Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

Basketball players invest a lot of money in the accessories that they use. For rookie players, especially students, it is often challenging to manage the budget when most of the money is spent on purchasing basketball shoes, bands, towels, and other items.

Players usually compromise on the quality of their basketball gear to save their budget for more important things. If you are facing the same financial stringencies, then we have brought the best basketball shoes under $100.

Now free yourself from budgetary constraints and scroll down to choose amongst the most value-adding shoes in the market.

Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

UA Charged Asser 884% polyester, 16% elastaneLeatherNon-laceLow-topRubber
Nike Revolution 5TextileEVA sock linerLace-upLow-topRubber
Adidas Shoes100% fiberCloudfoamLace-upMid-topAdiwear
Nike Air Ring LeaderNubuckEVA sock linerLace-upLow-topSynthetic rubber
Nike Kyrie Flytrap IITextileEVA sock linerLace-upLow-topSynthetic rubber

Under Armour Charged Asser 8

This pair of shoes introduced by Under Armour is considered as the best under 100$. The material used to create this masterpiece is 84% polyester and 16% elastane.

This built makes these shoes soft and stretchable to absorb the shocks experienced by your feet while running. The low shaft height removes ankle support but increases the speed because of your feet’ lower weight.

The outsole is made up of synthetic rubber to give you a better grip on slippery surfaces. Under Armour Charged Asser 8 Running Shoes contain a very breathable mesh to enable you to enhance your efficiency to a whole new level.

Lastly, the inner midsole is cushioned with an extra layer of leather, keeping your feet stable and increasing comfort. A charged cushioning midsole is also incorporated by the company to reduce collision’s impact on your feet.

What we liked

  • Soft and stretchable feel for players.
  • Low shaft design for swift movement.
  • Rubber outsole for a firm grip on the floor.
  • The leather covers the midsole for support and stability.

What We didn’t like

  • The low-top design reduces ankle support.
  • The sole gets dirty after some time.

Final verdict

A solid 9 out of 10 from our side as most users and customers usually praise the amount of comfort they experience while using this model. The excellent grip, sufficient breathability, and cushioned midsole are all cost-justified in such a low price range.

Nike Men’s Revolution 5

Yet another basketball shoe developed by Nike. Now the practice sessions and official matches would not feel as tiresome as they used to. Buy this gem to enhance comfort to the highest level.

These shoes bring the best cushioning that you will get in this price range. The first thing that you need to know is that the upper is knitted with a textile material, which is lightweight to help out runners and agile basketballers.

The midsole is cushioned with the softest foam that allows your feet to settle down in a stable posture. The heels and forefeet also receive a relaxed base.

When you wear these shoes to run on a shiny or slippery surface, you will feel an extremely firm grip that lets you hold the floor with authority. The outsole is made up of rubber for brilliant traction. An EVA sock liner gives you better stability with a low-top shaft that allows you to move at an immense speed.

What we liked

  • Very soft and comfortable with excessive cushioning.
  • Low-top for lightweight and flexibility.
  • The light textile material is breathable, too.
  • EVA sockliner midsole.
  • Rubber outsole for authoritative grip.

What We didn’t like

  • The low shaft takes away the required ankle support.
  • The outsole wears out from the bottom when you play on rough surfaces.

Final verdict

Considering the brilliant comfort and durability, these shoes are among the top-quality products in any price range. On the other hand, the outsole problem will limit its score to a 7.

Adidas Men’s Basketball Shoes

It is one of the most breathable shoes manufactured by Adidas. It’s composed of 100% fiber; these brilliant quality shoes are more comfortable than most other competitors. The shaft is ankle-supportive as well as lightweight because it is built on a medium level.

Now, you can run, turn, and stride without any worry of being injured as the mid-top allows you to move quickly and safely. The outsole is made up of durable Adiwear technology that enables your shoes to grip the floor with ease and control the game with dual-zone traction when you are separating.

Your toe rests under a toe cap to reduce the stress and reduce the risk of getting it injured during the long training sessions. The upper mesh has a layer of leather details consisting of polyurethane. The midsole is also cushioned with a superior quality Cloudfoam to enhance comfort.

What we liked

  • Medium-top design for sufficient support and agility.
  • Adiwear outsole for firm grip and efficient lateral movements.
  • Toe cap for added security for your forefeet.
  • Cloudfoam support to make the midsole comfortable.
  • Breathable mesh is upper.

What We didn’t like

  • The ankle support is not ideal.
  • Insufficient arch support.
  • The toe cavity is a little tight.

Final verdict

The toe support is something that you will rarely find in this price range. Cloudfoam and Adiwear technology provides you with the best traction with extremely light comfort. This shoe will get a solid eight on our list. 

Nike Men’s Air Ring

If comfort is what you are searching for, then these shoes are the answer you need. There is a covering of cushioning material around the tongue and collar of the shoes.

The low-top design reduces the amount of support on your ankle but increases your speed due to a clear weight reduction. The cushioning inside the shoe is encapsulated. The weight is further reduced due to less dense material than those used in ordinary cushioning.

There are outriggers incorporated to provide better lateral support, making it possible to cut your way through the players blacking your way.

Moreover, the lace-up structure enables the shoes to grip your foot at a specific place. The outsole is made up of synthetic material to enhance the grip and ensure that the sole does not break during the extensive and tiresome game.

What we liked

  • Comfortable cushioning around tongue and collar.
  • Low-top increases agility by reducing weight.
  • Encapsulated cushioning of less dense material.
  • Outrigger and synthetic rubber outsole give you a grip.

What We didn’t like

  • A low shaft decreases the ankle support.
  • The shoe design is synonymous with dress shoes.
  • The feel is a little stiff.

Final verdict

Another brilliant pair was produced by Nike. You will find great features like a lightweight, good quality, and authoritative grip. There is a slight issue in the ankle support and shoe design, but comfort is never an issue because there is enough cushioning to ease your feet.

Nike Kyrie Flytrap II

Another cost-beneficial and value-adding pair of shoes manufactured by Nike. Consisting of a 100% textile with low weight, this pair is considered the most lightweight and breathable shoe in the market.

You will get the optimal value out of each penny that you spend on this product. The outsole is made up of synthetic rubber, allowing you to grip the floor with authority. This feature enables you to control your in-game movements without any difficulty.

The shaft is low, which allows you to conquer the game with your swift moves, but this feature makes you vulnerable to injuries and ankle stress.

You need to rest for some time to keep to ankle in a stable posture for some time. The lace-up design grips and holds your feet in a stable position while running or taking strides.

What we liked

  • Light textile composition for maximum breathability.
  • Firm grip on the floor with a synthetic rubber sole.
  • Low-top shaft for immense movement.
  • Lace-up design for better grip.

What We didn’t like

  • Low ankle support with the low-top shaft.
  • The cushioning is not ideal.
  • The width is a little tight.

Final verdict

The comfort is not as great as the other products that we have described before on our list. You will find low-weight shoes inside the box when you open them. The quality is excellent, and the traction is fabulous.

At such a low price range, you need to compromise on something. If you want to choose performance over comfort, then these shoes are a great addition to your accessories collection. 

How To Choose The Best Basketball Shoes Under $100?

Buying a basketball shoe is difficult to do without any difficulty, but buying a pair of shoes at such a low price is an even more difficult routine. The following are the factors that you need to consider before finalizing the purchase.

Comfort and cushioning:

Your utmost priority should be the comfort that you feel while using the shoes that you purchase. An irritating and suffocating pair of shoes works as a distraction and stops you from achieving your goals. Buy a product that contains the softest of cushioning on the inner layer of the shoes.

Shaft height:

The upper part of your shoes always defines the purpose that they would serve. The longer the shaft, the better the ankle support would be and vice versa. A long shaft size also puts an added weight on your feet.

Midsole and outsole:

Remember, your shoes’ midsole should be soft but firm to provide the required cushioning and support to your feet while the game is played. On the other hand, the outsole should be made of a clingy material that will help you keep a strong grip on the slippery floor. 

The overall look:

Most of the users prefer wearing shoes that look great when you sport them. There are many products with brilliant designs and eye-catching colors to attract people to yourself.

Why Do We Suggest Under $100 Basketball Shoes?

There are some reasons why we have suggested these products. 

The priceobviously:

The price is the main factor which we have considered before listing these shoes in our article. We know that you are reading this article because you have a limited amount of money.

This is why we have kept the price lower than 100 dollars: to make sure that all young basketball fans and new players can enjoy the game to the fullest.

Comfort and durability:

All the shoes on our list have sufficient cushioning to make your overall experience comfortable. You will relax your physical self by resting your feet on soft cushioning.

These shoes also relieve your mental stress by providing outstanding durability so that you do not need to spend money on purchasing other shoes in a short while.


These shoes come with sufficient ankle, heel, toe, midsole, and muscle support to reduce the risk of cramps and a twisted ankle.

Now, keep yourself safe during the long practice sessions and in-court games by wearing the shoes that we have suggested. All the shoes on our list ensure that you play the maximum games during the basketball season.


The products mentioned in our article are all budget-friendly. You will find more than sufficient features considering the amount of money that you will spend. While all the shoes belong to the same price range, there is a slight difference in all the models.

We will suggest you read all those features, pros, and cons to make a decision. The lower price would not bring you as convenient and fulfilling features as professional shoes.

But these shoes will enable you to play your game with the least intervention or irritation. Do not let your restricted budget stop you from playing basketball.