Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids

Basketball shoes for kids come in many trendy looks having a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. We are going to discuss the top ten best basketball shoes for kids.

Basketball requires proper footwear, as the demands of each game are different. Basketball shoes have special designs and specific features that are prone to the demands of the player.

Properly designed footwear not only protects the body of an athlete, but it also elevates his game because of its unique design, excellent traction, ankle support, and comfort. All these factors are crucial to move, jump, and run around the basketball court.

When kids want to play basketball, it is crucial that the kids should be provided with the equipment important for their security and necessary for them to play.

To buy basketball shoes for a kid, it must be kept in mind that the shoes are made with synthetics leather or a mesh to provide the complete protection and flexibility to the feet of a kind.

The breathability of the shoe is also an important factor because the breathable shoe will not give bad odor and protects the feet from burns. Cushioning must be soft and bouncy for a kid basketball shoe.

Not only as game footwear, but these shoes can also be used as streetwear because of their adaptability and durability.

Best Basketball Shoes For Kids 2020 (Top Picks)

Nike Kd 8 Youth:

What we liked
  • These shoes are supportive of being lightweight.
  • These fit well from toes to heel.
  • They are comfortable to wear having a snug.
  • Ankle protection is also present.
  • Cushioning is comfortable and responsive.
What we didn't like
  • Online order will cause fitting issues if you are buying them for the first time.
  • Frequent water contact will damage the shape and fitting of the shoe.
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Nike is the global and most famous brand of basketball shoes in the whole world.

These shoes are suitable for the kids of 4-12 years. Having the trademark of Nike, the body of these shoes are made with the Phylon material that makes them lightweight and supportive.

Moreover, the cushioning is kept very comfortable and responsive. The cushioning is done with the famous Nike Flyweave technology. It absorbs the pressure subjected to the shoe and protects the child’s feet from the forceful impacts.

Jumping and running both results in extreme wear and tear and exhaust us so the support provided by these shoes is crucial in this respect.

KD 8 Youth are breathable. There is a nice flow of air inside the shoe that keeps the feet temperature in a normal range and does not irritate a child.

Even during heated plays, these shoes stay on due to their snug fit and respond excellently to sudden starts and stops during the play. This confidence results in better performance.

The rubber sole is specially made for the kids. The grip of these shoes is excellent and protects kids from getting slip. It prevents injuries of the kids.

Ankle protection is also present in these shoes and the ankle region holds the ankle of the kid in a comfortable position without irritating a kid.

Laces are good in this sense too, keep the feet in a specific position and never get loose during the daily activities of a child

The most important thing is that KD 8 Youth came with a dashing design and available in a variety of colors. It can, therefore, be used with normal dresses as well and will never disappoint the kid.



Adidas Neo Kids’ Cf Ilation:

What we liked
  • Neo foam cushioning is very comfortable.
  • Sole grips the surface well and avoid injuries.
  • A lightweight and breathable shoe. Can be used for longer period.
  • Easy to break in.
What we didn't like
  • They are available in scarlet, utility black, and core black colors only.
  • The height of these shoes may irritate some kids.
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For kids, these shoes are the complete protection and comfort package. The second-place holder Adidas Neo CF Ilation are the lightweight basketball shoes that support the kids.

They are made with the combination of synthetics leather and Neo Cloud Foam. Synthetic leather adds durability and attraction to the upper body.

Neo Foam makes them light in weight and protective. The cushioning is done with this signature foam that absorbs the stresses of the game or normal child activities and protects the feet from injuries.

Cushioning is made more comfortable with the inside textile lining. A mesh collar is provided in these shoes. It supports the mid-cut region of the shoe and sung fits the ankle of the kid.

The ankle is kept covered in mid-cut with the help of mesh collar. The mesh collar does not restrict the ankle movement of the kid, it just disallows the extra stretch of the ankle.

Like the men version of this shoe, the kid’s version also had mini holes on the top and sides of the shoes. These holes allow the air to enter inside the shoes with ease and keep the temperature in control.

Sole is made with fine quality rubber. It gives the required grip on any surface and does not collect the dust in its pattern. Sole protects the kids from slipping or rolling over during the game or kid’s activities.

The shape is good, but they are available in three colors only. The available colors may not attract the kid.



Under Armour Boys Pre School Jet:

What we liked
  • Attractive design with a wide range of colors.
  • Herringbone pattern on rubber sole provides the unmatched grip.
  • Laced up structure protects the ankle and keep the feet in a comfortable fit.
  • Anti-microbial top cloth reduces the risk of bad odor.
  • They are breathable and light in weight.
What we didn't like
  • The design is larger than the other shoes, may cause fitting complications.
  • Costly than Adidas and Nike.
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Welcome to the Under Armour. Third place in our best basketball shoes for a kid is achieved by Under Armour Boys Pre School Jet basketball shoe.

The shoe is made with the stylish touch of the combination of leather and mesh.  Leather is used in the toe region is responsible for the protection of the child if someone stepped on it accidentally.

Mesh is added to make the shoes breathable. It will allow the shoe to be used for hours without any irritation.

The rubber sole is a trademark from Under Armour. A herringbone pattern is used on the rubber sole. The rubber sole provides the strong adhesion to the surface after landing and during movements on the surface.

The landing is made safe because the grip of the shoe will never allow any slip or rollover motion of the kid and prevents the kid from the potential threat of injury.

Inside the shoe, EVA sockliner is used. It is very comfortable with supportive cushioning. Cushioning absorbs the game pressure by keeping the feet relaxed and comfortable.

Anti-microbial textile is also used in the inner covering of these shoes, prevents bad odor and germs attack on the feet of the kid. It is also useful because itching on the feet ran out of the equation.

The design is very attractive and available in a wide range of colors. The kid will definitely satisfy with the available colors apart from the eye-catching look of the shoes.

This pair of shoes are laced up to hold the feet of the kid with proper force and protects the ankle as well.



Adidas Originals Superstar Foundation:

What we liked
  • Easy to clean because of the rubber and leather body.
  • Velcro straps are there instead of laces.
  • They are very durable.
  • Herringbone pattern on the rubber sole grips the surface with sheer adhesion.
What we didn't like
  • They may feel heavy to the kid.
  • Ankle protection is not admirable.
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This is the second Adidas basketball shoe in the top four out of top ten. They are the most durable shoes on our entire list. They keep their shape for years, even after the rough use.

An interesting and out of the box feature in this basketball shoe is that it has no laces. Instead of giving laces, Adidas gives Velcro straps which holds the feet comfortable tight and the unlacing problem and injuries due to unlacing are not the issues with these shoes.

The body is made with the leather. It is easy to clean the body because of the presence of good quality leather.

The sole and bottom body of the shoe is made with the fine quality rubber. It is therefore easy to clean the leather and rubber body.

The rubber sole is aided with the famous herringbone pattern. Traction is therefore amazing and does not allow the kid on any surface.

Cushioning is also comfortable and shock poof. It may feel rigid, but it handles a lot of stress at its own and protect the feet from the shock.

Inside mesh lining absorbs the inner moisture and does not allow the bad odor to exist. They are durable and also available in different colors. They really look nice in the feet of the kid.



Nike Kids Team Hustle D 8:

What we liked
  • Perforated holes make them breathable and comfortable to attire for a long duration.
  • High cut protects the ankle.
  • Laced up construction holds the feet in a specific position.
  • Leather and synthetic material make them durable.
What we didn't like
  • They are a little heavier because of the sturdy rubber sole.
  • It is difficult to break in for the first few times.
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This product of Nike for kids is suitable for the 8-12 years old kids. Hustle D 8 are manufactured with the help of leather and synthetic material. This combo adds the durability and comfort to these shoes.

They are breathable. The same Adidas Neo Kid Ilation mini holes idea is used in these shoes to make them airy and keep the inside temperature in control.

Plush Phylon is used for cushioning of these shoes. It means that the cushioning is super comfortable and responsive. The feet of the kid will never get tired in this environment.

The sturdy rubber sole is present with plausible grip on almost all sort of the surfaces to avoid the chance of getting slipped. It is also efficient in providing responsiveness to the sudden cuts and movements of the kid during the game.

They are high cut shoes with soft mesh collar, provide complete protection to the ankle of the kid and is safe for jumping and landing.

Laces run to the top of the shoes, keep the feet in position with comfortable tightness. The style and shape of these shoes is great and available in different colors to choose from.



Nike Youth Lebron Xiii:

What we liked
  • Highly responsive and energy booster basketball shoes.
  • Hex zoom pods provide the bounce and energy to the player.
  • Ankle and heel protections are appreciable.
  • Flywire construction makes them breathable.
  • They don’t feel heavy on feet.
What we didn't like
  • Lebron XIII have a high price tag.
  • They are not much durable as compared to the price tag.
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Lebron series is a well-known basketball shoe series in the world. Youth Lebron XIII is a game-changer basketball shoe for the kids.

They are the most responsive shoes in our selection with extra 13mm thick zoom units in the heel to make them bouncy.

The zoom units in the entire sole are responsible to give the boost to the energy of the player and increase the vertical jump distance and speed of the player.

Breathability is kept excellent with the used of Flywire technology on the upper part of the shoe. It allows the maximum air to penetrate inside the shoe and comfort the feet in a suitable temperature.

Heel region has hexagonal independently moving zoom pods to absorb the shocks and protect the heel of the kid from injuries and reactive responses of the forces.

Cushioning is also plausible. It is soft and supportive. The cushioning in Lebron XIII is done in such a way that it distributes the pressure of the shocks evenly to the feet.

Transparent rubber sole with high-quality grip ability is present in these shoes. Transparent sole is used because of the added attraction to this design.

Lockdown support is provided with the help of non-symmetrical laced up feature and a high top. They hold the feet tight and protects the ankle of the kid as well.

The style is unique and eye-catching in all aspects. They are also available in various color spectrums.



Under Armour Grade School Jet:

What we liked
  • EVA Sockliner gives comfort to the feet.
  • They are anti-odor shoes.
  • Perforations are responsible for appreciable breathability.
  • They are very responsive and bouncy.
What we didn't like
  • The rear portion may destroy due to rough use.
  • Ankle region may feel confined in the mid-cut.
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This is a very colorful and fashionable shoe. It can easily be attired with the regular dresses and can be used easily on any surface.

Kids feel very comfortable with these shoes in the feet because of the supreme cushioning. Cushioning is very comfortable and responsible to distribute the stress of the surface to the whole sole.

The high-quality rubber sole is there with the herringbone pattern on it. The grip of the sole is superlative and allows the kid to use these shoes on any surface anywhere.

Heel region is bouncy and protective. The heel does not feel any pressure of the surface because the extra protection in heel absorbs those compressional forces.

EVA sockliner and EVA midsole provide the proper support to the feet and eradicate the risk of bad odor.

All-round Perforations are there to allow the air enters inside the shoe and keep the temperature within the controlled limits of comfort.

They are lightweight and made with the help of engineered material. This adds strength to the upper body and allows the kid to move with freedom all over the court.



Adidas Unisex Pro Spark:

What we liked
  • They are suitable for wide feet kids.
  • Stability of these basketball shoes is excellent.
  • Unisex Pro Spark is durable and lasts for years.
  • Rubber outsole grips the surface well and can be used in any playing conditions.
What we didn't like
  • Fitting will be going to tease the buyer because of wide sole and compact laces.
  • Breathability is there, but they are not recommended to wear for hours.
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Adidas Unisex Pro Spark is the third shoe of Adidas that breaks in the top 10. This is the most stable shoe in our selection because it has a wide sole.

The wide sole is made with the rubber and it is the result of the quality of rubber that the sole adheres the surface remarkably well. There is no worry to play on the dusty places because the grip is good on all surfaces.

Cushioning is done with the help of cloudfoam. The cushioning is supportive and delicate with the reinforced stitching that adds the durability of the shoe.

They are very durable and lasts for years. You can also pass these shoes to the younger kids after the elder kid feet grow big for the purchased size of Unisex pro.

Mesh is used on the toe region and allows the air to enter in the shoes. Extra soft padding is done on the heel and ankle region to protect them.

Laces are not large and may not grip the feet well. These shoes are available in different colors. The shape is up to the mark with the modern-day demands of the kids.

They are light in weight and helps in jumping and quick landings. The feet have extra space to adjust in the shoe and are perfect for the kids having wide feet.



Under Armour Kids Gs Curry 3:

What we liked
  • Herringbone pattern on the sole is responsible for good traction.
  • Threadborne makes them durable and breathable.
  • They are very stylish and colorful.
  • Enhanced performance is guaranteed with supportive cushioning and bouncy heel.
What we didn't like
  • The slim shape is inviting the size issue. It is recommendable to order a size up than the normal feet size of the kid.
  • They are heavy on pocket.
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Its all squared up now. The last will going to be interesting. For now, Under Armour Curry 3 for kids grabs the ninth place. This is the third UA product on the list and a good one for the kids.

Inspired by Stephan Curry, these shoes are designed in such a way that they provide complete support to the kids in sharp cuts and speedy movements. They enhance the performance of the kid.

They are made with the help of Threadborne mesh, a trademark of UA thread technology. This makes the shoe durable and breathable.

Airflow is very good and does not allow the inside temperature to hurt the feet. The cushioning is also very supportive. Cushioning of these shoes is done to absorb the energy of the kid and reply back with the boosted energy to enhance the performance.

The heel is bouncy, it means that the heel will not let the shocks reach to the heel of the kid, preventing the heel from damage.

Laces are also made with special care and do not exert pressure on the feet and place the feet in a comfortable snug fit.

The herringbone pattern sole is made with high-grade rubber. They are versatile shoes and can be used to play basketball on any surface or to use them beneath the home dress.

The slim design is attractive and available in a wide range of colors.



Nike Air Max Stutter:

What we liked
  • Full leather construction makes these shoes durable.
  • This is an economical basketball shoe that is in line with the purpose of its construction.
  • Natural feet movements are not restricted.
What we didn't like
  • They are heavy and not liked by kids of the age of 7 or below.
  • Breathability is not up to the mark because of the full leather body.
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This the economical pick that fulfilled the purpose. The traction is amazing with the use of multi-dimensional herringbone pattern on the sole of the shoe.

Traction is the main thing required to give stability to the feet and prevents the kids from injuries.

The body is made with the leather material. Leather is a durable material and its durability increases the life span of these shoes.

Feet movements are enhanced with the use of Phylon in the construction of this product from the Adidas. Cushioning is also good, and the main thing is that it is supportive and responsive.

There is no question mark on the shape and look of the shoe and it is also available in the fair range of color combinations.

High cut with the laced-up construction gives support to the ankle of the kid and keep the feet in a specific place without limiting the movements of the kid.




Nike KD 8 is the top pick for the best basketball shoes for kids in our selection. The shoe is breathable, protective to feet, comfortable and responsive.

It is the best shoe for a kid if you want to enhance the performance of your kid with protection to the feet.

Factors like breathability, cushioning, traction and heel plus ankle protection are the parameters of the judgment of these shoes. Any shoe mentioned in the list is there for a purpose and is the best basketball shoe for the kids.

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