Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

There are many volleyball shoes on the market, but the research made on them and the quality of shoes are not advanced and broad as compared to the basketball shoe research and quality.

Many volleyball players are using basketball shoes and performing well and protecting themselves from different foot injuries.

This article is based on the selection of the best basketball shoes that can be used efficiently in volleyball.

Traction, breathability, and feet protection from shocks are the focus traits to be there in the shoe that best fits for playing volleyball.

Best Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

Adidas James Harden Vol 3

adidas Unisex-Kid's Harden Vol. 3, Collegiate Purple/Black/Light Aqua, 4.5 M US Big Kid

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The first pick from our list is Adidas James Harden vol 3. James Harden is the latest version of this series. They are named after the NBA star James Harden.

Traction is amazing in these shoes, it spreads a lot of dust and does not require wiping out the dust periodically. It is the improved version of traction in Adidas James Harden vol 3.

Cushioning is very great in these shoes. The material used in the cushioning absorbs the exerted force in the sole and safe the feet from the impacts of the compressional forces.

Cushioning is very responsive and supportive. It does not rub with feet to cause burns to appear on the feet. Airflow is very active in Harden vol 3, it helps to keep the inside temperature of the shoe at a low level and increases the performance of the player.

Like basketball, volleyball is also a long game so a shoe with good breathability allows the player to play comfortably for a long time.

What we liked

  • Hard mesh upper is made with forge fiber technology makes the shoe durable.
  • They are breathable and maintain a comfortable temperature in the shoe.
  • Traction is impressive.
  • Heel and ankle protection are present in these shoes.
  • The rubber sole is stable and has a strong grip on the surface.

What We didn’t like

  • Laces are not up to the mark and may get loose.
  • Flexibility is the issue due to the use of tough mesh.

Nike Men’s Lebron Xi

Nike Men's Lebron Witness 4 Basketball Shoes (11, Black/Black/Iron Grey/Anthracite)

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Lebron series by Nike is the versatile basketball shoe series. They can easily be used for the volleyball game as well. The second place is given to them in our top ten picks.

The cushioning is superlative and famously attached to the Lebron series. Two best Nike cushioning technologies are used in their cushioning. Nike lunarlon and air zoom cushioning are used to cushion Lebron XI.

The cushioning is responsible for responsiveness and equal division of the impact of the reactive forces all over the sole. The player feels comfortable with the cushioning and can jump and latch on the volleyball with ease.

There is no restriction on the freedom of the movement of the player having Lebron XI in the feet. The shoe is of a high cut nature and locks the feet well in it and does not displace the feet in the shoe after jumping or rolling over in a volleyball game.

What we liked

  • Two cushioning technologies are used to make the supreme cushioning.
  • Stress to the feet is minimum.
  • There is proper protection for the ankle.
  • Dashing look with lots of color combinations.

What We didn’t like

  • They may feel heavier due to the tough rubber sole.
  • There is a fitting issue for wide feet players.

Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

adidas Mens Crazy 1 ADV Performance Basketball Shoes Black 11.5 Medium (D)

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Anyone who has knowledge of basketball shoes will say that Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive is a blind pick for any criteria in sport’s shoes. Its one of the Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball.

The second brand of Adidas in the top three is Performance Crazy Explosive. A very famous shoe for playing basketball is also ranked high for playing volleyball as well.

This pair is very stable and can be used for volleyball in all aspects. These are made with a synthetic material that completely covers the shoe from all directions, making them durable and flexible.

There is a use of Xenos laces in these shoes to improve the grip on the feet without exerting extra pressure on the feet. These laces grip the feet well in a cozy fit and prevent any dangerous displacements of feet during landing and latching on the volleyball.

Fine quality rubber is used in the manufacturing of the sole of these shoes. Sole adhere to the surface well and provides control and freedom of movement on the volleyball court.

What we liked

  • Light in weight and durable.
  • Excellent breathability and stability.
  • Xenos laces grip the feet well to protect the ankle and forefeet.
  • Very responsive and supportive of the player.
  • They are good-looking and available in a wide range of color combinations.

What We didn’t like

  • They are heavy on the pocket, but worth money.
  • They took some time to break in.

Nike Kobe Mamba Rage

Nike Mens Mamba Rage Black 908972 002 Size - 8.5

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Nike Kobe Mamba Rage is a similar product to Nike Kobe 11 and Nike Kobe AD. These shoes having the characteristics of two famous Nike basketball shoes require no introduction.

These shoes are very light and help in vertical jump to block the aggression of the opponent attackers in volleyball. This is the required feature for a shoe that best fits volleyball.

Traction is good and picks a lot of dust. These shoes are not as recommendable to play outdoor as to play indoor. A player has to wipe out the dust from the sole periodically. It is not a big issue because this work can be done in less than a couple of minutes.

What we liked

  • They are one of the lightest shoes on the market.
  • A signature product of Bryant Nike Shoe line.
  • Cushioning responsive and comfortable.
  • Adds a couple of inches to the vertical jump.

What We didn’t like

  • There is no support to the ankle due to the low cut.
  • Not recommended for outdoor play.

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes

NIKE Hyperdunk 2014 TB Mens Basketball Shoes

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Three Nike shoes break into the top five of our ranking. Hyperdunk from Nike is also a versatile product like Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive.

This is at the fifth spot because of the high cut. It is perfect to protect the ankle, but some volleyball players may feel this irritating during slanting front to lift up the shoot of the opponents.

Nike Hyperdunk shoes use synthetic leather in their bodies. This synthetic leather makes them durable and waterproof as well. The breathability is still impressive and allows the player to play for a long time with these shoes in the feet.

The sole is made up of rubber and is wide as well. The grip of these shoes on the surface is excellent and can be used in all types of playing conditions. Wide feet players can also use these shoes with ease.

What we liked

  • Light in weight and supportive of the player.
  • The heel uses bounce technology to give maximum response and energy to the player.
  • Cushioning is excellent and lowers the magnitude of the shocks.
  • Ankle support along with extra heel protection is there.

What We didn’t like

  • They are expensive.
  • Fitting is the issue when ordering them online. Order a size smaller than the normal one.
  • The high cut may feel irritating when leaning front.

Nike Men’s Basketball 

Nike Men's Basketball Shoes , White Black , 11 US

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Nike’s Kobe XI came with the low cut in the market, but this is an impressive shoe and ranked six in our top ten list. They are super light in weight and cheer the volleyball player with this attribute.

They are also very responsive and support the player to move quickly and pace up with the speed of the player. Cushioning is done with the trademark cushioning technology of Nike, the lunarlon cushioning. It makes the cushioning comfortable and protective of the feet.

The low top of these shoes is not an issue. It allows the volleyball player to move the feet freely in any direction. The ankle issue is there but Nike tries hard to protect the ankle with the all-around covering of flywire.

What we liked

  • The engineered mesh makes them durable and breathable.
  • They are feather weighted.
  • Cushioning is excellent with the perfect rubber sole that grips the surface well.

What We didn’t like

  • Less protection to the ankle.
  • Laces may not hold the feet tight and get loose during the match.

Under Armour Curry 3 Shoes

Under Armour Boys' Grade School UA Curry 3 Basketball Shoes, Island Blue/Blue Drift/Steel, 12 M US Little Kid

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Stephan Curry 3 is the proud product of Under Armour basketball shoes. They are not lacking behind in any means. These shoes have captured the attention of basketball players and volleyball players in the whole world.

The first, but possibly not the last product of the UA basketball shoes in this list is Under Armour Curry 3. They are made with the signature Threadborne technology of Under Armour and add durability and breathability to them.

You would not feel hot inside these shoes because the airflow is kept very decent and it keeps the inside temperature within the desired range. These shoes are therefore recommended for long-duration games.

The herringbone pattern is present on the sole that makes the traction unmatched. They wipe a lot of dust and never allow the dust to stick with the sole.

What we liked

  • Micro G foam cushioning is comfortable and responsive.
  • Breathability is excellent.
  • Threadborne made them durable and lightweight.
  • Appreciable ankle and heel protection are available.
  • Adds distance to the jump because of the bouncy heel and charged cushioning.

What We didn’t like

  • They are costlier than Adidas and Nike shoes.
  • Fitting is tight, it is recommended to order a number up than a normal fitting.


Due to the extensive research on basketball shoes, companies are producing quality shoes that can also be used in volleyball.

Volleyball also includes jumping, swift movements, and swift movements on the court. The best basketball shoe for this purpose is Adidas James Harden Vol 3.

It is the top pick from us because of the supreme cushioning, bouncy heel, ankle and heel protection, and efficient breathability. You can pick any basketball shoe from the list, it will not disappoint you in the game of volleyball.