Best Mouthguard for Basketball Players

While we always look for exciting matches, it is crucial to ensure that players are safe during their respective games.

Being injured is sometimes unavoidable in sports. Even then, it is necessary to minimize the damage. For this reason, different products are used for the safety of athletes.

Basketball Mouthguards are specially designed to reduce the extent of the injury. They help in maintaining a healthy cushion. A typical basketball mouthguard is a device that fits in the mouth, giving ultimate protection to teeth, lips, and jaws.

Below are the descriptions of basketball mouthguards, which will help you choose the right one before you hit the court.

Best Mouthguard for Basketball [Top Picks]

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard


  • Medically and chemically tested
  • Available in a wide range of colors 
  • Customized coloring available
  • Flavored and non-flavored product is offered 
  • Strapped and strapless designs 
  • Breathable 
  • The size range accommodates both youth and adults. 

Shock Doctor has always maintained the standard and has given high-quality products when it comes to the safety and comfortability of athletes.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Basketball MouthGuard has hit the market with added features. This particular product, with its added features, further facilitates the athletes in the field. It can be customized and molded according to the athlete’s dental structure.

This basketball mouthguard is available in numerous colors, and these colors can be personalized as per the demand of the sportsman. Furthermore, the company offers both strapless and strapped designs.

In addition to that, this product is both flavored and non-flavored. The material used in the production is chemically tested to ensure the safety of athletes. The triple-layered protective covering in this product is a perfect shock absorber.

Designed with detailing, this device can bear solid impacts. It comes in different size ranges, thus giving ample variety to both youth and adults. Lastly, this product is also medically tested for allergens and gluten.

What we liked

  • Provides triple-layered protection
  • The colors of the product can be customized.
  • It can be molded as per the requirement.
  • Available in a strapped and strapless design
  • It can be in flavored and non-flavored
  • Tested for latex, BPA, and allergens

What We didn’t like

  • It’s not appropriate for people with braces.
  • The size range does not accommodate kids 
  • It does not come along with a casing
  • It loses its flavor, once it is boiled 
  • The flavor is not refillable 
  • Expensive 


Making it a commendable choice for most athletes, this basketball mouthguard brings in a wide range of colors, customized color variety, and flavored and non-flavored basketball mouthguards, which is an added feature.

But, what makes it a bit complicated is that the basketball mouthguard’s flavor goes away with boiling, and it is not refillable. Apart from that, it is expensive and does not accommodate kids and sportsmen with braces.

Overall, keep in mind that this basketball mouthguard is also tested both medically and chemically, so it is harmless when in contact with skin.

Fear Spirit Sports Mouthguard


  • Dual incrusted 
  • Gel-layered
  • Breathable and comfortable to go along with while communicating 
  • BPA, PVC, and Latex-free 
  • Casing provided 

Designed with care and concern, Fear Spirit Sports Mouth Guard is made while keeping into consideration all essentials of contact sports.

This particular basketball mouthguard is available in different sizes and facilitates all age groups, i.e., kids, youth, and adults. Small value additions in the mouthguard help minimize the impact of rough encounters during sports.

This device can be molded according to the athlete’s dental structure. This product is dual-layered, and this gel-coated layering helps in minimizing the impact during encounters.

This basketball mouthguard gives relief to the athlete, as he can talk without removing the mouthguard. The material used in the production of this mouth guard does not hinder the breathing of an athlete.

It is breathable and non-toxic. The product is made only with a strapless design. In addition to that, it is available in different colors. Fear Spirit basketball mouthguard medically tested for allergens and gluten.

Apart from that, it comes along with a free casing so that the device remains protected. Finally, this product is chemically tested, making sure that it is latex, BPA, and PVC-free.

What we liked

  • It is available for all age groups, including kids 
  • It is BPA, PVC, and latex-free
  • Breathable 
  • Available in a wide range of colors 
  • Free casing 

What We didn’t like

  • Non-flavored 
  • Strapless
  • Less shock-absorbing potential – dual-layered 
  • Easily chewable


Fear Spirit Mouth Guard, though not ideal for your next big win, sure is a comfortable companion, saving your teeth and dental structure from sudden crashes. Though it is trialed and tested, the limited specifications do not make it a top priority.

Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard 


  • Available in both strapless and strapped designs
  • Multi-layered 
  • Can be molded 
  • Forward-facing, shock-absorbing bumper
  • Accommodates braces 
  • Caters youth and adults 
  • Allergen and gluten-free
  • Not listed traces of BPA and Latex 

With its vast collection of available basketball mouthguards, Shock Doctor comes up with a range of different features.

Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard has certain specific features, making it ideal for any contact sport. It is available in both strapless and strapped designs. Moreover, it can be molded as per the dental structure of the athlete.

The shock-absorbing quality is good enough to retain any massive impact, in case of any sudden encounter or injury. The material used in the making of this product is breathable and safe.

Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard is specially designed to accommodate athletes who use braces. Above all, it has a multi-layered construction, which makes it long-lasting and comfortable for use.

It is available in different size ranges but is limited when it comes to various colors and customization. It is medically tested for allergens like gluten and is BPA and Latex-free.

What we liked

  • It is best for athletes who use braces
  • Comes in both strapless and strapped designs 
  • Has multi-layered protection 
  • Can be molded- boil and bite fit 

What We didn’t like

  • Single mouthpiece either for top or bottom teeth
  • Doesn’t come with a casing/ protective cover 
  • The size range does not accommodate kids.
  • No color range. Pro mouthguard is only available in black color


Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard is an absolute choice for athletes. With its definite features and multi-layered, moldable structure, best suited for people with braces, this product has been tested and retains its position, making it an absolute mouthguard, keeping both youth and adults in consideration.

Things to Consider while Choosing the Best Basketball Mouthguard

Shock Doctor Pro Mouth GuardShock Doctor Gel Max Mouth GuardFear Spirit Sports Mouth Guard
Chemically Tested ForLatex ,BPA, GlutenLatex ,BPA, GlutenLatex, BPA, PVC, gluten
Size RangeAccommodated all except for kidsAccommodated all except for kidsAccommodates kid size
LayersMultilayeredThree layeredDual layered
CasingNot providedNot providedProvided
StrapProvided if requiredProvided if requiredNot provided
ColorBlackVarious colors availableVarious colors available
Suitable For BracesYesNoNo

When it comes to choosing the right fit for your next contact sport, most of the time, athletes face difficulties in finding the perfect mouthguard for them. Numerous aspects are to be considered while choosing the mouth guard.

This section will surely help you look for the necessary features in a mouth guard, helping you pick the right one, before having that hard-hitting encounter.   

Comfort and Ease: 

The first aspect to consider while choosing a basketball mouthguardbe it of any company or design, should be its comfortable and well-fitted product design as per the dental structure. All other features can be sidelined if the mouth guard is not comfortable for the particular dental structure. 

Shock Absorbent: 

After selecting a comfortable basketball mouthguard, the thing that should be given maximum priority is protection. The only purpose of a mouth guard is its shock-absorbing nature. 

An ideal mouthguard should have a strong bumper. It should be able to bear falls, hits, and encounters while making sure that teeth are protected no matter how rough the situations are


After scaling the mouthguard for the first two features, the prominent aspect to look for is its product design, which enables the basketball mouthguard to be finely breathable during active sports.

As athletes have to run and maintain their breathing pace, this is one of the essential features of picking the right basketball mouthguard. 


While all features have their place and value, any manufactured article’s durability is an essential point to consider while short-listing the product. In the case of basketball mouthguards, their primary purpose is to minimize the impact and save the person from injury.

If the mouthguard is not durable and deforms, not serving its purpose, it surely wastes the amount of money being spent on that, on the contrary, a durable basketball mouthguard is worth spending money on and facing the crowd. 

Trialed and Tested

All necessary characteristics are taken into concern; it is crucial to look for the mouth guard, which is tested both medically and chemically. A medically tested basketball mouthguard should be gluten and allergen-free, while a chemically tested basketball mouthguard should be PVC, BPA, and Latex-free. 

Sports Specific: 

Where mouth guard is thought to be an absolute teeth savior during rigid contact sports, it is crucial to make sure that the mouth guard you are looking for is the right fit for that particular sport.

Most of the time, specific criteria are given to the athletes. As per the sports requirement, you have to choose their basketball mouthguard.

For example, does your sport require both the bottom and top mouth guard, are you wearing it with a shield or cage? Is your face overall exposed, or do you have a face covering?

These are some of the questions, which you should ask yourself before finalizing the right basketball mouthguard.

Strap or strapless that is the question: 

When your coaches or match managers decide what kind of basketball mouthguards you should be wearing while entering the ground or the ring, it is essential to know that strapped mouthguards are safer and more secure as they can be attached to face cover and are not easily misplaced.

While some athletes find it problematic to keep up with strapped basketball mouthguards because of the tether, which is irritable at times, they prefer strapless mouthguards. Though it is strapless and looks hassle-free, it is more prone to be misplaced, leaving you in trouble before your game begins. 

Brace yourself: 

Finally, if you are a sportsman, apart from protecting his teeth, he needs ultimate protection for his braces and look out for the company’s product, which caters to athletes with braces.

Generally, sportsmen consider that it is natural for a mouth guard to accommodate all types of teeth structures; for all those, it is necessary to understand that not all basketball mouthguards are fit for braces. Some companies are designing the product while specifically keeping braces in mind watch out. 

Final Words

All these listed basketball mouthguards are safe and shock-absorbing. With a wide range available in the market, sometimes it gets challenging to choose the right mouthguard.

This article has tried to list down the features, pros, and cons of each mouthguard. By doing so, it makes it easier for the customer to choose the best mouthguard. 

Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard has all the essential features. It is breathable and both chemically and medically tested. Athletes with braces can safely use this product. It is available in both strapless and strapped designs.

It has a multi-layered protection and molding ability. As per our research, this product is by far the most suited available mouthguard.

Apart from the minor issues, i.e., the least available colors and sizes for kids, this product is the least expensive and will serve you best in the ground. 

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard is also a trusted companion on the ground. This mouthguard has certain unique features, but some of them are not long-lasting. 

Fear Spirit Sports Mouth Guard becomes the least favorite when choosing among the mouth guards because it lacks some basic features. Now, pour in your money wisely and make sure you buy what you are precisely looking for before you hit the court.