Best Basketball Shoes Review 2020

Best Basketball Shoes Review

I’m sure you know that buying a pair of Best Basketball Shoes can dramatically increase your performance.

That’s why you are here! Isn’t it? 😉

The performance of the player depends largely on how brilliantly he has control over his feet movement and also on the agility of his moves.

While playing the game the feet, lower legs and ankles of players are highly subjected to significant and spontaneous forces which make these parts highly susceptible to different types of injuries.

Some of which could result in the ending of the player’s professional career. The player needs remarkable cushioning, breathability, traction, support, protection and comfort from the shoes to take the game to a new level.

It is, therefore, highly recommended to use a basketball shoe constructed with combined features of cushioning, breathability, support, stability, flexibility, and traction.

The basketball a player is using has a strong influence on the individual style of play and the physical build of a player. So, choose your basketball shoes wisely.

Best Basketball Shoes Review 2020 (TOP PICKS)

Every new day, month and year are bringing innovation in basketball shoe making the competition very tough. According to us, the top 10 picks of the best basketball shoe of 2020 are listed below.

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive

Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive occupies the first position in our top ten picks and has exceptional features. It has Primeknit Xeno upper which not only makes these shoes light weighted and comfortable but also causes breathability in these shoes.

Cushioning property behaves like honey to bees, more cushioning more users. This shoe is well known in the market for its excellent cushioning system, which not only makes you jump more safely but also protects your feet from trauma on impact.

The shoe is very good at relieving the pressure on the arches due to the presence of the lacing system and has a molded heel piece with the heel lace system that is capable of locking user’s feet down into the shoes which ensure minimum slipping

Traction is another important feature in these basketball shoes. It has a tinted TPU wrap around the shoe’s boost midsole to ensure exceptional traction and comfort which permits quick movements and outstanding cuts without the danger of falling or slipping.

What we liked
  • It is very breathable due to the Primeknit Xeno upper.
  • It has remarkable cushioning and provides excellent comfort.
  • It has outstanding traction due to tinted TPU wrap around shoe boost missile.
  • The lacing system used in this shoe decreases pressure on the arches.
What We didn't like
  • The back of the heel portion needs some time to break in and is a bit rigid.
  • It has been observed that after a few weeks of use, the traction starts to peel off.
  • These shoes are not durable for long practice hours.


Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier IX

The Nike Men’s Lebrun soldier IX occupies the second rank in our top ten picks. The shoe is featured with zoom air units that provide you with exceptional cushioning which permits you to move freely at any speed all around the court protecting you from injuries.

This shoe has high performance, a great range of motion and remarkable durability due to decoupled rubber pods that are present in it. This shoe uses Flywire cables that bear the ability to integrate with the strap of midfoot to provide you lightweight lateral support.

Ankles are very susceptible to different types of injuries in the basketball game. The shoe has a full inner sleeve that possesses the capability to wrap your foot very firmly and a wedge carrier foam support is also featured to support and protect your ankle to avoid pronation.

This shoe has featured a rubber sole which is rich in hexagonal patterning and multi-directional traction delivering you exceptional grip on different surfaces.

What we liked
  • It shows high cushioning due to zoom air units.
  • It has outstanding durability due to decoupled rubber pods.
  • It provides reasonable traction due to rubber soles with hexagonal patterning.
What We didn't like
  • These shoes are a little bit heavy.
  • They have a somewhat slim shape so wide feet player may become inconvenient.


Under Armour Men’s Curry 2.5

This shoe comes in the third position in our top picks. The Under Armour Men’s Curry 2.5 has used charged cushioning which absorbs shocks from impact and transforming it into energy that efficiently enhances the responsiveness and speed of the player on the court.

This shoe uses full-length Micro G foam that efficiently enhances the comfort level of shoes. This shoe locks your foot due to external heel counter and shank which not only increases stability but also provides great support to the ankle.

Traction is a huge consideration while choosing a basketball shoe. The shoe features a multi-directional organic herringbone traction pattern that is responsible for such a remarkable grip of shoes and this allows you to play and cut your way freely.

A basketball shoe is almost useless if it fails to provide breathability. This shoe has an ETC anti-friction top cloth that is performing the function of keeping your feet cool and dry adding to the overall breathability of the shoes.

What we liked
  • It has amazing cushioning due to the charged cushioning feature.
  • It has an exceptional grip due to the organic herringbone traction pattern.
  • It uses full-length Micro G foam that gives incredible comfort to the user.
  • It protects the ankle due to the external heel counter and shank.
What We didn't like
  • The shoes may run small in size for some users.
  • This shoe is arch less, so, people who need arch support may find it inconvenient.


Adidas Dame 5 Basketball Shoes

Adidas Dame 5 occupies the fourth position in our top 10 picks and you will never regret making Adidas Dame 5 as your game time shoes. This shoe has a very comfortable fit due to its lacing system which locks down your feet into your shoes more securely giving you the sensation of a more comfortable fit.

Good traction assures a reasonable grip on the game. This shoe uses herringbone traction that extends from heel to toe and has deep grooves that are spaced further apart which collectively provide you an incredible grip on all surfaces.

Cushioning system of shoes is another parameter while considering any basketball shoes. This shoe provides you remarkable responsive, bouncy and thick cushioning due to the bounce cushion system used in this shoe.

The thought of playing with hot and sweaty feet irritates you a lot. The mesh uppers of this shoe make it very breathable ensuring appropriate airflow keeping your feet cool and dry. The shoe has open collars that permit for easy on and off.

What we liked
  • They possess reasonable cushioning due to the bounce cushioning system.
  • They are breathable due to mesh upper composition.
  • These shoes show good traction pattern due to the herringbone traction pattern.
  • These shoes have a comfortable fit due to the lacing system used in these shoes.
What We didn't like
  • They are very costly.
  • They lack good ankle support because of the low cut top.


Nike Men’s Kyrie 4 Basketball Shoe

Nike Kyrie 4 is well-known shoes in the market and comes in the fifth position in our top ten picks. Playing with hot and sweaty feet can badly ruin your game. This shoe uses a ventilation feature to add to the breathability of the shoes.

Nike Kyrie 4 are high-quality shoes using leather and synthetic material blend that keeps and maintains the quality of the shoe. If you see its sole, it is comprised of suede to deliver you the apposite base for stability while you run during your game.

Nike Kyrie 4 has come with zoom air cushioning in the heel region. This cushioning assists in jumping and running while protecting your feet from trauma on impact and eases off excessive pressure during your different types of movements.

This shoe also assures seamless transitions and smooth speed changes because the sides of the sole of this shoe feature inward curves for this purpose and this shoe has ultra-Light supper strong Flywire cables that assist you in sharp cuts and also enhances the comfort level of the shoes.

What we liked
  • It has good durability.
  • It assures smooth and seamless transitions.
  • It has remarkable breathability and cushioning.
  • It has ultra-light super-strong Flywire cables to aid you in sharp cuts.
What We didn't like
  • These shoes have less color range to choose from.
  • It is seen that Kyrie 4 runs small so the users are advised to go at least a half size up.


Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam

Adidas Performance Men’s cloudfoam comes at sixth rank in our top pics. This shoe has leather and fabric upper composition making this shoe extremely light weighted and breathable.

The rear quarter, collar and tongue of the shoe is a mesh that allows air circulation into the shoes and is a high-top basketball shoe and it contains a 3 stripes logo on the side of the shoes containing some pores for additional ventilation.

It has a special feature of cloudfoam sockliner and midsole which offer light cushioning and has a memory foam footbed that highly increases the comfort level of the shoes that provides a soothing effect to users.

This shoe has a rubber outsole that is responsible for the remarkable traction of these shoes. This shoe has a very appealing appearance and comes in different colors to match the taste of different users

What we liked
  • It is very light weighted and extremely breathable.
  • It features cloudfoam sockliner and midsole which highly enhances its cushioning capability.
  • It uses memory foam footbed to increase the comfort level of these shoes.
What We didn't like
  • The insole has a thin lining on the front part, so the feet of the user might get hurt on striking with a heavy object.


Adidas Harden Vol 3 Basketball Shoes

Adidas Harden Vol.3 occurs in the seventh position in our top 10 picks and is a low-cut basketball.  If you are a wide feet player and want a perfect fit, these shoes match your standard.

This basketball shoe has boosted the cushioning system which provides these shoes with an exact balance and value of bouncy and firm and is not too rigid or too bouncy. This shoe has an overlay, webbing system, and a wide base that gives you the utmost stability and support.

The grip of the shoes is caused by its sole. The makers of this shoe have used herringbone traction pattern for providing you an exceptional grip on all types of surfaces, especially on smooth and clean courts.

The lacing system of this shoe makes this shoe highly suitable for different types of feet as it has provided you with the right to adjust the fit. You can loose or tight the lace according to your comfort level.

What we liked
  • It has a huge heel tab that makes it easy to put on these shoes.
  • It uses a boost cushioning system for exceptional cushioning.
  • It is a highly stable and secure shoe.
  • It is suitable for different types of feet due to its lacing system.
What We didn't like
  • It is claimed by some buyers that due to low collars the shoes lack ankle support.
  • These shoes are not very suitable for wide feet players.


Nike Men’s Hyperdunk

It has eight ranks in our top 10 picks and it is a mid-top basketball shoe that offers you maximum comfort, stability, support and cushioning without restricting your feet movement.

This shoe has very reasonable cushioning due to the zoom air units in the forefront and the heel region of the shoes. There is an integration of Flywire cables with the laces in the shoes that perform the function of locking your foot down to deliver you stability during the game.

This basketball shoe has injected pylon midsole that brings you to a new level of cushioning that is capable of absorbing high shocks protecting your feet from any sort of injury. Both zoom air units and injected phylon midsole add to cushioning of these shoes.

This shoe has a rubber sole having herringbone traction pattern that permits you to make quick and sharp cuts and allow multi-directional movements of players without the danger of slipping or falling on a surface.

What we liked
  • It contains zoom air units in the heel and forefoot for an appreciable level of cushioning.
  • It contains flywire cables that bear the capacity to integrate with laces for great lockdown.
  • It uses the herringbone tread pattern for good traction.
  • It allows for multi-direction movements.
What We didn't like
  • These shoes are not suitable for wide feet players.
  • Because of the tight fitness of these shoes, it is sometimes felt that the ankle support is bumping into the ankle


Adidas Crazylight Boost low basketball Shoes

This shoe comes at ninth rank in our top ten ranks for best basketball shoes. If you are longing for most stylish, functional, low design basketball shoes incorporating all other features, do not go elsewhere! You are at the right place.

The rear quarter, collar and tongue of the shoe is a mesh that allows air circulation into the shoes. The shoes deliver outstanding breathability due to the fabric that is used in the upper part of the shoe to ensure proper air circulation to minimize the sweating of feet and keeping them cool.

The lacing system of the shoe is very good which makes it very easy for players to remove and wear these shoes. The shoe also has a foam-filled Achilles pillow for additional comfort.

The shoe features a full-length boost that provides the users with the right amount cushioning and has a rubber inner sole that is responsible for the incredible traction it offers to its users.

What we liked
  • It has energy-returning properties.
  • It has a foam-filled Achilles pillow for extra comfort.
  • It possesses good grip, breathability and cushioning.
  • It has a stylish design and comes in many different colors.
What We didn't like
  • These shoes are a bit wider, so some players might find it difficult to find a proper fit
  • The heel region of these shoes may feel hard and rigid due to extra support.


Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 Basketball Shoes

This shoe comes at the tenth place in our top ten picks. Jordan why not zero.2 is famous in the market for its exceptional cushioning that it offers to its player. In addition to that, it is very supportive, has praiseworthy traction and outstanding support.

If you are longing for exceptional cushioning from shoes, then zero.2 may be exactly what you are searching for. It has incorporated zoom air units in the forefeet that provide you superb cushioning.

This shoe has used the circular traction pattern and heel padding that gifts you with valuable grip on all types of the surface making you move on the playing court without sliding all over the area.

Strong support and foot lockdown features are something in these shoes that would definitely make you try these shoes. These shoes have used overlay straps that wrap around your feet at the rear foot, midfoot and forefront making you feel your feet secure from injuries on impact.

What we liked
  • These do not require additional break-in time.
  • The hoppers can wear ankle braces due to the full tongue and knit collars.
  • It has good tractions due to herringbone traction pattern.
  • It is also suitable for foe wide feet players.
What We didn't like
  • Some users complain that the shoe feels a little unstable.
  • These shoes are a little heavy and bulky.
  • A little rubbing occurs around the ankle area while using these shoes.


How to Choose Good Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

The best basketball shoe can be considered as one that bears the capability to boost your game style and take you many steps closer to your success.

Different basketballs have different features and technologies. The one with better feathers is superior to the other.

Nowadays every new basketball is appearing in the market in the most advanced form to meet the dynamic needs of different types of players.

A reasonable basketball shoe must have certain features in it. These features include remarkable cushioning, breathability, traction, flexibility and support and protection.

You cannot buy any basketball blindly, so, whenever you wish to purchase basketball shoes, do consider these features. These features are discussed below.


Nothing is worse than playing with hot, stinky and sweaty feet which can be the root cause of your failure causing you to slip and making you uncomfortable.

This happens when the shoes, you are wearing, offer you least or no breathability. It is, therefore, very important to have breathable shoes.

Breathability is a property in a shoe that offers appropriate airflow into your shoes which not only regulates the temperature inside your shoes but also keeps your feet dry and cool.

Good breathability adds to the comfort level of the players and increases in him the confidence to play his tricks and sharp moves more efficiently and effectively, which in turn takes him very close to his success.

Most basketball shoes have breathable upper for breathability and add to the overall comfort of the player. Breathability reduces the odor of the player’s feet because air constantly flows through shoes.

Most manufacturers use synthetic material or mesh for breathability which is, indeed,  healthy choices having the upside of dampness wicking properties.

The breathable boards are located in the shoe area which is most exposed to heat like the toe box, the highest point of the foot and the sides of shoes.

Therefore, must check breathability while considering any basketball shoe as a breathable shoe that takes you very close to your success.


Basketball is all about quick and sharp cuts, moves and good jump. So, good cushioning becomes highly important for a basketball player to stay in the competition.

Good cushioning absorbs shocks on impact and minimizes the deliverance of unnecessary pressure to the user’s feet which keep the feet of player safe from injuries.

A good cushioning increases comfort and confidence of the player. It also aids in keeping the feet of the player well-grounded and let him perform to the level he wants to.

Different basketball companies use different types of cushioning technology to satisfy the demands of the players e.g.; some use Nike zoom air cushioning, some use Adidas boost cushioning and some use under Armor charged cushioning.

Nike zoom air cushioning is used by the Nike brand. It utilizes cushioning that unites pressurized air with an inner filament that makes this cushioning super responsive spring back cushioning.

Adidas boost cushioning has combined the responsiveness and delicate soft cushioning to give you a superb boosting system. The more energy you give, the more you get cushioning form Adidas boot cushioning technology.

Under Armour charged cushioning is a two-piece framework that is capable of coupling on a thick and firmer layer of foam a delicate and extravagant layer of foam for good quality of cushioning.

In short, cushioning is the most important feature that mist be considered while purchasing basketball shoes for yourself. Good cushioning ensures good games and amazing results!


What would be your feelings if you slip or fall on the ground while playing the game? Of course, you would be ashamed! That would happen due to poor traction of basketball shoes.

The basketball game is full of sharp cuts, slicing, halting and quick movements and chances of slipping of players are very obvious. It is very crucial for a player to make every move fearlessly by have an essential grip on the ground.

The amount of traction offered to you by your shoes highly depends on the design and composition of the sole. The rubber sole is very famous for providing appreciable amounts of grip to users.

If you go to the market to buy a basketball shoe, you must consider its traction quality. Good traction is a feature that brings you close to your success.

Basketball makers are using different traction patterns to further add to the grip it offers to its players. The most effective traction pattern used nowadays is the herringbone traction pattern.

Herringbone design is an exceptional traction design providing you an amazing grip. In this design, the rubber has crisps-cross lines that provide the utmost grip towards each path and has a vacant space in the middle which assures that the dust particles do not stick to the sole surface.

Good traction provides you confidence in your moves by eliminating the fear of slipping and let you implement your tricks more easily.


The material of shoes also matters in your performance. A high-quality material appears to have a more positive influence on your game compared to a low-quality material.

Nowadays, a variety of upper materials are used in basketball shoes. These materials range from unbuckling leather to synthetic meshwork and high tech textile materials like Nike flyknit or Adidas primeknit.

Mesh and other synthetic uppers are less expensive materials and they require a brief period to break in.

The high-tech materials are somewhat more costly and delicate. They do not require time to break in and are agreeable from the earliest starting point.

Despite these differences, most of the present-day materials provide an extremely decent activity to the user and do not differ eminently with regards to performance.

Support and protection:

Would you ever want to have your feet victim of different types of injuries because of less support and protection? Obviously no!

It is, therefore, very important to choose your basketball very wisely to deliver your feet crucial support and protection. Basket is a package of jumping, energized movements and cut, so it becomes very necessary to consider the features while considering any basketball shoes.

Outrigger is a typical support feature used almost in every cutting-edge basketball shoe. The base of the shoe is made more extensive by the expansion of the external bottom by placing outrigger on the sidelong side of the shoe which provides a steady stage to protect your feet from rolling.

The greatest support feature used in basketball shoe is the fit and lockdown of a shoe so you can play your game at the next level.


If the flexibility of basketball shoes is taken into account, must keep it in mind that flexibility is an element, not any feature present in shoes.

Although it is an abstract element yet it makes everyone recognized its importance. It is a specific base of the most movements that you make with your feet. If this feature is lacking, then you have to face strong strain and stress particularly in the curve region of feet.

This feature is provided by most basketball shoes. You should see for one that offers flexibility in the bottom region of shoes making your feet move normally while running or bouncing.

Never compromise the quality of these features whenever you are out for purchasing basketball shoes.


This article has presented the top 10 basketball shoes of 2019. All the shoes listed above are very outstanding and it is hard to choose one and leave others. Still, there exist some differences among which let us rank them.

The best basketball shoe is Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy basketball shoes. They are highly responsive and high energy basketball shoes. These have superb traction and provide you a strong grip on all surfaces.

It has Primeknit Xenon upper that makes these shoes not only remarkably breathable but also makes them very light weighted contributing to making these shoes very comfortable for users.

These shoes offer superb traction due to tinted TPU rubber over boosted middle and wrap around midsole that enhances traction.

This shoe is a complete package offering you maximum breathability, outstanding cushioning, remarkable traction and high levels of comfort, flexibility, and stability. You would never be disappointed by considering our top 10 picks.

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