How to Jump Higher in Basketball (4 EASY TIPS)

Basketball is a game with high layups and dunk ratio. Every player, professional or rookie, your jumping needs to be up to the mark.

This article will tell you how to improve your jumping skills by having the basketball in your hands. To improve jumping in basketball, you must practice jumping by having a basketball in your hands.

Force is the second name for jumping. The more force you put in while launching for a jump, the higher you will get in the jump. Jumping depends on strength, but the more important factor is the technique for the jump.

The power in the jump depends on two factors. Force and Velocity.  Both factors depend on each other, and the more velocity you gain along with force, the higher you will go in your jump.

The player having strength doesn’t have to jump high. Strength is undoubtedly an important parameter, but the technique and skill to launch for a jump are more important.

Important Factors for a High Jump

There are three important factors to jumping high. They are as follows.

Work on your Squat

How to Jump Higher in Basketball

Strength gains in less time are the measure of a basketball player’s efficiency. The player’s strength is useless if he can’t squat well. The more force a player puts in the squat, the higher the jump.

The inclination of the hips and the bend of the knees are important factors. The player’s feet must be within the hip hinge, and the knees must be wider than the feet to get the ideal bend during the squat.

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Effective release of the stored force:

Basketball Jump higher

Jumping is required during shooting and defending. There are few steps available for a player to gain the perfect velocity and force to put it in the jump.

There is very little time, professionally half a second, to gain power and jump during the basketball game. Jumping will be done in half of the time consumed for storing the force by making your center of gravity lower on the penultimate step.

To store force quickly and effectively, you must work on the landing and leg exercises to put power into the jump.

Technique and Quickness

Jump high basketball

Quickness is the key to delivering all the tricks in the game. Technique and quickness are the right factors to improve jumping.

The best technique to jump high is to gain velocity in a few steps and store the force at the initial stage.

After these, transfer all the weight and force to the toes and get quickly into the launching position for the jump.

The jump will be higher when the technique and physical and mental coordination synchronize with the sheer body balance.

Drills for High Jumping in Basketball

Jump High in Basketball

The most effective drills for jumping higher in basketball are:

  • Broomstick Squat Jump.
  • Barbell Squat Jump.
  • The Bulgarian Split Squats.
  • Speedy Rope Jumps.
  • Box Jumps in Jump Launching Position.
  • High Power Skips.

NOTE: Keep a basketball in your hands while doing all the exercises


Jumping higher is the hearty wish of the basketball player. To jump higher, you must harmonize your strength, velocity, and technique in less than a quarter of the second time to perform an effective high jump in the basketball game. A player must practice exercise drills to improve jumping skills to attain this level.