Best Basketball Referee Whistles

best basketball referee whistles reviewIf you are a basketball referee, you would certainly be very careful in the matter of your whistle.

You would never wish to compromise on your most important tool and would like to get an excellent whistle for your purpose. 

Whistles are very helpful in getting the players’ attention quickly in the presence of a noisy crowd.

Whistle performs many tasks as it is used to start the game, end the game, stop the game, resume the game, end the fight, declare fouls, and some related situations. 

This article will help the basketball referees in getting a brilliant whistle for themselves.

We have mentioned five basketball referees whistles in this regard and have briefly discussed their prominent aspects.

Best Basketball Referee Whistles

Crown Stainless Steel Whistle

If you are longing for a good stainless steel basketball whistle, you should consider Crown Stainless Steel Whistle. Its stainless steel feature makes it resistant to corrosion. This property shows that it is durable and has excellent quality.

It is introduced with cork pea that helps in generating a shrill and loud sound. This whistle’s sound is so loud and bold that it can be heard in much large and noisy crowds. This point makes this whistle very suitable for basketball referees.

It is very convenient to blow and requires less breath of you in comparison with pealess whistles. You can get the whistle’s desired length by adjusting its yellow bead, which lets you manage the lanyard’s length. Moreover, it is light-weighted and is also reasonably priced. 


  • It is made of stainless steel that makes it durable.
  • It is light-weighted and has good quality.
  • It makes a shrill and loud sound, and this property owes to the use of cork pea in it.
  • It needs less breath of users to perform its task.


  • Some people complained that it has a little bit small size.

Premium Metal Whistle  

When it comes to Premium Metal Whistle, you are going to get super loud whistles. The whistle is so loud that it can be easily heard over 100 dB and easily gets the players’ attention.

It is light-weighted and weighs only 0.2 ounces. If we see its composition, it is composed of high-quality brass metal. This composition makes it impact resistant and cracks free. It is introduced with a cork pea that equips it with a bold, crisp sound.

It is featured with 19 inches lanyard that fits any neck size and delivers a comfortable fit to the users. The lanyard can be easily adjusted because of the gold adjustment ball present on it.

Moreover, these strings are also removable. This pack consists of two whistles and is offered with ninety days money-back guarantee. 


  • It has cork pea and generates a bold, crisp sound.
  • Its sound can be easily heard over 100 dB.
  • The brass metal composition makes it impact resistant and cracks free.
  • It has adjustable and removable lanyards.
  • The pack is comprised of two whistles.
  • It weighs 0.2 ounces.
  • It comes with 90 days money-back guarantee.


  • Some people mentioned that the ring of the whistle was not sturdy.
  • According to some customers, one of the whistles in the pack came with two cork peas, which hindered the whistle’s function. 
  • Some customers reviewed that pea in the whistle became wet.

Fox 40 Sonik Whistle

Fox 40 Sonik Whistle is known for its loud and shrill sound. It is introduced with a loud sound of over 120+ dB, and you can hear this easily over a distance of a mile. 

It is 100% resistant to moisture because it is 100% made of high-impact ABS plastic. It is a pealess whistle, and its sound is not obstructed. You can not overblow this whistle, which means that the sound’s loudness would depend on how hard you blow the whistle.

The CMG in the name is showing that it is introduced with a cushioned mouth grip. The cushioned mouth grip permits you to hold it in your mouth for a longer duration.


  • It has a loud sound of over 120+ dB.
  • It shows a hundred percent resistance to moisture.
  • Being pealess, its sound is not obstructed.
  • Its cushioned mouth grip lets you hold it in your mouth for a longer duration.


  • It is costly.

Electronic Whistle For Coaches

If you need an electronic whistle for your purpose, you should not miss Electronic Whistle For Coaches. You don’t need to blow the whistle because it is a hand whistle.

It gives you a consistent loud sound every time. It provides over 120±5 dB loud sound, making the sound easily audible in a large, noisy area.

It has a volume control feature that allows you to control the whistle’s volume from the options available. It is introduced with three different tones; you can go with the one meeting your purpose. If we move to its battery, it is delivered with four pcs CR2032 lithium batteries. 

It is composed of high-quality ABS material, which is non-toxic and tasteless. It is featured with an anti-split strong design that gives it appreciable durability. Moreover, this whistle is light in weight and is also portable.


  • It is an electronic whistle.
  • It has three different tones.
  • It gives you a consistent loud sound every time.
  • It has a volume control feature.
  • It is light-weighted, durable, and portable. 


  • Some people have complained that it should be louder.

Hipat Whistle

Hipat Whistle is another good whistle for basketball referees, and it performs its task well. It makes a very clear and loud sound. The sound is over 120 dB and can be heard clearly in much noise.

It has a black nylon lanyard that allows you to hang this whistle around your neck and frees your hands. It is composed of thick plastic that does not let it break easily. This whistle becomes quite durable as a result of this composition.  

It has a pea that allows this whistle to generate a loud and shrill sound. It is light-weighted. This pack consists of two whistles and is reasonably priced.


  • It can generate a sound of over 120 dB.
  • It can be hanged around your neck with the help of a lanyard.
  • It is composed of thick plastic and is durable.
  • It is light-weighted.
  • This whistle has a pea. 


  • Some customers have reviewed that the lanyard of the whistle has not good quality and comes apart easily.

Things To Consider While Buying Basketball Referee Whistle 

If you have no idea about basketball whistles, don’t worry! We are here to help you. Even if you have some idea about whistles, you can get confused about buying which whistle because there are different types of whistles available in the market.

It is probable that not every whistle will be suitable for your use. Therefore, you should not randomly pick any whistle for yourself.

It would always be useful to keep specific points in your mind when purchasing a basketball whistle. These points are mentioned and briefly discussed in this section.


There are different types of whistles available in the market, and you need to select the one meeting your demands carefully. There are pea whistles that have a cork pea in them.

The other type is pealess whistles having no pea in them. Now, even more, advanced whistles in the form of electronic whistles are also available in the market. Keep your desired features in your mind, and make a wise decision.


If your whistle is not loud enough to be heard in a noisy crowd, what benefits are you getting out of it? Nothing!

During the basketball game, a massive crowd is usually present on the court, and you have to perform your duty in a noisy area. Therefore, you need to have a loud whistle that could be heard in much noise.

If your whistle has not much loudness, it would not be audible to the players in the noise, and the game will be affected. So, do not ignore this feature and check the loudness of your considered whistle properly.


Imagine you want to make a call; your whistle does not work properly, and you fail to make a call at the right time. Seems embarrassing? Yes, it is!

The whistle is your most essential tool, and it should be reliable enough to make a call instantly when you wish to make a call. Therefore, consider this factor when you are selecting a whistle for yourself.


Would you get a whistle for yourself that breaks or stops functioning after some time of buying? Of course, it does not sound good.

You should get a whistle that would work properly for an appreciable period. Durability mostly depends on the material of the whistle, so bring a durable whistle for yourself.


Another factor to be kept in mind while searching for a whistle is the level of comfort it is offering to its users. If the whistle is not easy to use and is not comfortable, you would be irritated by it.

If you need to hang your whistle around your neck, get a whistle with a lanyard. So, get a comfortable whistle for yourself.

Customer Reviews

Once you have made your mind for a certain whistle, you should check the users’ reviews on that specific whistle. If most of the comments are good, you can buy it. If the reviews are not satisfactory, it is recommended that you should consider some other whistle.   


This article is based on basketball referee whistles, and we have discussed five basketball referee whistles in this context. All the discussed whistles work well, but they can be classified into five different ranks due to some features.

According to us, the whistle that should be ranked first is Crown Stainless Steel Whistle. Crown Stainless Steel Whistle is composed of stainless steel that makes it resistant to corrosion.

This composition assures that it has good quality and is a durable whistle. It is featured with cork pea that generates a shrill and loud sound. This sound is so loud can be heard in much noise.  

You can blow it very easily, and it needs less breath of you compared to pealess whistles. You can get the whistle’s desired length by adjusting its yellow bead, which lets you manage the lanyard’s length.

Moreover, it is light-weighted and is also not costly. We suggest you use these whistles for good results. You would not be displeased by our recommendations and would like the experience with them.