What Position Did Michael Jordan Play?

Michael Jordan is one of the most admirable and striking basketball champions of his age. He has successfully played 15 seasons of Washington Wizards and Chicago Bull, and now he is a retired NBA professional player.

Though many of his followers know that he mostly played as a shooting guard, he often switched his positions. So, what positions did Michael Jordan used to play?

Besides Michael Jordan being prevalent for his unparalleled positions on the basketball court, he has also given some instrumental lessons regarding this sport through his videos. Being a hardcore fan of Michael Jordan, you must know all of his positions he used to play during his career. 

Therefore, based on enormous research, the article would explore his famous basketball positions. Moreover, I would give some useful basketball tips to develop your game.

Top Positions Michael Jordan Played

Shooting Guard

Shooting Guard is the most common position Jordan used to play. Before discussing this position with respect to Michael Jordan, you must know what does this position does. The shooting guard’s major aim is to make the score for the team and snatch the ball on defense.

However, this position is considered the quickest and most volatile position in the court, so Jordan performed. He was one of his generation’s best athletic players who kept shooting guard his common position all across his career.

Michael Jordan was flawless in his shooting guard position, and it is obvious why he was best in this position. The reason was he brilliantly used to follow the ground rules, hold outstanding playing skills, admirable strength, and endless desire to score higher and higher.

Anyhow, many worldwide basketball players find the shooting guard and small forward positions quite challenging to play and handle, which Michael Jordan played like a piece of cake.

Pro Tip: Once Michael Jordan shared a useful tip in which he said, “Practice as much as possible and make shooting techniques your habit of playing them without thinking.”

Point Guard

Another position many spectators watched him playing is the Point Guard. Although some of his most dedicated fans must have been watching Jordan playing in this position, many people are still unaware of this position.

For clear cut understanding, first, know what the main objective of the point guard is. The point guard’s fundamental purpose is to get the ball to the right team player who is expected to score higher.

In this position, the player has to defend his ball, and all team members set their position and get ready to receive the ball.

Since Jordan was blessed with great physical fitness and considered the sharpest and most strategic-minded player on the court, he led this position and always expected to score higher and get his team to great accomplishment.

Being the tallest player in his team and holding the monstrous rapidity, Jordan has successfully made one of the most remarkable in his career history. Anyhow, you may not recognize Michael Jordan as the point guard, but he must be a great one in the basketball sport. 

Small Forward

In his Washington Wizards basketball match in the 2001-2003 season, Michael Jordan played in the Small Forward position and led the game. However, the small forward position always requires a versatile player to be kept in front.

The player should not be ordinary but the one who is used to drive and shoot the ball exceptionally. Thus, this player is used as a defense bouncer and considered an all-rounder player who scores for his entire team.

Michael Jordan was renowned for his shooting guard position in his previous tournaments. Still, when he retired from Chicago Bulls after the 1997-1998 season, he planned to change his position in the Washington Wizards game and adopted a small forward position.

He did not play as a shooting guard at that time because he was too old to be explosive; that was the reason he played in a mid-range position. Being a small forward player, he impressed everyone on the court for being an aged star that again stepped into basketball after a long break.

Pros Tip: The point guard position must include rapidness, ball handling, excellent communication skills, and self-control to lead the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the most frequent position Michael Jordan used to play?

The main position Michel Jordan used to play was Shooting Guard. He was a guard in a high school named Emsley A. Laney High School. Hence when he started playing basketball, he made shooting guard his signature position and became one of the greatest shooting guards globally.

Who is the top shooting guard of all time?

Amongst the top-50 best shooting guards, Michael Jordan holds the number one rank. However, Kobe Bryant, Jerry West, and Dwayne Wade are also famous as the best shooting guards in different basketball seasons.

How many seasons has Michael Jordan played in all his career?

He played 15 basketball seasons in total, which included 1,072 regular seasons. Amongst 15 seasons, he set the record in winning six championships with Chicago Bulls and became popular in the 1980s worldwide. 


Now that you’ve got to know that legend Michael Jordan was a multi-position player who adopted several positions in his different basketball tournaments. Indeed, he was blessed with great height, a sharp mind, and excellent athleticism, making him reach his career peaks.

No particular position restriction bound him. Instead, he tried to play every basketball position except for the power forward and center position but remained successful in stealing his fans’ hearts.

Nevertheless, each position needs its skills and physical qualities by identifying your opponent’s next move and understanding which position is required according to the situation.

However, if Jordan would play in all other positions as well, for sure, he would be successful in leading the game and taking our breath away.