the hips and flick the basketball with the help of your thumb and hand.

Make the Basketball to Spin on a Finger

Make the Basketball to Spin on a Finger

Once you are done with tossing, catching the ball on the desired finger is very important. The perfect landing of the ball on the finger will lead the ball to start spinning on it.

A lot of practice is required to make the ball spin just after the landing.

The parameters of speed and height of the toss are crucial for spinning. Keep the finger in line with the grooves at the center of the basketball.

Try to find the middle of the ball and spin the ball on the nail, but if it is uncomfortable, then you can also spin the ball on finger pads.

Slap the ball gently to gain a constant speed on the finger. The more you practice this, the more is the spinning time of the ball.


Spinning a basketball on a finger is the easiest of the skills in basketball. It can be achieved by adjusting the few technicalities of the skill and practicing it for some time daily.

The fingers and the wrist strength are crucial to avoid any injury during the spinning of the basketball. Improve the tossing and landing of the ball, and ultimately the spinning time will prolong.