How to Play Basketball Overseas?

Basketball has evolved globally over some years. Many rules have been eradicated, and many principles have been added. However, one thing which is never easy is to become an expert in everything in basketball.

Every day you learn a new thing from this sport, so one cannot claim that he knows everything about basketball. Basketball Overseas is one of the basketball plays which a single phrase cannot define.

Nevertheless, if you know five professional basketball overseas players and ask them the literal definition of basketball overseas from them, you would get five different answers.

This is because there is no single concept of this game, all it depends on one’s experience. In today’s article, we would analyze what is basketball overseas and how to play it.

Basketball Overseas

Basketball overseas is another form of professional basketball sport: team, salaries, lodgings, food, traveling, proper timetable, team supervisors such as presidents and board of directors, etc.

However, this basketball overseas is not played in National Basketball Association. Instead, you may see this game being played in other leagues such as Liga ACB, Euroleague, and Basketball Super League. Basketball overseas is only played in European leagues.

Anyhow, I won’t go deeper into these leagues, because our main topic is to guide you on some steps about how you can play basketball overseas. So, let’s move towards or stepwise guidelines to become proficient in this game.

How to Play Basketball Overseas?

Since you’ve got to know about the basic concept of basketball overseas, now it’s time to discuss some steps to play overseas basketball.

However, before moving on, I would clear that you need great connections and loads of investment to make it. Anyhow, below are tips phases to become proficient in basketball overseas.

Record Highlight Videos

A highlight video is a fundamental yet essential step in understanding overseas basketball. The highlight videos help players record their best moves and merge them in one place.

The concept of highlight videos emerged for high-school basketball players who anticipated to take one step ahead and enter at the college level.

However, for this, they started recording videos of their best moves and sending them to college coaches. It avoids many players wasting their time waiting for their enrollment and gives them a reasonable chance of underlining their skills.

It similarly goes for overseas basketball, either. The player who wants to be nominated in basketball overseas makes a highlight video of his special moves and sends it to the scout. It is an excellent chance for them to be called for the audition.

Discover Basketball Scouts or Academies

Suppose you do not want to make your highlight video due to any reason. Another way is to find a scout yourself. Well, it may seem not easy. Yes, it is! But you have to work hard to depict yourself to the world.

The best way to explore the basketball agent or scout is to join basketball academies or camps. Scouts usually visit several camps and academies to find new talent. Once you join such camps, there is a great chance you’ll find one over there.

The coaches visit these camps because it is the best place to watch the player’s talent in a short amount of time. They monitor your execution and select according to their requirements.

Nevertheless, once they have chosen you from these academies, the responsibility of accommodation arrangements, team supervision, and other mandatory activities would be on the scout.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to invest with closed eyes if you devotedly want to play basketball overseas. Taking admissions in basketball academies and camps costs excellent money. But what if you get selected from there: you would forget all your investments.


Another way to play basketball overseas is to use your networks. Suppose you know someone from school or college basketball who could help you reach over there. Well, networks not only help you in basketball but in every field.

However, these associates could include other professional basketball players, your school training coaches, or someone who has further links with basketball scouts.

It just works as a recommendation. For instance, if you play great in this sport, your coach can contact an overseas scout to appoint an audition for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is basketball overseas season? 

The overseas basketball season usually goes no longer than seven to nine months, including its regular and off-seasons. However, the time of an overseas season varies in different leagues.

Can NBA players play Basketball Overseas?

Yes! Many top-notch NBA players were also seen playing basketball overseas. Some of these NBA players include Luka Doncic, Pau Gasol, Eric Moreland, Antonio Blakeney, and Angel Delgado. Not only this, there are many more players who are headed overseas.

How much can I earn through basketball overseas?

An overseas player can be benefited drastically. An average basketball overseas player can earn probably $1500 per month. However, if you become a first division player, you probably make more than $20,000 per month.

Can I play basketball overseas without going to college?

Of course! You can still play basketball overseas if you have not played college basketball. There are many scouts who only look for high skills to take their game to the next level.

Final Verdict

Overseas basketball is not as much admired and popular as that of the NBA league, and there are very few professional basketball players who chose to play basketball overseas.

Although there are money, reputation, and skills involved in this play, the players’ only dream is to play in the NBA league.

Besides, it is an excellent platform for many undergraduate basketball players to represent their proficiencies in this sport. All you need is some strategies to reach the scout.

If you want to play basketball overseas, you can adopt the above-discussed tips to develop your chance. Invest in money, use your talent, and enhance your game, and nothing can stop you from becoming a professional basketball overseas player.