Best Basketball Shoes for Women

best women basketball shoes

I know there are lots of basketball shoes for women.

But, the question is, are those really good enough for women to play basketball?

I don’t think so…

Sometimes, after very good research, we still fail to choose the right shoes.

It’s normal. Don’t worry. 😉

The good news is that You don’t need to worry anymore. We have done everything for you.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best basketball shoes for women. You can choose any one of your choices.

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Best Basketball Shoes For Women

Nike’s Women Hyperdunk 2017

Nike is at the top of the list with its Women Hyperdunk 2017 basketball shoes. Nike is a global market giant and captured a great part of the basketball shoe market in the world.

Nike Women Hyperdunk 2017 is made with a combination of synthetic mesh and a new addition of nylon. Nike made the base of the body with synthetic mesh and backed it with an additional layer of nylon.

The combination makes the shoe very durable and powerful. The weight is still light and is the best thing to have in the basketball shoe.

The lightweight basketball shoe will help the women to jump with ease and land quickly to get back in the game.

What we liked
  • They are light in weight and attractive.
  • Remarkable heel and forefeet cushioning are provided.
  • Flywire grips the feet well.
  • High cut protects the heel and sung fits to them.
  • They are durable with the addition of a nylon layer.
What We didn't like
  • Breathability is good but less than Women Hyperdunk 2016.
  • They are one of the expensive shoes in the market.


Adidas Women Pro Model Zero Best Basketball Shoes for Women

This is the best Adidas basketball shoe for women. These shoes are made with the help of Torsion System technology. They are made with all leather material and are durable because of their all-leather body.

There are mini holes on the sides of the leather body. These holes only allow the air to get in the shoes and keep the feet’ temperature within the comfortable range. They are good at breathability.

An important addition to the protection of feet is the availability of a rubber toe box. It covers the toe region and gives protection to the toe of the player in case if someone accidentally steps on the foot.

What we liked
  • PU insole makes them comfortable and supportive.
  • Ankle protection is present.
  • All Leather construction makes them durable.
  • Mini holes on the sides of the upper body add a breathability factor.
  • The rubber toe box protects the toe of the player.
What We didn't like
  • The player feels difficulty breaking in these shoes.
  • They are not as light as mesh material constructed shoes.


Under Armour Women’s Micro G Torch

UA Micro G Torch women basketball shoe is an attractive shoe for women with a wide range of colors combination to go with.

They are famous due to their supportive, comfortable, and springy cushioning. Cushioning is done with the help of Micro G foam; the name of this shoe is based on this foam.

Micro G foam distributes the stresses all over the feet and stops the shock to reach the feet. The lightweight cushioning is very comfortable and bouncy.

What we liked
  • They have a long life span.
  • Cushioning is done with Micro G foam.
  • They are responsive and bouncy and enhance the performance of the player.
  • The herringbone pattern increases the stability and traction of these shoes.
  • Mid Cut makes it easy to break in and protects the ankle region.
What We didn't like
  • They feel heavy to some players.
  • They are not recommended to play for hours.


Nike Women’s Basketball Shoes

Prime Hype DF 2016 is engineered with a synthetic material that is a sign of endurance. The shoe grabbed the attention of many women basketball players because they are up to the mark with their unmatched characteristics.

Breath Tech of Nike is used to give proper ventilation in these shoes. Using synthetic material and providing such excellent ventilation make a perfect combo of durability and comfort.

Cushioning is done with high-quality Phylon. It makes the cushioning responsive and comfortable. Phylon absorbs the compressions subjected to the shoe and distributes them equally to safeguard feet from pain.

What we liked
  • Phylon cushioning is responsive and comfortable.
  • Traction is good on all surfaces.
  • Breath Tech technology makes them breathable.
  • Ankle protection is up to the mark.
What We didn't like
  • Hype DF 16 is expensive.
  • No forefeet and toe protection.


Under Armour Ua Jet

Beating Adidas in the top five, UA Jet is the most comfortable shoe on our list.

They are made with synthetic leather and are lightweight. The leather body makes it look attractive and gives durability.

Interior cushioning is done with compression molded foam, providing excellent comfort and protection from shocks. Shocks are absorbed by the compression-molded foam and keep the feet relaxed for hours.

The multi-directional pattern on a fine quality rubber sole gives stability to the player and sticks the surface well irrespective of the nature of the surface.

What we liked
  • The comfort level is very high.
  • The sole is stable and adheres well to the surface.
  • Luxurious ankle padding snug fits the ankle region.
  • Compression Molded Foam absorbs the shocks and bounces back with energy to the player.
What We didn't like
  • Ventilation is good but may fail during hot summer days.
  • They are difficult to break in for the first few times.


Nike Women Air Visi Pro V

Nike Women Air Visi Pro V is the fourth shoe of Nike in this list for ant woman players. This shoe is made for women to play with freedom without the fear of any feet injuries.

Nike Air Technology is used in the manufacturing of the heel of these shoes. Heels are designed to absorb the pressures and give a bouncy reaction to the player which enhances the overall performance of the player.

Traction herringbone pattern on rubber sole provides superior grip on all kinds of surfaces and helps the woman player from sliding and slipping on the court during aggressive and escape moves.

What we liked
  • Air Technology makes them bouncy and breathable.
  • Phylon foam makes the cushioning comfortable and supportive.
  • The grip of these shoes on the feet is excellent.
  • The herringbone pattern is responsible for superlative traction.
What We didn't like
  • It is difficult to break in these shoes.
  • Laces may get loose during aggressive play.


Women’s Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3

This is the best basketball shoe for woman players if we talk about protection and swiftness. The third UA shoe in this list of best basketball shoes for women provides enhanced ankle protection du the clutch drive 3 technology.

The clutch is the high cut on the ankle region of these shoes that holds the ankle with comfort and disallows any stretch to the ankle or feet ligaments.

This protection protects the feet from injuries like sprained ankle or ligaments bursts etc. The heel is bouncy, which means it is difficult for the shocks to reach the heel region for causing trouble to the player.

What we liked
  • The clutch protects the ankle from injuries.
  • Laces are provided until the collar holds the fit tightly in the shoe without limiting the foot’s movements.
  • Available in a lot of color combinations.
  • Breathability is commendable.
  • The heel is bouncy and boosts the energy of the player.
What We didn't like
  • Some woman players feel that the clutch is stiff.
  • They are expensive than other shoes having the mentioned features.


Nike Woman’s Zoom Shift Basketball Shoe

Nike is wrapping up the contest. No room for other shoes to come in the top ten. Let’s see where the list ends.

The Zoom Shift Basketball shoe is made up of synthetic fabric, which makes them lightweight and durable.

Buyers can use them ubiquitously because of the versatility of these shoes. They can be worn below any dress. They are very breathable because of the synthetic fabric of the upper body.

Sole is made up of synthetic material. The inside of the sole is very comfortable and responsive. The inside cushioning is made with light foam and absorbs the shocks to protect the feet from injuries.

What we liked
  • Synthetic fiber makes the shoe durable and light.
  • Lace-up construction holds the feet tight.
  • Traction and cushioning are impressive and up to the requirements.
  • Breathability is good and keeps the temperature within the comfort levels.
What We didn't like
  • They are only available in black and white combinations.
  • Not durable as leather upper basketball shoes.


Adidas Women’s Basketball Shoes

Techfit upper uses Adiprene material that makes them very flexible and stable. Stability is due to the additional sock-like fit provided in these shoes. Adiprene is also used in the cushioning of these shoes and makes them super comfortable.

It absorbs the shocks from the aggressive activities of the player on the court. It divides the shocks evenly to the whole sole and hinders the shocks to react to the feet.

What we liked
  • Techfit upper makes them flexible.
  • Adiprene material cushioning is shockproof and comfortable.
  • They are customizable and the buyer can design them according to her requirements.
What We didn't like
  • A little fitting issue arises in an online order.
  • Some woman players feel that these shoes are loose in normal lace knitting.


Adidas Mi Bad Bounce

Adidas bounce is back in the last for best basketball shoes for women. This is an economical yet purposeful basketball shoe for women.

The name includes the word bounce because of the Bounce technology of the Adidas used in the midsole and heel cushioning.

Bounce technology absorbs the shocks and converts the energy to boost player performance and speed. It helps in swift movements and high jumps to dunk a basketball.

They are fully customizable, but the buyer must give a time of a week to Adidas to make them customizable.

So, you can give any color to any portion of this shoe including laces, upper body, sole, sole patterns, and design on the upper body.

What we liked
  • They are Breathable and Lightweight.
  • You can fully customize these shoes in any color.
  • Bounce technology supports the player and enhances performance.
  • An economical choice for a woman basketballer.
What We didn't like
  • Laces are not long and get loose during aggressive play.
  • The upper body may smell if it gets wet by some means.

What are the best womens basketball shoes?

In this article, we pick the top ten basketball shoes for women. The criteria are defined on the basis of cushioning nature, traction, breathability, and protection to feet in the shoes.

In our top picks, Nike’s Women Hyperdunk 2017 is the best of all basketball shoes for women. The shoe has remarkable cushioning with complete protection to the feet.

The grip is outstanding, and breathability is excellent too. All the shoes are the best ones for women and came in this list from thousands of different basketball shoes in the global market.

A woman player will never get disappointed in buying any of the mentioned basketball shoes in this article. So, that was our list of the best women’s basketball shoes. I hope you liked it. Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts. Thank you!