7 Best Basketball Shoes for Achilles Support

Best Basketball Shoes for Achilles Support

In the human body, there is an Achilles tendon that creates a connection between the heel bone and calf muscles.

It is also the largest tendon present in the human body. This tendon is prone to inflammation, in case of extreme physical activities, giving rise to a condition known as Achilles Tendonitis.

There are many basketball shoes available in the market that are featured with Achilles support in order to avoid Achilles Tendonitis.

If you suffer from Achilles pain, go for the shoes having good Achilles support in them.

We, after studying different materials on different shoes and also reading customers’ opinions about them, have shortlisted seven basketball shoes best for Achilles support. These shoes are discussed below.

Best Basketball Shoes for Achilles Support

Adidas Crazy Light Boost Low

Adidas Crazy light boost low is well known for its stupendous performance and is very famous among users.

These shoes are very light in weight because of the synthetic material upper and this lightweight doesn’t let you feel extra pressure on feet while playing. Moreover, this upper composition makes the shoes breathable and comfortable.

The crazy light boost low has come with flat sole to guard your feet from the high pressure.  It has also featured foam-filled  Achilles pillows for more comfort for persons with Achilles pain.

The right amount of cushioning with optimum responsiveness together with exceptional impact protection is delivered by full-length boost cushioning technology to the players. These shoes also offer incredible traction on the floor during the game.


Under Armour UA Clutchfit Drive 3

These shoes nail the second position in our top picks and use Clutchfit technology in the upper region for breathability and support. They break-in easily and fit perfectly.

They lockdown your feet tightly and also exhibit great ankle support. These shoes have an internal shank and external heel counter for the amelioration of support and stability.

Clutch fit Drive III has used an Achilles pillow that provides more comfort and padding around the heel area.

The full-length micro G foam layer gives explosive take-offs and the heel area charged cushioning layer absorbs shocks and gives responsive comfort to the users.

The rubber outsole of these shoes is covered by a multi-directional herringbone traction pattern for enhanced grip and stability on the court while making different moves.


Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive stands on the third number in our top picks and is very light-weighted, breathable and comfortable because of its Prime knit Xenon upper.

It relieves pressure on arches because of its lacing set up, fits perfectly, is very supportive and also shows great Achilles support.

The full-length Boost cushioning technology used in it delivers you impressive responsive feel, plush cushioning and good protection from trauma on impact.

This shoe has utilized, on its rubber outsole, digitally mapped multi-directional power traction pattern for increased grip and stability on the floor or surface during the game.


Nike Lebron 16

Lebron 16 comes on the fourth number in our top picks. It shows upper construction of battle knit 2.0 upper which effectively provides you breathable, flexibility, comfort and also acts to make it very supportive.

The full-length max zoom cushioning technology provides you instant responsiveness, unrivaled impact protection, and exceptional bounces.

These shoes have featured, for excellent comfort and exceptional support, internal Achilles pillows, external heel counter, and padded heel counter.

The herringbone traction pattern gives an outstanding grip on the surface and also allows multidirectional coverage.


Under Armour Curry 3

Threadborne used in the upper region provides breathability, strength, support, and lightweight to the players.

UA Curry 3 is true to size and provides reasonable lockdown to the players. You get arch, forefoot and heel stability by the Meta-Wing fiber shank used in these shoes and the internal heel counter in them provides heel support.

The cushioning of these shoes is meritorious with Charged cushioning foam for increased cushioning,  responsiveness and ameliorated protection from injuries on impact.

The herringbone traction pattern in Curry 3 provides you stability, support, and grip, during the game, on the court’s surface.


Jordan Why Not Zero.2

It features lofted material upper that makes the shoe very breathable, comfortable, durable and supportive.

The forefoot zoom air units of Jordan why not zero.2 performs well by giving adequate cushioning and responsiveness and also ensures good impact protection.

These shoes are very supportive and the support largely comes from the lockdown. The speed plate in it provides a good heel to toe transition and the padding and the External heel counter deliver much heel support to the users.

The decoupled outsole of these shoes is incorporated with a circular traction pattern that provides you an optimum grip for every kind of shot during the game.


Nike Zoom Evidence

The shoe coming on the seventh number is Nike zoom evidence. The lightweight composite material, used for making the upper region, enhances durability, breathability, and support of the shoe.

When it comes to size, these shoes fit true to your size making your ride even more soothing.

The support factor mostly comes from the lockdown, these shoes depict brilliant lockdown because of the integration of the lacing system with asymmetrical Flywire.

Being a high-top shoe, it gives adequate ankle support and protection. Moreover, the heel and Achilles tendons are impressively cushioned by the foam heel pad cushions used in it.

If we see its cushioning system, we come to know that Zoom Evidence uses a Phylon midsole and forefoot zoom air unit for delivering a comfortable and stable ride full of responsive cushioning and exceptional impact absorption.

This shoe has a durable rubber outsole that is covered by herringbone traction pattern for the objective to make the overall grip, on the court, stupendous.



This article is based on the basketball shoes providing good Achilles support to the users.  We have mentioned seven basketball shoes in this context and have also discussed them.

Adidas Crazy light boosts low basketball shoes stand first in our top picks. Its synthetic material upper makes it light-weighted and breathable.

It features full-length Boost cushioning technology for providing incredible cushioning to the players. It has Achilles pillows for Achilles support and also provides remarkable traction to the users.

If you need incredible Achilles to support, try our recommended shoes for quality on-court performance with high Achilles support.

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