What Does PPG Mean In Basketball?

Basketball is a sport that is filled with different kinds of terminologies that are used to define different types of elements of the sport. As we have already spoken about so many different terms in the past few posts, we now will look at the term PPG. The game of basketball is one of the games where stats matter.

And to thoroughly follow a game or a team you need to learn all about the statistics of the game. PPG is also a very important statistic that helps us understand the performance of different players in the games.

The acronym PPG stands for Points per Game. This statistic measures the points that each player makes in a game that they play. That is why this statistic holds so much value. And you can use this statistic to follow and keep up with the performance of your favorite players in the game.

What does PPG mean in Basketball?

Points per game are the best statistic to analyze the performance of a basketball player over the course of a year.

How to determine the PPG?

Every player plays a total of 82 games in a season. Now in every one of these games players score a number of points that are then summed up to give a grand total.

This grand total of points is divided by the number of games which is 82. The number you get after division is the average score that a player makes in the entire season.

This is how the average points per game are calculated for each player.

Point per game explained:

Points per game are a stand-alone statistic that is used to explain the performance of a single player over the period of an entire season. This statistic includes the rebounds grabs, assists field shots, and all other plays that stop the opposing team from making the score.

To explain this statistic we can take the example of Harden whose point-scoring streak was 30 points in each of the 30 consecutive games that he played. His streak continued and got better as he scored triple-double, 50 points against the Lakers Los Angeles.

He further played 30 more games with 30 or more points in each game. Then he reached his career highest 61 points in a game. In the same streak, he also scored 58 and 47 points.

Summing up all these points and dividing them by the number of games he played we can easily reach the number of 41.1 points per game on average. This statistic shows that his performance jumped up to 41.1 points per game which is 5.7 points higher than 2017-18.

Now if we take a note of the PPG and the performance that harden displayed. We can deduce that the PPG reflects his top-notch performance in the game perfectly.

What makes PPG important?

PPG stat is not only important for the team but it also helps fans keep a track of their favorite players performance over the season. This statistic further helps in understanding how the team can utilize each player during a game.

For coaches, this statistic is very valuable as it helps them decide the strategy for each player and helps them understand which players need more practice and guidance to improve their performance.

From the perspective of viewers and analysts, these numbers help them grill into the facts of each game and look at the performance of each player.

With the help of this statistic analysts and fans are able to make better deductions on who is going to play in the major leagues. These statistics keep players, viewers and analysts engaged in watching and monitoring each game of the season.

So when the major leagues come they are well versed in who will make the team and who will not.


As you have seen PPG is another one of those statistics that can help players, viewers, analysts, and coaches map the performance of each player. Stats like these make the games more fun and exciting and keep the viewers engaged to watch the whole season’s games to watch the performance of their favorite players.

What is interesting is you can keep an eye on the scores of each player and ensure that you remember their numbers in each game. Analysts use this figure to emphasize the beauty of the game highlight the best performing players and bash the players whose PPG stat is low.

Anyways, this statistic the PPG of every player is a very critical number and helps players, analysts, coaches, and viewers enjoy the game with more zeal.