How to Replace Basketball Backboard?

Basketball rims are usually very durable and long-lasting, no matter what you do with them, but its backboard is very fragile, and you can expect a crack on it anytime! Anytime.

However, if you have an excellent hoop but the backboard gets damaged, you definitely won’t want to change the entire basketball goal. Because they are pretty pricey, and who knows if you don’t get an idle one.

So, it is better to replace the backboard only so that you could correctly shoot into your favorite rim. Nevertheless, exploring the perfect replacement for your backboard is an effortless and swift process you can do yourself.

You don’t need to go to any sports shop and ask for an expensive replacement, yet you can easily replace it by staying home in an affordable manner. Hence, I am here to guide you through a step-by-step process of replacing it and making it new again.

Causes That May Damage Basketball Backboard

Before beginning our main topic, you must know some reasons which could damage your basketball backboard. 

  • There is a great possibility, if you shoot free throws in your basketball court, the ball hits the backboard with high speed and smashes its glass.
  • If you plan to accumulate or move your basketball rim from its backboard, it must be done very consciously because it can also cause backboard injury.
  • If you slam dunk the ball with high force, it can also shatter the backboard glass.
  • When you are installing the basketball hoop, it must be installed high up to 5.75 feet. Otherwise, a throw would directly hit the backboard instead of going into the basket.

Although these are some common reasons that can harm the basketball backboard, they are not necessary. Sometimes, there could be any other reasons you’d find a crack on the backboard. 

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Easy Steps to Replace Basketball Backboard

Below are five simple steps to replace your basketball backboard on your own. Thus, there are plenty of ways to replace it, but the following instructions, in my opinion, are the easiest and simplest to follow.

Before starting the process, you must identify the type of basketball hoop and its particular model. Then you would be able to determine precisely how and where to start.

Hence, to replace the basketball backboard, you need certain tools:

  • Backboard material
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Construction glues
  • Wrench
  • Power drill
  • Spackle knife
  • Drill bit
  • Wood screws

 Pro Tip: While replacing the basketball backboard, it is crucial to have at least one helper because the materials are quite heavy, and fixing it on your own can be pretty dangerous.

 Now, let’s start the replacing process.

Evaluate the Backboard Dimensions

First of all, place the whole basketball goal on the floor and keep it in the side direction. Since the setup is quite heavy, so take the help of further people to keep it on the ground.

Now measure the frame where it is attached using a measuring tape. Once you have taken the dimensions of its length and width, you must purchase the new backboard material of the same size.

However, if you’ve unfortunately mounted a bigger backboard, it would make the goal top substantial, which can easily fall and cause injury.

Prepare your Backboard Material

To prepare the backboard material, visit any local hardware shop and buy a high-quality acrylic (if you want a clear backboard) or plywood (if you wish to a wooden backboard) piece.

Whether you cut the piece of exact dimensions from the shop or cut it yourself after getting home depends upon you. Anyhow, choose the material which is ¼ or less thick; otherwise, it would become heavier.

Once you have precisely cut and shape the material, it’s time to have some fun. Paint the plywood piece to make it look captivating. You can choose any color of your choice.

However, if you want to make it cool, you can draw something or make It colorful. It depends upon your preferences; however, if you are more likely to install a clear material, at least paint its border to visualize the transparent backboard more obviously.

Detach Hoop and Old Material

Now it’s time to become a good mechanic! Remove the rim from its frame. It is effortless to detach the hoop. There are hardly four screws via which the hoop is attached. Use screwdrivers and wrenches to unbolt them and remove the rim.

  Pro Tip: Remove the rim very carefully that it doesn’t get damaged. Save the hoop and bolts for later to reattach them with the new backboard.

 Now using the same screwdrivers and wrench, remove the frame from the old backboard. However, some frames are attached with adhesives. Therefore, you can remove it using the spackle knife and scrape it from the edges.

Attach Hoop and Frame to New Backboard

Now to mount the rim to the new backboard, firstly, mark the points using a marker where you need to screw it. Now, right on the marks, drill four holes using a power drill. However, the holes should be the same size as the bolts to fix them correctly.

  Pro Tip: if you are drilling holes for the first time, practice it on the old board you removed before applying to the new one.

 Now, before fixing the hoop, you need to mount the frame. Spread the construction glue all over the backboard where the frame needs to be attached and place it on it before it dries off.

After placing the frame, fit the rim on the holes and screw it tightly that it does not move. Once everything is attached, let the adhesives dry and set everything in its place.

Fix the Goal and Have Fun!

Now that everything has been prepared, it’s time to find an ideal place to fix the basketball goal for perfect shots. Since the backboard is lying on the ground, thus takes two to three people’s help to make it stand and fit it in its place because the whole setup could be weighty. Anyhow, whatever place you decide, test the ground evenness to fix it firmly. 

  Pro Tip: You can check the stability by slightly pushing the goal from sides: it won’t move if the ground is even.

 Once you are satisfied with everything: the chosen place and the floor stability, start playing again and play wonderful shots.

Final Words

I hope my guidelines help you dynamically in replacing the old damaged backboard with the new one. Now you don’t need to spend a lot of money replacing the entire set up or getting it repaired from the shop.

All you need is a little equipment and everything’s new within a couple of hours. I wish you to do it professionally and enjoy shooting free throws and making outstanding moves.