What is Basketball IQ?

Basketball is a game of techniques and strategy. A lot of the leading players in this sport apply all kinds of strategies to win games and score.

This means there is a lot that is going through a player’s mind when they are on the field. This also means that the other players on the field also need to be aware of what is going on in the other player’s mind and read their moves. This is where the basketball IQ comes in.

What is Basketball IQ?

Basketball IQ is the process of developing that sense and skill of knowing what the players of the opposing team are thinking and what kind of moves are they planning to make.

How to utilize basketball IQ?

Knowing how your opponent is going to behave after passing the ball to another player, you can prepare yourself better. You can plan your moves accordingly and make sure that you are there to spot them when they try to make a shot.

Basketball IQ is about building that skill where you can see three steps ahead and know what your opponent will do next and which spaces will be open for you to shoot. It’s not always about the cut or score it’s more about what happens after either of them.

How do the opposing team’s players behave after the cut and which slots are open for you to make the shot?

Advance Basketball Intelligence:

Having the ability to see beyond the one or two steps and knowing how the opponent is going to behave will give you the best advantage ever. You can also learn these advanced basketball intelligence skills and dispense your learning’s to the rest of the team members.

More often than not, not every player will be able to understand the whole concept of advanced basketball intelligence and will only look at one or two aspects.

Meanwhile, the Basketball IQ is the art of learning and reading the whole game so that you can plan your maneuvers even before the opposing team’s players get the chance to intercept you.


Based on your newfound knowledge of Basketball IQ, you can calculate and plan your moves in one or two steps. This doesn’t apply just too offense it is good for the defense to also read the moving pieces of the game and note how some players perform differently than others.

Having these kinds of strategies laid out for your whole defense and offense will help build the right kind of motivation and on-field bravado that will help your team breeze through the games easily.

Focus on little things:

Basketball is a game of maneuvers and strategy. A player who can understand the underlying strategy behind a maneuver or a move will be able to play the game better than the rest.

Hence developing this skill and playing on those little cues of markers that most players might miss will help you be a great basketball player.

Your on-field performance will improve automatically if you are aware of the moves that the opposing team is planning on making and you can plan your moves in two steps to make sure that the opposing team doesn’t score.

How to build this skill?

It’s all about studying. It all comes down to how well you know the game and all the other parts of it. You can watch highlights of matches or you can watch the whole match again on television to see how certain players behave on the field.

You can watch for little markers and cues of what move they are going to make next and you will be able to tell if they are going to pass or shot.

Your excessive knowledge on the subject will help you build your basketball IQ and help you be more sensitive to such markers that indicate a certain kind of play. Studying the whole game will also help you understand what kind of moves you need to work on to improve your performance.

It will further help you in understanding how do offense and defense play in the game and play a major role in running the game and keeping it moving forward smoothly.

Implement your learning:

Nothing is better than on-field practice. And that is going to help you polish your moves and become great from the good. Learn by playing and practicing with your team or smaller leagues to implement the knowledge that you have gained by studying the game.

You can learn all you want to but nothing beats the feeling of being in the field with the ball in your hands. That is where the real learning begins and you coming with extensive knowledge will be able to quickly apply your knowledge on the field.

Also learn to question and find answers for different plays, such as why did the player do something and why they didn’t do it. Question your moves as well, and consider why you didn’t do something and did do it.


By now, we all know what Basketball IQ means and how important it is for you to be able to achieve greatness. So study your opponents do as much research as you can on different techniques and build the skill of advanced Basketball intelligence.

Having a high basketball IQ will help you further your skill and improve your game as well as your team’s overall performance. This skill will not only benefit you, in fact, but it will also help improve the performance of the whole team.