Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes

“Nike is the best basketball shoe manufacturer,” a thing that almost all basketball fans hear nowadays.

Nike and Adidas have indeed held the majority of the market share when selling NBA shoes.  This does not mean that the other brands are useless.

Under Armour is one of the low-key brands in the market, and it produces the most cost-justifiable and comfortable shoes.  Here is a detailed analysis of the best shoes made by this manufacturer that might impress you.

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes

UA ModelTop DesignSole MaterialUpper MaterialEVA sole
Curry 5Mid-topRubberKnitYes
Charged Assert 8Low-topRubberSynthetic meshYes
Jet 2019Mid-topRubberLeather meshYes
Curry 5 Neon NightMid-topRubberTextile & SyntheticYes
HOVR Havoc 2Mid-topRubberTextile & SyntheticYes

Under Armour Curry 5

Stephen Curry’s new signature has caught the NBA world by storm. Almost all of his fans have made their way to the stores to buy this gem.

An entirely knit structure with a rubber sole provides the users with durability, comfort, and grip. Lace support is fully locked up where your feet fit from all the relevant sides.

Moreover, the anafoam containment zones near the forefoot and the heel cushion your feet like no other basketball shoe. The manufacturer has incorporated an EVA midsole to maximize the support, while the all-court grip system enables players to stop wherever they want.

What we liked

  • A knitted body with a rubber sole provides a breathable experience with a firm grip.
  • Lace support is fully locked up to keep your feet in the right position.
  • The mid-top design offers both protection and lightness in weight.
  • EVA midsole brings added comfort to your base.
  • Lightweight makes this pair compatible with runners.

What We didn’t like

  • The protection is not as good as the high-top shoes.
  • The quality is not as good as the previous model in the Curry series.
  • The sole gets torn off if handled with lesser care.

Final verdict

These signature shoes are comfortable for most of the part. You will get the maximum agility out of this pair like no other. The fit is also incredible. Minor quality issues reported by customers have made us rate it an 8 out of 10.

UA Charged Assert 8 Basketball Shoes

Made from a highly synthetic material, these shoes provide the best comfort at both the sole and upper part.

The upper mesh makes the shoes breathable, while the low-top design and compact design make it lightweight for those who like to run faster. The EVA sock liner adds more to your feet’ comfort during the long course of practice.

Furthermore, the company has invested even more in the midsole comfort by putting a leather layer on it (this keeps your feet in proper posture). These pairs are made for runners who like to take charge of their game early in the match.

What we liked

  • EVA midsole brings added comfort to your base.
  • Use a leather layer to keep your feet in the right spot.
  • Synthetic material for the breathable experience.
  • Low top design for lighter weight.

What We didn’t like

  • The low-top design removes the added support for your ankle.
  • The price is a little higher than the other competitors.
  • The sole often has the friction layer detached from the sole.

Final verdict

The weight is the least to allow you to move swiftly in the court alongside a very breathable experience. On the other hand, the low-top design takes the cushioning and support off your ankle. A solid 9 out of 10 without a second thought. 

Under Armour Jet Basketball Shoes

These shoes are made from leather and mesh material that is perforated to make it more breathable than other shoes on the market. The sole is made up of rubber to ensure that the user does not slip while playing.

The players also admire the lightweight and mid-top design that provides an ideal balance between weight and ankle protection. The thermoplastic layer helps the shoe to maintain its shape during hot and humid conditions.

The internal heel counter is fitted inside the inner compartment to support and fit the lateral part of your feet. Last but not least, you will get the mandatory EVA sock liner midsole to cushion and support the lower portion of your feet.

What we liked

  • EVA midsole brings added comfort to your base.
  • Perforated leather and mesh layers for a breathable experience.
  • The sole is made of rubber to increase the strength of your grip.
  • TPU technology maintains the shape of your shoes.
  • Internal heel counters to absorb shocks.

What We didn’t like

  • The cushioning is thinner than other models.
  • The stitching is not so durable.

Final verdict

Leather and mesh, are a brilliant combination that will make you comfortable both physically and mentally. Play without the worries of durability issues apart from the stitching. 8 out of 10, any time any day.

Under Armour Curry 5 Neon Night Basketball Shoes

These are convenient pairs of shoes for those users who have a good budget. The outer material is made up of textiles and is one hundred percent synthetic.

The mid-top design provides much-needed ankle support for kids and adults while keeping the agility and lightweight intact. The sole is made of a rubber sole, which allows you to grip and run on the most slippery surfaces.

Moreover, the anafoam chamber packs your feet from the forefoot and heel area. The laces also fit the shoe from all sides to increase support and durability. 

What we liked

  • Mid-top protects your ankle along with a lightweight.
  • Rubber sole allows you to grip the floor with authority.
  • Anafoam chamber for the perfect fit.
  • 360-degree laces to allow better fitting and support.
  • A fashionable look for youngsters.

What We didn’t like

  • The quality of the material is often considered as low.
  • The rubber at the bottom wears off on rough surfaces.
  • Finding the perfect size is often a headache for most users, so choose the size wisely.

Final verdict

A stylish pair of sneakers that will make everyone on the court look at you. If you choose the size wisely and the surface is not very slippery, it will score an 8 out of 10.

Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe

These shoes contain the classic textile upper as any other traditional sneakers have. The molded design increases the amount of comfort and breathability.

The webbed laces provide maximum support and are a brilliant fit for people with all sorts of foot thicknesses.  The mid-top shoe design allows you to run faster than ever, and the ankle support is better than the low-top shoes.

The bootie is designed by the manufacturers so that the design is kept lower to allow the feet to slide easily. EVA midsole is another feature that is comfortable and supportive at the same time. You would feel almost no gravity acting upon your feet while you use these shoes.

What we liked

  • Half bootie allows the user to wear the shoes quickly.
  • Mid-top design for moderate ankle support and lightweight. 
  • Catchy looks for those who prefer wearing stylish shoes.
  • EVA midsole adds more support and comfort to your base.

What We didn’t like

  • It takes some time to loosen up. 
  • The area near the laces is not as durable as the other parts.
  • The smell is not good and will require regular cleaning.

Final verdict

Comfortable to wear, the only phrase that would describe these shoes like nothing else. The fitting is often a headache as the compartments take longer to ease up. A solid 8 from our side.

What To Look for While Buying The Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes?

There are numerous factors that you should consider before buying the most suitable and relevant shoes for yourself.

After analyzing the general demand in the market, we have made a list of the most-wanted features that you need to check before purchasing a pair of Under Armour shoes.


Comfort should be your foremost priority before getting done with your purchase. Read the reviews and check the cushioning inside the shoes to ensure that the pair contains the required softness to take the stress off your feet.

The top portion

The top ranges from low to high. If you buy the high top, then the ankle support is maximum, but your shoes’ weight gets heavier. The mid-top and low-top contain lesser support but increase the agility and flexibility of motion.

Material and overall look:

The look matters to some of the customers, especially the younger ones. If you are buying shoes for your kid, then you should check the design and look.

Material is another factor that is usually more important than the look. This factor defines the breathability and durability that the shoes will bring with them.

Grip and support:

Laces, midsole material, and design are known as the best indicators that tell you about your feet support. You should confirm whether the shoes that you are buying contain the needed foot support.

Extra features:

You might receive some extra features depending on the shoe type. Some of the most common features are thermoplasticity, EVA sole, half bootie, and 360 lace design. All these things increase comfort and well as support.

Why Do We Suggest Under Armour Basketball Shoes?

Why just Under Armour? Why no other shoe? All these questions are answered in the following headings.

Price range:

The price range is versatile in the list that we have mentioned. You would see the shoes starting from a price lower than 50 dollars to an amount as high as 140-150 dollars. You can easily choose, depending on your budget.

Style vs. class

Versatility is not just limited to the suppliers’ price but also relates to the look of the shoes on our list. You can find shoes with glittery and shiny looks for young buyers. On the other hand, you will also see pairs with a classic manly look, which athletes often wear.

Comfort and support:

Both the mentioned factors are like two opposite extremes in most cases. You would usually see shoe manufacturers usually choosing one feature over the other, but this is not the case.

All the shoes that we have mentioned on our list are properly cushioned and fit enough to keep your feet in the optimal posture.


Giving a final verdict has never been so difficult. If we name a winner among the shoes that we have mentioned, then this would be an injustice for all the other models that we leave behind.

It is all dependent on your preference and gameplay. Choose the lightest pair with proper cushioning and protection. It is never wise to sacrifice your agility for extra protection.

Comfort and your budget are two other factors that should be on your mind before buying. Under Armour is one of the most reputable shoemakers in the NBA circuit, so you can easily trust the quality without much of a worry.