Basketball Jersey Size Chart

Young basketball fans and rookie players usually find it difficult to find a suitable basketball jersey for themselves. It is disappointing when you needed your favorite basketballer’s shirt and all the wait has brought you nothing but disappointment because you did not pay attention to some simple but crucial factors.

Online purchases are full of scams and fraudulent sales but the supplier is not always at fault. Customers often neglect some crucial factors while making the purchase that costs them in the end.

We have received emails regarding taking notice against suppliers and our team has found that almost half the time customers made the wrong purchase.

Here are our findings and the things we recommend you to take care of before committing to any purchase.

What size NBA basketball jersey should I buy?

When do we see suppliers at fault?

We need to start with the suppliers’ fault because there are distributors who do not mention a detailed size specification. This lack of information mostly misleads buyers to buy the wrong size.

We, by no means, claim that the suppliers intentionally emit information to mislead the buyers but negligence on their part disappoints the majority of fans. Apart from this fault, we will focus on what you need to assure yourself of an appropriate purchase.

Identify your usage and preferences

The first thing that you need to consider before deciding on a particular size is the usage of your shirt. By usage, we mean whether you are buying it to wear during the basketball games at your school or during watching live matches.

If you are planning to wear the shirt while playing basketball games then we will recommend you to choose for a fit and precise size to reduce the annoyance when shooting the ball.

On the contrary, if you want to wear it to support your team in live matches then decide whether you will wear something under it. A shirt under which you wear a shirt or a hoodie needs to be loose to be less congested and irritating.

Some shirts have longer designs than others. When purchasing such shirts, your focus must be on the length more than the width and other factors. Also, look at your preference. Some people usually like wearing looser shirts.

Finding the right size

Now that the easy part of identifying the usage is done, we can move on to a more difficult part where you need to be cautious. You should make sure that you know your measurements as well as the measurements that a particular shirt carries. Keep in mind that all different brands and products contain different size specifications.

In order to know your size, the first thing that you can do is to visit the nearest store and try some shirts. It would be better if you try those shirts which you are willing to buy (due to a considerable variation from brand to brand).

You can purchase the shirt there or leave it there. Now you are sure of which size to order when you will make the online purchase.
You can also know your size at your home by using the measuring tape which the tailors use.

The most important parts are the chest, shoulder, and neck. Roll the tape around your chest (under the armpits) and note the reading that you get after one complete rotation. Measure the shoulders and the vertical length for further detailed purchase.

Just make sure that you buy the exact size of your chest if you need a fitted shirt. On the other hand, people preferring loose shirts should buy a size higher than their chest measurements.


Basketball Jersey Size Chart

Chest Size
Brand S M L XL XXL
Nike authentic 35 to 37.5 37.5 to 41 41 to 44 44 to 48.5 48.5 to 53.5
Adidas replica 40 44 48 52 56
Adidas swingman 41 44 47 50 53
Adidas authentic 40.4 42.4 44.4 46.4 48.4
Mitchell and Ness authentic 37 to 39 41 to 43 45 to 47 49 to 51 53 to 55

The old school t-shirts from the 80s and 90s
There are fans who still demand the old designs which the company has ceased making. First of all, finding such rare shirts is very difficult so you need to confirm the size. The old shirts have different sizes and numeric tags so you need to watch out for variations. Current sizes mentioned by us might not apply there. The more antique the stuff you buy, the better should be your understanding of the particular item that you are purchasing. Acquiring accurate size information about the disband jersey design is even a more difficult thing to do as the websites and magazines focus on newer items, not the old ones.

Still in doubt?

If you are still in doubt regarding the shirt size then you can avoid the online purchase. For confused customers, the best option is to go for physical purchases because they can easily try the shirt they want. Even though we know that the online purchase is something more convenient as it saves the effort of getting up and driving to the brand store. This effort is far better than waiting a long time to receive a delivery just to know that the size is not suitable for your usage.


Buying an NBA jersey might seem like a simple thing to do but there are several things that you need to keep in your mind. The purchase is not as straightforward as buying a casual outfit or formal dress because you will either play sweaty games while wearing it or support your team inside a stand full of fans. Make sure the size that you choose provides you with the best experience in terms of ease and breathability.
We have mentioned some of the most popular brands available in the market alongside the size specifications so you can easily compare your chest size to it.