What Are the Most Valuable Basketball Cards?

The 1990s was a classic era that has left many beautiful memories for us. It was the best time to be a devoted fan of basketball apart from the modern ages. Everyone used to idealize these basketball athletes based on their physicality and unique moves to be made on the court.

Whenever I watch NBA basketball tournaments, I still remember how Michael Jordan from the Chicago Bulls dominated the matches and always significantly influenced the spectators.

Michael Jordan was one of my favorite basketball champions. I can recall those days when I used to visit a local grocery store, and I picked up the small pack of basketball trading cards. Whenever I opened this pack, it was always a surprise which player I would get.

That time was actually a golden time. As a kid, my friends and I have collected so many basketball cards and saw which one has collected more. Anyhow, if you also did just like me, you may have unknowingly made an excellent investment for the current age.

However, only a few are extremely valuable, which could be found just like a drop in the ocean. Anyhow, below I have discussed some of the most valuable basketball cards. If you’ve got them, you’re fortunate.

4 Most Valuable Basketball Cards

I have gathered the four most valuable basketball cards of its time, which hold great worth. Although the values vary, each one is amongst the most expensive basketball cards. So, glimpse on the list of these cards and see which ones you’ve got in your childhood.

1993-1994 Michael Jordan Ultra Scoring Kings

This card is one from my collection; that’s why I put it on the first number in the list. As the date is mentioned, this card is one of the most distinguishing Michael Jordan cards.

It has a deeply engraved picture of Michael Jordan in the jumping-in-air position. There is dark purple lighting in the background as if he is leaping up in the sky during nighttime. 

The card is made of foil, which supports Jordan to jump in the air right in the card’s center. Besides, due to foil material. The card is weak to chips from both back and front sides. This card has a delicate nature; therefore, you need to use it very consciously.

This top-rated MJ card went available on eBay for $2,712.68, which has a chance to increase further. However, when you see this card, you’ll automatically understand why it holds a high worth.

1997-1998 Kobe Bryant Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems

The 1997 PMG card is one of the most enthralling cards ever, which has always come as the most expensive pick from the 90s. The lovely colors of this card have forced every kid to must keep it in their collection.

This card is enveloped within a colored foil, which is very vulnerable to chipping and corrosion. The background has given a deep green color, which could be irresistible to any person.

These are the attractions which makes it so expensive.  Other than this, Kobe Bryant’s mesmerizing shooting position captivates the interest of numerous people.

The picture is inserted with every single attention to detail, which presents the shooting position and that focused looks on Kobe’s face. However, this bright green card went for auction at above $37,600 in 2012, and it ended at $37,665, to be precise.

1948-1949 Bowman George Mikan Rookie PSA 10

Here comes another top-rated card with a hefty price tag. This card is a unique card that if you’ve ever bought a card packet and you’ve got this one, consider yourself very lucky. It is heard that this card has gone for the auction incredibly for $403,446.

One reason for this card is very pricey could be that it is one of the rarest basketball cards. Another could be its fantastic classy look that gives you a nostalgic feel of the 90s.

1980-1981 Topps Larry Bird-Julius Erving-Magic Johnson PSA 10

Moreover, I never wanted to keep this classic card, maybe because of its awkward picture on it. But who knew that it would become of the worthiest cards in the coming era.

Anyways, the most conic basketball card on which Topps Larry Birds’ image is engraved and given very vibrant shades. Nevertheless, this amazing card has been sold for $125,200. 

Why are these  Basketball Cards So Worthy?

But the question is, what makes these cards so worth-buying and what are the reasons that they are sold at a very high price? Below, I have discussed some of these reasons. 

Celebrity Influence

It definitely can be said that the star has all the cost. The price of the card depends upon whose picture is engraved on it.

If you see, Michael Jordan is considered a basketball king, and if the card carries MJ image, it goes higher and higher every passing day. Hence the celebrity significantly influences the worth of the card. 

Card Strength

Then comes the condition of the card. The strength or the condition means what the material and color selection in the card is.

Some cards are made of a material that is very vulnerable and cannot go long-lasting. Besides, if you purchase a card and it gets wrinkled, torn, or curved from any corner, it would lose its value. 

Investors Demand

It happens to everything in the market; if a thing has more demand, the more expensive, it will become. If the investors have a high demand for a card, they are willing to purchase it at any cost.

Thus, if you carry a collection of cards with high demand in the market, it could be the right time for you to make money.

Ultimate Thoughts

The list of cards that I put forward in front of you carries a high price. Therefore, if you have collected these cards in your childhood as a competition with your friends, you have mistakenly made an excellent investment, which is now the time to get payback from them.

Now that you’ve got to know about these cards’ value rush to your collection now and see how much you can earn today.