How Engineers Play Basketball

Basketball has the spark and charisma to give its addiction to anyone, irrespective of the age and profession of the person. There is no limitation of such barriers to playing basketball.

The word ‘Engineer’ reflects the technical image of the thinker’s mind. Basketball is also a very technical game.

How engineers play basketball is a theme based on the technical aspects involved in enhancing the basketball game.

There are many angles for a player to work on to score points. The ball’s speed and trajectory to go directly into the rim also matter greatly in the game.

Every step taken, forward or backward, must be calculated to have a better sense of positioning on the basketball court.

Engineer’s Way of Playing Basketball

This article will tell you the engineer’s way of playing basketball.

Must-Have Complete Knowledge of the Dimensions of the Court:

How Engineers Play Basketball Court Dimension

It is essential to have complete knowledge of the dimensions of the professional basketball court. The regular size of the NBA and NCCA full basketball courts is 94 feet by 50 feet.

The Centre line is in the exact middle of the court and runs horizontally from one side of the basketball court to the other side. A free-throw line is placed 15 feet from the hoop and is 12 feet long.

The height of the basketball pole is 10 feet from the ground level to the top of the rim. The rim or hoop has a diameter of 18 inches.

Sharp at Angles and Trajectories:

To score a single point of three points, it is imperative to have precise control over the speed, angles, and trajectory of the basketball.

It is the practice that makes you master these technicalities. Hold the basketball in the wide fingers and throw it to the rim with the rolling force from the fingers.

Elbow and Knee Positioning:

How Engineers Play Basketball tricks

Shooting the basketball to score points requires factors like speed, trajectory, and angles to be perfectly executed if the elbow and wrist positioning of the dominant hand is correct.

Don’t let the basketball hand go behind the head; keep it in front of the forehead for shooting.

Knees bend is also very important for jumping with a basketball in hand. Knees must be widely spread, and the feet distance must match the shoulder width.

Exercise for Better Results:

How Engineers Play Basketball Exercise for Better Results

A sound body has a sound mind.” The sound mind deals with the game calculations and instant reactions of the player on the court.

It is imperative to have a sound body to support the mind.

Take a proper diet with basic daily exercises.

Include running in your daily routine to increase stamina and shape the body. Practice the game daily for some time to strengthen your skills and techniques.


Engineers play basketball with proper technique and practice. An engineer’s way of playing basketball demands a solid grip on the feet and hand movements, along with the precise speed, angles, and trajectory behind the basketball.

This article covers the engineer’s way of playing basketball and aids you with tips on playing basketball as a basketball engineer.