How to Make It to the NBA?

Did you know, there is only 0.03 percent of high school basketball players get enlisted in the NBA, which presents that the NBA league has huge criteria to get eligible for it.

But you don’t need to worry! If you believe that NBA is a great option for you to start your career, then there are some eligibility criteria that you know to understand, and you can easily make it to the NBA.

While getting into the NBA could be a challenging task for which you need athleticism, miraculous abilities, high basketball skills, and fortune.

Besides, you must have played a significant part in high school basketball, and having the right amount of confidence is the foundation of getting drafted by the NBA league.

This article aims to discuss some rules and conditions to get drafted by the NBA league. In this context, I have explained every point in detail about how you can make it to the NBA? So, let’s dive into our crucial subject.

Basic Considerations to Get in NBA

Before getting into our main topic, there are some basic expectations which you need to consider before applying for the NBA league. These considerations are discussed below:

· You must carry some years of experience with tremendous skills. The NBA league doesn’t require a player who is not talented in the game. The candidate must have basketball skills to stand out in the league.

· Your age matters a lot! An NBA applicant must not be too old. There are some age restrictions to make it in the NBA. However, the candidate who is applying to get drafted by the NBA must be the age of a high-school or college basketball player.

Hence, these are only the basic expectations you should consider before applying for the NBA league. 

Now that you have got to know about these considerations let’s move towards the suitability conditions of the league, which you must start working from now onwards.

Eligibility Criteria to Make it in the NBA

Below, I have explained some steps and eligibility criteria to get enrolled in the NBA league to make it to the NBA. 

You Must Play College Basketball

The first criteria which come to get entered in the NBA league are that you must have played in the NCAA league. Since only two percent of high-school players get enrolled in NCAA.

The college-level is a must to make it in the NBA because there are numerous levels in the NCAA league through which the players go through and get trained.

Besides, you must have seen many NBA champion players, such as Kansas Jayhawks, Duke Blue Devils, Kentucky Wildcats, etc., who have played in NCAA and successfully made it to the NBA league. Playing first-class basketball in the NCAA can be tremendously beneficial if your fortune is with you. 

You Must be Physically Fit

Although this is the criterion required by every sport, the NBA is too demanding in this case. First of all, if you notice, all basketball players comprise a height above 6’5”, and they are in top physical form.

However, to sustain your athleticism, it is crucial to keep your body in shape and work out for the entire year. 

Usually, the NBA players must do some workouts, which you need to make your habit and part of your life if you devotedly want to make it to the NBA. This workout includes strength training, yoga, and without-break exercises.

When you glimpse the NBA players, they look solid and sturdy, and their appearance can represent physical strength. The reason is they exercise for the whole year to maintain their power and perform terrifically. Besides, yoga is a part of their lifestyle, which they never leave.

Nevertheless, the NBA is never compassionate regarding the physical fitness of the players because the whole game is in the hands of these players; hence they need to be physically fit and mentally active.

You Must be Self-Representing

If you believe that you play super well, but you are seeking some ways to make it to the NBA, you need to represent yourself. Since the present era is more to represent oneself.

Back in the 1900s, if a player wanted to represent himself, the most he could do was to record a video of his best moves and send it to the basketball coaches, where he tried to get enlisted. 

However, today is the era of social media and advertisement. A player simply captures a video of his best positions and moves, edits certain things, and uploads them on social media.

These platforms have reduced most of our efforts because when the player uploads these videos on social media, the public reaches the player. Anyhow, creating these videos and uploading them can heighten the chances of getting appointed by some coach.

Eventually, once you find the right coach for you, show him your every talent that is advantageous for you to increase the opportunities to get drafted in the NBA league. Further, try to lead the game to stand out on the court.

Final Verdict

I hope this information is quite useful for you if you plan to step into the NBA league to pursue your basketball career.

But as you can see in the article that to make it to the NBA, it takes a lot of hard work to fulfill the required criteria.  You must be determined and thoughtful to follow certain steps to meet the requirements of the NBA league.

Just change a bit of your lifestyle and try to represent your best moves to the world. However, once you have met the NBA requirements, no one can stop you from standing out.