What is a Double-Double in Basketball?

Basketball is a popular yet complicated sport that has been ruling the western world for decades. The NBA is a platform that allows talented players to showcase their skills at the national level. However, there are many terms that fans generally have trouble interpreting.

The scoring terminologies are foreign for all those newbies who have just started following basketball. One such term is double-double. The word double-double is used exhaustively for legends and other valuable players.

What is a double-double? How is it so rare? What do we need to know about it? All these questions are answered in this article.

What is a double-double?

Double-double refers to a scoring stat in which a player scores double digits in two different categories. The first double means two, while the second double refers to achieving a double-digit.

Double-double means that a basketballer has scored a double-figure in two of the five defined criteria. These criteria are points, rebounds, blocks, assists, and steals. This stat is tailor-made for any player who is a jack of all trades.

Who holds the records regarding double-doubles?

Wilt Chamberlain is a god when it comes to scoring double-doubles in competitive basketball. He has 227 consecutive double-doubles.

The second and third-longest streak also belong to Chamberlain with 220 and 133 double-doubles, respectively. All these numbers were scored before the NBA merger. Kevin Love has the longest double-double streak of 53 consecutive games in the post-merger era.

What do you need to score a double-double?

After knowing what a double-double is, we expect you to ask how to achieve this feat with ease. It is hard to score a double-double but focusing on the basics can help your cause. These are the topmost aspects that you need to focus on.


Those times are gone when basketball players were specialists in only one aspect of their game. With time, the game has developed. Players have started focusing on a variety of roles.

If you are good at scoring points, ensure that you know how to steal or block the ball. A double-double will require mastering more than one skill.

Playing time

It would help if you got enough time to score a double in two different stats categories. A player who is playing half the game or warming the bench will find it hard to achieve this milestone. Make sure that your coach trusts you or impresses him during the training session.

Synergies and IQ

Remember one simple rule, 2+2=5. The more you play with your teammates, the better your coordination. A player with good coordination on the court will undoubtedly get more chances.

Furthermore, good basketball knowledge is also compulsory as you have to know the instance when you need to score a certain point.

Hard work

Last but not least, hard work is the most essential thing that you should consider. It is the first condition to achieving anything in life, whether it is a double-double or any other stat. Do your practice every day. Your sweat and tiredness will earn you the record of your choice.

Learn and adapt

The game is changing every single day. Technology is improving, and the same is the case with player skills. To get the most out of your basketball game, you have to learn what the opponents are up to and then adapt accordingly when it comes to implementing these findings. Work on the weakness of the opponents to score more points.

Is achieving double-double necessary?

In the modern era, coaches want utility players in their team. You have to master all the aspects of a basketball game to become a premium basketballer.

Scoring frequent double-doubles will attract more attention towards you, especially when it comes to availing yourself of more chances in the future.

This stat might look like a standard set of numbers, but you should keep in mind that more eyes mean more opportunities and that in turn means that you will be able to capitalize on the chances better.

Is there a better stat than double-double?

The more double digits you have in each category, the better the stat you achieve. Triple double, quadruple-double, and quintuple double are the best that you can achieve with a basketball in your hand.

The higher you go, the rarer it would get. The quintuple-doubles are so rare that only a girls’ high school basketball championship has achieved it.

What is the difference between a double-double and a five-five?

A five-five is more common than the doubles. You have to score five points, rebounds, blocks, assists, and steals in a single game. Five-five is more practical as you have ample time to achieve these numbers.

It might seem less important than other stats, such as double-double and triple-double; however, it brings more versatility to your gameplay.