How to Palm a Basketball [4 Easy Tips]

How to Palm a Basketball Tips

Palming a basketball means that to grip the basketball firmly in a single hand.

This is an essential trick in basketball because a player can’t only bounce the basketball all the time.

Many players are outstanding in the vertical jump, but when they have a basketball in hand, their vertical jump altitude decreases significantly.

Sometimes, the basketball pops out of the hand of the player during the jump. The palming technique is also used in the back pass during the game.

So, this technique demands the strength of the primary hand of the player especially the fingers strength.

This article will help you out with the proper technique to palm a basketball and the drills required to strengthen the hand grip.

Palming a Basketball

Basketball is bigger in size than your hand. To have a firm grip on basketball, there are some tricks to do the task with ease.

Fingers Positioning on The Basketball

How to Palm a Basketball best way

Fingers positioning on the basketball is very important to grip the ball properly.

To grip the firmly, place the thumb of the dominant hand on the central groove of the basketball and the remaining four fingers on the groove above the thumb.

If the little finger is not reaching to the groove, stretch it to the maximum nearest point to the groove.

Hold the Basketball with the Finger Tips

How to Palm a Basketball Tricks

It is imperative to hold the ball with the force applied by the fingertips on the surface of the basketball.

Grip the basketball with the fingers pressing its surface.

If the palm is in contact with the basketball, it is acceptable in the beginning.

After having a proper practice on this trick, it is not recommendable to hold the basketball with the palm touching it.

It is the fingers game. Grip the basketball firmly with your fingers only.

Squeeze the Basketball with Fingers

To enhance the grip on the basketball with one hand, it is a good practice to squeeze the basketball in a palming position with both hands.

It will help to increase the surface area of the hand and allow you to palm the basketball with the weaker hand as well.

Practice the Palming Tricks

How to Palm a Basketball method

When the grip on the basketball is strong, then try to deliver some tricks to enhance the palming efficiency and add skills to your bag.

Try a fake pass by thrusting the basketball in a direction but palming the basketball on the other side and start a dribble.

Back pass is also a great skill to have. Palm the basketball in the dominant hand and act for a dribble.

But take the hand having a basketball to the back and pass it to the other player on the field.

Jumping with a basketball in hand is very handy for a dunk. A dunk required a single handgrip on basketball. Palm the basketball in your dominant hand and perform vertical jumps.

Basic Drills to Strengthen Fingers Of The Hand

Drills For Fingers Strength

  • Claw Stretch.
  • Table Fingers Stretch.
  • Palm Stretch.
  • Thumb Stretch.

Drills For Strong Grip

  • Fingertip Push-Ups.
  • 5lbs Plate Pinching.
  • Pull-Ups.
  • Pinch Plate Framer’s Walk.


Palming a basketball demands a player to have a sound technique and stiff fingers. This technique is very handy to have in a game and can create open gaps for the player and his teammates in the opposition lanes.

The given drills can improve the palming of a basketball for hand strength and firm grip. The task is easy but requires consistent practice to master it.