Basketball Anime: 9 Best Basketball Anime to Watch

Basketball is a popular and exciting sport, and it has been featured in many anime series over the years. These series offer a unique blend of sports action and character-driven storylines, and they are a great way to experience the excitement and intensity of basketball.

Some of the best basketball anime include “Slam Dunk,” “Kuroko’s Basketball,” and “Eyeshield 21.” Each series has its unique take on the sport, featuring engaging characters and exciting storylines. Whether you’re a basketball fan or just looking for a thrilling anime, these series will satisfy you.

Several basketball anime are well-loved by fans of the genre, and it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best. Some of the best basketball anime are the following:

Best Basketball Anime & Manga [All-Time Favorite]

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk Basketball Anime

A love story within an anime is not a new thing, especially one-sided love. This basketball anime revolves around a boy named Sakuragi Hanamichi, who had a stroke of hard luck at junior high school, where nearly 50 girls rejected him.

Repeated failures to someone make him determined to impress a girl at Shohoku High School. On the very first day, he gets confronted by a girl named Haruko Akagi. After seeing her, he falls for her, and the first question that he is asked is whether he likes basketball or not.

To avoid a straightforward rejection, he says yes. Akagi asks him to join the Shohoku basketball team because his height is good.

Sakuragi does what she says, but moments later, he finds out that Akagi has a crush on Rukawa Kaede. Despite his strong build and requests from the Judo coach, Sakuragi opts to go for the basketball team induction.

Rukawa and Sakuragi become the worst of enemies and rivals. After Rukawa, Sakuragi faces other hurdles, such as the team captain and Haruko’s brother.

What to Expect?

This anime show teaches us that one can become whatever he wants for those he loves. Another noteworthy lesson is that learning has no age limit. You can become the best even after starting later than the other people.

Dear Boys (Hoop Days)

Dear Boys Hoop Days Basketball Anime

The Dear Boys is one of those mild basketball animes you would like to watch without any hustle or fatigue. The story is pretty simple. Aikawa Kazuhiko leaves his previous high school (where he used to play for a proficient basketball team) and joins Mizuho High School, where he finds everything going opposite to what he expected.

The coach leaves the Mizuho team after a conflict, and the players are disappointed due to the condition prevailing inside the locker room.

Aikawa’s untired hard work and persistence motivate his teammates like no other thing. They also hire a lady coach who acts very strict initially but ends up developing an affiliation with the Dear Boys.

The ultimate goal is to play in national tournaments where the best teams compete to make their presence felt. The five players and the head coach improved their overall performance.

You will feel that the writer has invested much in the story. He discussed the opponent teams in the same detail as he explained about the protagonist team.

What to Expect?

You should expect a light story where Aikawa leaves his previous team and joins a new team where he faces many challenges. The story is very realistic to be true. So if you are looking for a good basketball anime to pass your time, this is surely the best pick.

Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru No Sora Basketball Anime

Ahiru no Sora is a new basketball anime on our list. A tale of the unending struggle to achieve what you have promised to your family. The story starts with his main lead, Sora Kurumatani, who is short-sighted for basketball (generally played by tall players).

This Basketball Anime shows how Sora while shooting loops in childhood, promises his mother that he will become a brilliant player like her. He tries to improve his skills by consistently practicing hard, and despite his short height, he dreams of becoming someone his mom will be proud of.

To achieve what he has planned, Sora is admitted to Kuzuryuu High School to join the basketball club and dominate the circuit in tournaments that the club would play.

To his surprise, he found out that the students were proficient in everything except playing basketball. Sora feels disappointed, but then he finds out about Chiaki Hanazono and Momoharu Hanazono, who once had an interest and skills in playing basketball.

Sora challenges the team to play a match against him. He outplays each and every one of them. Inspired by his spectacular skills, the team gets motivated and finds its charm back.

What to Expect?

You will receive a heartwarming mother-son relationship where the son promises his mom that he will make her proud. The cohesion as a team is also one of the things to look forward to.

The lesson from this basketball anime is that no matter how much your teammates and friends are dejected; you can lift them up by giving your 100%.

Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko’s Basketball Anime)

Kuroko No Basket Basketball Anime

An amine series of three seasons; the first one started in 2012. The story starts with the tale of a team of basketballers belonging to Teiko Middle School. Their impressive and flawless game made them the “generation of miracles.”

But only a few knew that the generation of miracles had an additional player apart from the regular fives, Kuroko Tetsuya.

After the generation of miracles gets dismantled following the graduation of all its members, Kuroko joins Sierin High School and forms his own unpopular but formidable basketball team.

Kuroko finds a naturally talented and hardworking player named Kagami Taiga, who joins forces with him to bring Seirin High School to the top. The rookies take on the different teams led by each “generation of miracles” players to conquer all obstacles.

The main cast & characters are Japanese, while occasionally, you see some international appearances. The biggest example is Kagami Taiga, who attended mid-school in the USA.

What to Expect?

The main theme is that no matter how overshadowed you might feel in the company of the best, you will get an opportunity to excel.

Excellence requires nothing other than hard work and determination. A low-caliber team can rise up from the ashes to glow in the immortal flames of glory, like a phoenix that never gives up.

Buzzer Beater

Buzzer Beater Basketball Animes

The first superhuman anime on our list related to basketball. The TV show narrates the story of a young boy named Hideyoshi Tanaka, who is 14 year old orphan living in an area abundant with skilled basketball players. Since he has some god-gifted talent, he gets drafted into a pro team with a bizarre objective.

The anime is related to future times when basketball is no longer a game played solely by the human race. Alien players have started dominating the higher ranks due to their superior physical and psychic abilities. There is rarely any human seen on the basketball court.

Hideyoshi gets selected for the All-Star team (representing Earth) because of his supernatural speed. He experiences jolts of paralyzing pain in his head during the practice sessions, and later, it is revealed that he is growing horns because he is a half-Goran. Hideyoshi is determined that his team – the first all-star human team – will bring pride back to the human race.

What to Expect?

You should expect an action-packed experience where the aliens and other superhuman creatures will lock their heads on the basketball court. This a very fun recommendation for young kids and action freaks.


Basquash Basketball Anime

The basquash basketball anime relates to a story on the modern and progressive earth version, named “Earth Dash.” The great rivalry between the earthly people and the superior lunar citizens is discussed in great detail.

While watching the show, you will come across a legend that says that the earth and moons were created when the Gods were playing basketball.

Their supreme basketball skills created a magnetic field between the heavenly bodies to set them apart. The universe needs a player with God-like skills to restore the field to where it was.

Dan JD and his friends thrive on making basketball popular in Rolling town by utilizing the “Big Foot” to play street basketball.

BigFoot is a robotic machine that serves multiple purposes, such as police security and basketball. The group’s newer version of streetball is named “Basquash.”

Bigfoot streetball (the official name of basquash) gets banned before registering as an official league. The destruction caused at the start turns into a reason for the joy of Rolling Town’s people.

What to expect?

This basketball anime is enigmatic in many ways and might require a bit of time for the newbie viewers to get along with the storyline. The script contains almost all the things that amuse teenagers. You will find brilliant basketball gameplay where the players compete to become the best team in the solar system.

The legend in the backdrop has a mysterious impact on viewers’ psyche when one thinks about who will become the best player at the game, and if that player is Dan JD, how will he reach that caliber? Moreover, the robotic touch is also exciting as it complements the theme.

Dash! Kappei

Dash Kappei Basketball Anime

Kappei Sakamoto, a young and athletic boy who is good at any sport, gets admitted to Seirin High School. The school immediately recognized his talent, and he became one of the most demanded players during the session.

Kappei’s talent is never questioned, but one big flaw in his physical attribute is his height. He is hardly one meter tall. He only likes ladies’ undergarments (especially white panties).

He concentrates on joining the high school basketball team when he learns that the female coach, Natsu, wears panties of the same color that he likes. A failed attempt to peak through the skirt gets him in hot water.

Afterward, he utilized his athleticism to excel in every sport he played at school. The show starts with a girl named Akane Aki, who is fit and witty for anyone watching the show. These characteristics earn her a place on the coaching staff as an assistant.

To Kappei’s delight, she also wears white panties and a small skirt. He tries hard to win her heart by shifting into her house. There, he finds out that Akane’s dog also has a crush on her, and only Kappei can understand what he says.

What to expect?

First of all, you should belong to an appropriate age group before watching this show because the storyline is a bit adult-oriented. The fondness for panties is not something children of lower age should watch.

Apart from this, the show is hilarious and dramatic to watch. The rivalry between Kappei and Akane’s dog is the live wire of this basketball anime. Both characters try their hard to win her heart.

Failed and repeated attempts from Kappei to see the panties end with a physical beat down. Lastly, the show introduces us to white panties, which every adult likes.

I’ll/CKBC Basketball Anime

I Ll Ckbc Basketball Anime

This basketball anime concerns two teenage boys who excessively hunger to play the game. Hiiragi Hitonari, the first of the two boys, joins Kouzu High School to continue his passion for playing for a better basketball team.

He is always considered the second-best basketball player in the family (after his elder brother). This leads to him leaving the previous school to distance himself from his demanding father and famous brother’s shadow.

After joining the school, Hiiragi Hitonari finds out that his arch-rival also studies there. Tachibana Akane, the rival and the second lead, plays basketball like no other player in the school, so now, with both the opponents on the same team, the long rivalry ends.

Soon after the chemistry starts developing, Hiiragi gets an opportunity out of nowhere. He receives an invitation from a superior high school named Tsurugizaki (with a far better basketball team).

Still, the Kouzu team shows resilience to stop him from changing the high school, and the team eventually fails. Even his arch-rival prevents him from leaving so quickly. The rivalry continues in the season as both players face each other on several occasions.

What to expect?

You should expect numerous lessons from this basketball anime, including the catchy character detailing and deep storyline. I’ll/CKBC tells the viewer that rivals share a bond that is more profound than just the competition.

Moreover, you will experience the emotional circumstances that Hiiragi feels when he is told that his brother is a far better player than him. The constant pressure exerted by the father also teaches us the importance of the relationship between a father and his son.

Ro Kyu Bu

Ro Kyu Bu Basketball Anime

The story of Ro Kyu Bu revolves around the life of Subaru Hasegawa, who has an unending passion for basketball. On his high school team, the captain gets involved in a sexual scandal with a little girl.

Considering this, the management disbands the players from playing basketball during the year. This incident leaves Subaru disheartened. To avoid any other event like this, he leaves playing basketball and shifts to his aunt’s house.

Considering his god-gifted talent, his aunt suggests he coach an elementary school team of 6th-grade girls. Keeping what happened to the team captain, he refrains from accepting the offer first.

Over time, Subaru finally agrees with the offer but promises to train the little girls for three days. After spending three days with the girls as promised, he learns about the team’s difficulties, accepts the offer, and coaches them.

The sincerity and hardworking nature of the girls reignite the passion inside Subaru’s heart. He helps the girls overcome all the hurdles while practicing and builds a special bond of friendship with them.

What to expect?

The Ro Kyu Bu basketball anime perfectly illustrates how others’ mistakes impact our life. The loss of Subaru’s interest in the basketball game will describe how others’ actions form a dent in life, but there is something else to look forward to.

Subaru’s coaching and the reignition of the same old passion show us that sitting idle is never a smart choice.

The circumstances change when we work hard to correct the mistakes done by the ones done by others and us. Usually, the things we run from tend to become the things we run at.

Who Should Watch These Basketball Animes?

Who Should Watch The Basketball Anime

There are many otakus all over the world who love watching anime and reading manga, but finding someone who would love basketball and anime simultaneously is often difficult. It is considered that watching anime requires deep knowledge of the game, but this perception is wrong.

Animes are made so that all the viewers can enjoy the show without any trouble. The stories are kept simple and understandable for people of all ages and hobbies.

You would find the off-field life of the players more prominent and discussed part of the show. So, if you are looking for some quality shows to kill boredom, we recommend you definitely add the Japanese basketball shows to your list. You will get entertained at first or get addicted to it later.

Why Do We Recommend the above-mentioned Basketball Anime?

Why Do We Recommend The Above Mentioned Basketball Anime

We are not recommending these shows for no reason. The above-mentioned animes are all quality shows in basketball-related stories, and there are several aspects that make them the most preferred choice of the audiences.

The Artwork:

Japanese shows have grown in quality since older times. The graphics introduced in the pre-2000 era are all rough and realistic, while the most recent ones are cartoonish and detailed.

The artwork is one of the main reasons people watch Japanese TV series. We would advise you to try these shows if you like good stories with equally good graphics.


This is no brainer. Almost all fans of the game love basketball anime. You will see players playing the game, managing their lives, and teaching meaningful lessons to live a good life.

A true basketball fan will never miss the opportunity to add such a mode of hobby-oriented entertainment. These shows offer an equally better chance for other viewers to get a better understanding of the rules of basketball.

Funny and Bizarre:

As we discussed above, the posters, trailers, and descriptions might show basketball-related stuff, but there are many other things on offer, too. You would see young girls learning simple tricks where the ball bounces off their chests. These moments are those funny and odd things that keep the audience engaged in the show.


Ah yes! We all know this. Japanese shows are best known for drama, romance, emotions, and comedy at the most appropriate time.

These shows will teach you some lessons that are worth learning. Nowadays, cartoons and movies focus on proving a single point while ignoring the rest, but these shows will express everything.

Manly bodies:

If nothing works for you, this might work for you (or turn you on). Girls often love watching fit guys working out, dripping in sweat. You will see the main characters doing workouts and exercises to keep themselves fit. We highly recommend these movies to you if you are a body lover.

Which Basketball Anime should you watch?

Slam Dunk10/10
Dear Boys9/10
Ahiru no Sora8/10
Kuroko no Basket9/10
Buzzer Beater7/10
Dash! Kappei6/10
Ro Kyu Bu7/10

The conclusion is pretty straightforward. All the anime mentioned above are related to basketball, but several things set them apart.

Ultimately, it is all about your preferences and tastes to choose the best basketball anime for you. We have enumerated some factors that might help you choose the first basketball anime.

  • For those viewers who like watching romance and comedy movies/TV series, we would recommend the Slam Dunk without a second thought.
  • Dear Boys is more of a simple and impressive amine where a skilled basketballer works to improve his team’s performance. If you want a good time pass, this basketball anime is made for you.
  • Ahiru no Sora is considered one of the best family-oriented basketball anime. You must consider it if you are one of those people who value family.
  • Kuroko no Basket is the best available synonym for rebirth from the ashes. It simply defines the struggle of a person to become number one. A brilliant thriller and drama genre anime for you to choose from.
  • Lastly, Buzzer Beater is a fiction anime and the only link between fiction and basketball on our list. A completely different anime from all others discussed in the article.

Now that we have identified the articles according to the user preferences, making a decision will be easy for you.