Top Rated Basketball Shooting Machines

Are you a basketball freak or an athlete who wants to get better at the game?

If your answer is a yes then we have a perfect solution to satisfy your hunger for the game.

A basketballer, either by hobby or by profession, sometimes needs to practice alone while some single children have no other option than to find new ways to improve their game.

The technology-based companies understood this need of the hour and started investing their funds in the production of machines that will make a lonely basketball practice session productive and enjoyable.

There are several basketball shooting machines available in the market to assist players in training their muscles effectively. Throwing a ball at the loop and adjusting the rebound has never been so convenient in the past.

The basketball shooting guns are definitely a basic accessory for players and professionals. Considering your need and the presence of a different variety of basketball ball return machines, we have compiled some products that you should consider purchasing.

Top Rated Basketball Shooting Machines

ProductReturn RateNetPortabilityAdjustmentsElectricLoopWarranty
iC3OrdinaryYesYes180 degreeNoYesNo
BallbackGoodNoNo90 degreeNoYesNo
SIBOASIBrilliantYesYes180 degreeYesNoLifetime

iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer


  • 16 shots per minute.
  • Ability to shoot at a 45-degree arc.
  • 180-degree adjustable ramp.
  • Easy setup.
  • Wide net to catch wayward shots.

The iC3 is considered one of the least frustrating practicing machines for basketballers. The net is wide to catch almost all the shots fired by the user (whether accurate or wayward). The net is made up of high-quality fiber which is difficult to tear.

The players can develop their muscle memory by simply throwing the ball at a better arc angle approximately 16 times in a minute. Furthermore, the 180 degrees adjustable ramp is more than just convenient for an accurate and specific return back to the player.

The assembly is another feature to talk about. You can set up the machine on the pole-supported loops, present both outdoors as well as indoors. It requires a proper resting position on the rim to start functioning. The dismounting is as simple as the initial setup.

Moreover, the overall built and quality of the shooting machine is weather resistant and durable. This feature makes it the foremost choice for all the players who play outside. The portability is not an issue because the unit is compact and light to carry away with you.

With all these features that we have discussed, you can easily throw the ball 300% more with ease, satisfaction, and style.

What we liked

  • The unit is easy to set up (requires a simple loop resing installation).
  • Light and compact enough to take away with yourself.
  • Better net designed to shoot at an improved arc.
  • Wide net to capture miss fired shot.

What We didn’t like

  • The ball usually gets stuck inside the machine.
  • The fitting loosens after repeated usage.

Final verdict:

This basketball throwing machine contains a net to catch the wayward shots and you will surely like it due to the better rate of return. We will recommend the iC3 if your budget is limited then you should give this a try. You will give this machine a 5 star.

Ballback Pro Basketball Return System


  • Returns the ball at a 90-degree angle.
  • Brilliant for 3-point and free throw practice.
  • Breakaway feature.

The latest Ballback Pro might seem like an orthodox filament of plastics that would not do something extraordinary but that is not the case. A simple and compatible ball-returning machine that can be installed on almost any kind of loop for both team or individual practice.

The users can shoot from all parts of the court, whether it be a free throw or a 3-pointer. This shooting machine smartly deviates the looped ball back to the thrower at a 90-degree angle.

The installation is pretty simple, as there is no great skill required to attach the unit to the loop. Furthermore, there is a breakaway feature that makes it compatible with all kinds of loops and polls. The repetition is impressively fast as well. Whether a rookie player or a high school basketballer, this basketball directing machine is suitable for all kinds of use.

It ticks all the boxes but you would find certain features lacking in it. There is no net available in the package and the system is definitely not easy to take away from one place to another.

What we liked

  • The compatibility is not an issue, as it fits in almost all the loops.
  • Great real-time repetition time.
  • An excellent machine for free throws and 3-pointers.
  • Quick and easy installation.

What We didn’t like

  • The machine is unable to gather inaccurate throws because there is no net attached.
  • Portability is often an issue due to the rigid structure and considerable size.

Final verdict:

Surely not a 5 star but a very budget-friendly product for users. A simple build with an easy setup makes this machine worth trying. The return is not as accurate as of the other products but the price is also lower than other similar machines.

SIBOASI K1800 Shot Trainer


  • 180-degree rotation.
  • Net and wheel available.
  • Single return in 2-6 seconds.
  • Independent of loop and pole.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Easy setup for rookies.
  • Compatible with size 6-7 basketballs.

If you do not have a basketball court at your home or at school then we have brought you the best solution to make your practice session enjoyable and effortless. The new and upgraded SIBOASI is a beast that captures throws from almost all the locations including 3-pointer, 2-pointer, and fixed positions, etc.

The speed with which the ball is rebounded back to you provides you with the opportunity to repeat 3 times more than usual. Furthermore, the nets are light and compact enough to carry the system easily. You would find wheels at the bottom to move your machine at customized locations during the training.

The manufacturing company assures that the buyers do not bear any loss at purchase, so they provide a lifetime warranty on all the parts. The research team has put a lot of effort into making the training and muscle memory development efficient for all sorts of users.

As for the frequency of bounce back, the machine returns a single ball in approximately 2 to 6 seconds (depending on your throw). This makes the total number of returns about 10-30 in a single minute.

What we liked

  • Compact and lightweight for easy carriage and portability.
  • Splendid rate of return to improve the training efficiency.
  • Compatible with almost all kinds of throws.
  • Does not need a loop to function.

What We didn’t like

  • The system renders the basketball pole and loop useless, as it does not sit on it.
  • Cannot use it during the rainy day because the wet ball gets stuck inside the machine.

Final verdict:

SIBOASI is the most upgraded machine on our list. Though the price is high, you will find the features more relaxing and fun to use. If the budget is not a problem for you then this is your best bet to invest your funds.

Why Do We Recommend These Basketball Shooting Machines?

There are some features which make them the best machines to spend your money on.

Easy to use:

The above-mentioned machines are convenient to use. The setup and operation do not take as much time as the other similar machines.

Shooting time:

The repetition and rebound are extraordinary, as compared to the manual rebounds where you keep a ball picker to throw the ball back into the court.

Catches the wayward ball:

The nets are useful to capture the worst of your throws with ease, so you do not need to hit the target every time.


You can take these machines anywhere. Whether you practice at school, home, or park; these machines will make help you out everywhere.


You will get accurate returns back to the place from where you have thrown the ball or a specific place where you have set the machine to throw the ball.

How To Choose A Good Basketball Shooting Machine For Practice?

While you would find hundreds of products in the market to fulfill your needs, there are only a few machines that would tick almost all the boxes with ease. The various factors that you need to consider are:

The accuracy of return:

This factor is definitely the first one to consider when purchasing a basketball shooting machine. You will practice alone most of the time, so you need to make sure that your basketball passing machine is accurate enough to pass the ball at the desired position.

There are simple sliding machines that will simply guide the ball to the basic throwing positions after the ball passes through the loop. On the other hand, you will find high-quality and convenient basketball return machines that return the ball to the most accurate of places.

The rate of passing:

The variety of machines available in the market contains several passing speeds. There are machines that take more time to return the ball when it is collected while the other better-quality shooting machines do not hold the basketball for long. The release is prompt and accurate.

The repetition:

You must have heard stories about athletes who tend to practice a lot during a lonely time. The tricks that they perform during live matches are practiced time and time again.

A piece of simple advice is to buy a machine that allows you to frequently repeat the moves in a single minute. The more shots you are able to take, the better you will get over the period of time.

Catching the wayward throws:

While practicing, it is impossible to throw a perfect shot at the loop every time. We will recommend you purchase a shooting machine that contains a net or other similar mechanism to catch inaccurate shots.


If your usage is such that the machine will be used in several locations like home, school, or playground then you should invest your money in machines that are lightweight and compatible.


The basketball returning machines are loyal companions for passionate players and professionals. These machines provide a great variety of features to the users. You would find the simplest of machines as well as the most complex ones.

In the end, it all depends on the nature of your usage and the budget in hand. The first two machines that we have discussed above (iC3 and Ballback Pro) are simpler and cheaper than SIBOASI.

If your budget is limited and you have a loop at your practice area then iC3 and BallBack Pro should be your foremost choice. You will have to simply pick the machine and fit in on the loop to start shooting balls at it.

The return is often inaccurate but the price justifies this minute problem. On the contrary, if your budget is high then we will recommend the SIBOASI return machine every single time.

This machine provides higher accuracy and a brilliant return rate to make the training sessions productive and enjoyable. You should not worry while spending your money on this basketball gun because it will be worth using.