Best Basketball Tips for Short Players

Tips for Short Players Basketball

You Can’t Coach Size.” That’s a famous proverb in basketball. It is used for short basketball players. 😉

The majority of basketball players have a height above six and a half feet.

There is a general image of basketball that a game should be played above the rim.

It means that the players must be able to reach above the rim to score.

There is no need to get frustrated if you are a basketball player with a short height.

Basketball legends like Spud Webb, Steve Nash, and Isiah Thomas all have short height, but they cast a spell of magic on the audience with undaunting skills and excellent professionalism.

Can Short Players Play Basketball?

Of course. If you are a passionate basketball player, then your “height” will never be an issue. You can be a Star!! Believe in yourself! <3

This article will aid you with the tips to excel in basketball having a short height.

How To Be Good At Basketball If You’re Short

The following tips would be fruitful for the short height basketball player.

Improve Your Dribbling

How To Be Good At Basketball If You’re Short

Dribbling is the art that doesn’t require to be a taller player. Dribbling is the art to find a gap in defense of the opposition.

The game of basketball is played on a short court as compared to many other sports, making and finding a gap is the real skill and helps the team to score.

When you are practicing for dribbling, you must look ahead to have a clear view of the moves of the players and try to learn to dribble with two balls in hands. It will automatically make dribbling easy with one ball in the game.

Learn Effective Defending

Learn Effective Defending

There is no doubt in the importance of a skillful defender on the court. To be a skillful defender undermines your short height. An excellent defensive player has speedy feet and energetic hands.

Just train yourself to be swifter and more responsive than the taller teammates. It will add value to you and your team strength.

Cutting the open lanes to your rim will force the opposition to spend more time around the edges and allow your teammates to hold defensive positions.

Master a Floater

Best Basketball Tips for Short Players

The floater is the shooting technique without an active jump. Many short players try to practice shooting with an active jump.

Short height players jumping shoot moves will easily be blocked by the opponents. So, to make an impact on the scoreboard, the floater is the way to go for a shooting.

The best technique to deliver a floater is to move a couple of steps ahead with successive right and left foot sides movement.

And swiftly shoot the ball with the rolling fingers without jumping high. It will make a big difference in your game.

Build a Strong Body

build large muscles

Strength is always required to play any game, and it is more important for a short player to have a definite shape.

The body strength will help a short player to move and dribble faster than the taller players.

Strength adds up an advantage of speed behind the passes and shoots. Make a habit of exercise daily to increase your strength.

Be a Good Team Player


There are a lot of concerns involved with the selection of a short player in a basketball team.

To mitigate such concerns of the team management and teammates, a short player must be skillful in passing the efficiently to the teammates.

Success is the result of a team effort.

You should be focused on creating opportunities for your teammates to score.  Assisting in scoring will always help you to be a permanent member of the playing team.


Short players have an equal opportunity to excel in the game of basketball. What requires is the courage to learn handy skills.

The speed, technique, and skills along with the ability to be a good teammate are the essence for short players to become successful and priority pick of any team.