Best Tips to Improve Basketball Shooting

improve basketball shooting

When it comes to basketball, accurate shooting makes the difference on the scoreboard.

Shooting is the most important and most challenging skill of basketball.

The three-point swishes are the heart of basketball, and the dunk is the spark of the basketball.

If you want to make fans stand on their toes, you have to master the shooting skill.

Shooting is not a genetic trait; it is learned by sheer commitment, focus and hours of practice in the court. Pure shooters are the result of continuous hard work and practice.

It’s not the strength alone that matters in basketball shooting, sound technique and practice are the basics of accurate timely and swift shooting.

Practice makes a man perfect. This article will tell you the propitious tips to improve your basketball shooting skills.

Tips to Improve Your Basketball Shooting

So, are you ready to improve your basketball shooting? You have to start from the basics of the shooting. Let’s start now.

Stay Focused:

basketball shooting tricks Flight and distance to the basket are essential to score points.

Take a position near to the basket and first adjust your flight trajectory to the target.

Don’t rush towards pace; just stay focused on the target and adjust the trajectory of the flight.

Work on your balance and positioning.

best tips to improve basketball shooting

Balance behind the ball is the guarantee to basket a ball.

Your feet positioning at the time of shooting a basketball matters a lot.

If you like the open shooting style, then your shooting foot would be in a forward position facing the basket and the non-shooting foot would be trailing behind.

The other stance is the wide stance; in this position, both of the feet must face towards the basket.

While practicing the positioning, there should be the shoulder-width distance between your feet and the knees must have a slight bend.

Improve the grip on the basketball:

tips to improve and get better at basketball shooting

The sound grip on the basketball will result in a higher probability to score points.

The best grip on basketball requires your fingers to be spread apart as maximum as possible.

There should be a visible space between the basketball and the palms of your hands.

You will not be getting your shooting right if the basketball keeps touching your palm.

Work for the perfect delivery of the basketball:

Perfect delivery of a ball demands a smooth push towards the basket. You should align the basketball in front of your head. It is a big mistake to let the ball go behind your head position while shooting.

The ball should be flighted up rather than dipping toward the rim. Your elbow and wrists must be in line with the rim while shooting the ball.

Improve your follow-through:

get better at basketball shooting

Shooting is important, but a sound follow-through is also essential to improve the precision of your shooting.

Your elbow must retain the shooting position in line with the rim after the release of the ball. Apart from the elbow, the landing must also be perfect.

Ideally, you should land at the same place from where you jump to shoot the basketball.

Recommended Drills to Improve Basketball Shooting

basketball shooting tips

  • 1-Hand Form Shooting Drill.
  • 1-Hand Form Shooting with Guide Hand Drill.
  • Set to Go Drill.
  • Tuck to Set Drill.
  • Tuck to Go Drill.
  • Shooting Off the Pass Drill.


Shooting is an essential skill to rank yourself up in the basketball game. Shooting demands complete control of the hands and active collaboration of hand, elbow, and jumping stance. The important thing is that one should rectify his mistakes on the same spot during practice.

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