Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Basketball is an intense sport where you must cover the whole court to dominate your opponent. Many body movements are involved in basketball, including jumps and strides, which can hurt your ankles.

Some ankle injuries are so significant that they can shorten your sporting career or end your dream of becoming a professional basketball player. A rational college basketballer will never risk his career to save a few dollars.

Basketball shoes with ankle support are the ultimate prevention of ankle strain. These shoes add much-needed cushioning to your feet. The ankle is protected and put firmly in place. High-top basketball shoes are one of the most common ankle support shoes.

Buyers think that high-top shoes are everything that you need to avoid injuries. However, this statement is incomplete because you need to check other important features that I have listed in this article.

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Nike Kids Jordan Zion 2 Basketball Shoes

Nike Kid's Jordan Zion 2 (GS) Basketball Shoe (Black/Black/Light Smoke Grey/Siren Red, us_Footwear_Size_System, Big_Kid, Men, Numeric, Medium, Numeric_7)

best basketball shoes for ankle support

Do you want to feel real comfort no matter which position you play? The Nike Kids Jordan Zion 2 Basketball Shoes bring a firm gripping design that keeps your ankle in place. It is available in four color patterns.

I purchased the coconut milk and pomegranate scheme for my younger brother because it was more eye-catching. The price of these shoes starts from 78.05 and goes as high as 139 dollars.

The Nike Kids Jordan Zion 2 Basketball Shoes have a synthetic rubber sole to maintain traction on slippery basketball courts. The upper is made of synthetic leather that maintains the structure for longer and ensures durability.

This pair of shoes have reinforced sidewalls that wrap your feet tightly to prevent slipping. There is a forefoot strap at the width area to ensure mobility while preventing your feet from slipping.

The Nike Kids Jordan Zion 2 Basketball Shoes have responsive cushioning. The forefoot area has zoom air that keeps it lightweight. This product has the Air Strobel Unit in the heel for easy jump and safe landing.

An adjustable strap up top holds your foot in place to prevent ankle sprain. The firm midsole helps maintain pace while the wider outsole adds stability.


  1. It has a stylish design and an eye-catching color scheme.
  2. Rubber sole for traction.
  3. Firm reinforced sidewalls to keep your feet in place.
  4. Forefoot strap for better grip.
  5. Zoom Air cushioning for lightweight absorption.


  1. The forefoot strap makes these shoes heavier.
  2. The low-top design lacks sufficient ankle padding.
  3. The laces do not go around the ankle.

Jordan 36 Black Infrared

Nike Mens Jordan XXXVI Basketball Shoes, Infrared 23/Infrared 23-Black, 9 M US

best basketball shoes for ankle support

The Jordan 36 Black Infrared is an iconic pair of shoes for its design and color scheme. These shoes are high-top for sufficient ankle padding and support. I purchased a size 9 for 185 dollars to test these on the hardwood basketball courts.

The rubber outsole contains multidimensional treads for maximum traction of slippery basketball courts. The Jordan 36 Black Infrared has a full-length Zoom Strobel and a zoom air forefoot to ensure responsive impact dampening. The midsole is made of phylon that is lightweight and effectively absorbs shocks sustained during a game.

I liked the Leno weave upper because it is comfortable and durable. Leno fabric allows the air to pass through to ensure breathability. The synthetic nubuck collar looks premium, and it provides sufficient physical support.


  1. These shoes have an excellent color scheme and ergonomic design.
  2. This pair contains multidimensional treads for better traction on slippery wooden courts.
  3. The company has added full zoom air inner sole to aid responsive impact mitigation.
  4. The leno-weave upper keeps it lightweight and durable.
  5. Synthetic nubuck collar increases ankle support.


  1. The outsole is not perfectly stable.
  2. Not ideal for outdoor play.
  3. The high-end design makes it more expensive.

LeBron Nxxt Gen

Nike Lebron 20 XX Men's Basketball Shoe Multi-Color/Multi-Color DR8784-900 11

best basketball shoes for ankle support

The LeBron Nxxt Gen is a pair made for fast basketball games. I always looked for an ideal companion to help me perform well as a guard. This pair has a low top to enable quick response and swift dodging.

The material is synthetic and breathable for greater comfort. It is light and durable, so this pair will last in all weather conditions when used outdoors.

The LeBron Nxxt Gen has a large forefoot for better stability. Moreover, the interior of the forefoot contains a zoom air compartment. It is curved to enable motion in all directions. The heel is flat and has zoom air cushioning to absorb impact sustained while jumping.

I am a big fan of the enhanced sensation and non-deforming nature of cushioning. The sole has a pattern similar to the map of Akron (the hometown of LeBron). This pattern plays a critical role in traction on wooden courts.


  1. These ow-top shoes are for fast basketball play.
  2. Synthetic and breathable upper for better durability and outdoor usage.
  3. It has a wider forefoot with a zoom air compartment.
  4. Enhanced sensation.
  5. It has excellent traction with the Akron pattern.


  1. The low-top design lacks sufficient ankle padding.
  2. A wider forefoot would have been more effective with a forefoot strap.
  1. Unlike other basketball shoes in this price range, the material is not premium.

Adidas Dame 5

adidas Dame 5 Shoes Men's, Black, Size 17

best basketball shoes for ankle support

The Adidas Dame 5 did not look that eye-catching when I searched it online.  However, I tried it because my friend recommended it to me. This pair of shoes has 100 percent synthetic fabric that is breathable.

The sole material is rubber, so you will not slip on the wooden basketball courts. The midfoot has internal pods to ensure comfort, like other quality shoes.

The Adidas Dame 5 has a high-top design that provides the necessary padding for ankle support. The midsole has a lightweight cushioning and banking barrier for lateral support.

These paddings keep your feet in place throughout the game. I liked the herringbone outsole instead of the old traction threads. It looks more stylish and keeps you secure.


  1. It has a synthetic-fabric upper for a durable and breathable experience.
  2. The rubber sole provides sufficient traction for wooden basketball courts.
  3. The midfoot has internal pods for comfort.
  4. The high-top design has the necessary padding for ankle support.
  5. These shoes contain better traction due to the herringbone pattern instead of old threads.


  1. The color scheme and design are not eye-catching.
  2. High-top design restricts motion.
  3. It has no forefoot strap to keep your foot firmly in place.

Nike Kyrie Low 4 Black White

Nike Mens Kyrie Low 4 TB Basketball Shoes (13) Black/Game Royal/White

best basketball shoes for ankle support

The Nike Kyrie Low 4 Black White will cost 110 dollars, but these shoes are not ideal for ankle support, especially when defending. Nike Kyrie Low 4 are low-top shoes with insufficient ankle padding. Nike did not add a strap-up top to hold your ankle firmly.

Why did I mention this product on my list? Well, it ticks the other boxes to mitigate the risk of strain on your feet. The sole is made of durable synthetic rubber, which provides great traction. The upper of these shoes is breathable polyurethane mesh.

Your foot will feel the ultimate comfort with the responsive zoom air heel. The midsole is made of foam, making it feel light to move. An agile player will love the freedom the Nike Kyrie Low 4 provides. It has padded collars and a tongue to support your ankle and surrounding area.


  1. Low-top design for faster motion.
  2. There is a synthetic rubber sole for traction on slippery basketball courts.
  3. Zoom Air heel for responsive cushioning.
  4. Perfectly cushioned midsole for more comfort.
  5. It has a breathable polyurethane mesh upper, which is light.


  1. Insufficient padding on the ankle.
  2. The forefoot has no strap for a firmer grip.
  3. Your heel might slip due to a lack of grip.

Nike KD 15

Nike KD 15 Men's Basketball Shoes (Multi-Color/Multi-Color, us_Footwear_Size_System, Adult, Men, Numeric, Medium, Numeric_9)

best basketball shoes for ankle support

The Nike Kevin Durant (KD) 15 are my favorite basketball shoes because they have a simple design, unlike other modern footwear. The rubber sole at the bottom contains grooves to improve traction on slippery wooden courts.

My heel felt much more comfortable in this pair of shoes because they are flat. These low-top shoes have firm laces and a midfoot containment system to lock your foot in position. The forefoot has no strap, so the weight is reduced resultantly.

The Nike KD 15 has a fabric upper that is breathable to help you maintain a comfortable and healthy playing routine. The inner sole has a full-length Zoom Air Strobel system. This cushioning is comfortable and responsive, like a spring. My Nike KD 15 inner sole did not deform even after months of usage.


  1. This pair comes from a well-established Nike product line, i.e., Nike Kevin Durant.
  2. These shoes have ideal gravy rubber soles for wooden basketball courts.
  3. Low-top design for unrestricted motion.
  4. It contains the standard Nike Zoom Air cushioning to mitigate the impact sustained.
  5. The upper fabric is breathable, light, and durable.


  1. Your heel might slip.
  2. Not the ideal choice for outdoor usage.
  3. Insufficient padding because these shoes are low-top.

Nike Air Jordan 35

Jordan Mens Jordan 36 Low DN4195 430 Luka Doncic - Size 10

best basketball shoes for ankle support

The Nike Air Jordan 35 is a high-top shoe that pads your ankle to mitigate the risks of injuries. The strap helps hold your foot firmly because it goes up to the ankle pad.

This shoe has zoom air cushioning in the heel to prevent it from deforming. This interior is ideal for basketballers as the zoom air padding inside the shoe brings it to the original shape when the pressure is lifted.

I love these shoes for their comfort, ankle support, and stability. It has a larger heel and forefoot area to prevent tripping. The Nike Air Jordan 35 has great power for intense playing conditions. The company has retained the OG Nike Jordan features and tweaked the design to make it more efficient.


  1. The high-top padding makes it a reliable option for defenders and point positions.
  2. Zoom Air cushioning makes these shoes lightweight and comfortable.
  3. Larger heel and forefoot for more stability.
  4. It has the OG Nike Air Jordan features.


  1. This is not designed for outdoor usage.
  2. The high-top design restricts motion and speed.

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Quality of shoes

The quality of basketball shoes is the foremost thing you should look for. A low-quality product will never support your ankle properly. Inferior materials cannot absorb the injury impacts sustained during a basketball match. So, what does a quality basketball shoe possess?

I prefer purchasing basketball shoes that have synthetic upper and padding. Synthetic materials are generally lighter and more comfortable. Meshed synthetic fabrics allow air to pass for more breathable usage. A pair of comfortable basketball shoes is better than unbearably tight shoes.

When we look at the other side, high quality means higher pricing. It is better to recheck your budget to assess if you can afford quality basketball shoes for ankle support. Interest-free installments are useful for purchasing high-end basketball shoes.

Position and age

Ankle support is important, but not at the expense of your game. Too much padding and grip restrict your mobility on the basketball court. It is important to consider your playing position and age before buying basketball shoes with ankle support.

Guards are the most critical positions on the basketball court. A guard needs to be quick to dodge the defense of the opponents. He has to be agile and bend a lot, so you should prefer purchasing a pair of low-top basketball shoes. Low-top shoes do not contain excessive ankle padding, which makes them lightweight.

If you play at the forward or center position like my younger brother, you need to defend the shots and dribbles by the opponents. It would be best to opt for high-top shoes for these positions because you do not need agility.

While jumping to defend a shot, a forward is at a higher risk of twisting his ankle. High-top shoes are generally heavier, but they keep your feet in place.

Every team has versatile players who can play at any position, depending on the game’s situation. Such a player should purchase mid-top basketball shoes. These shoes provide a perfect balance between weight and safety.

Comfort and size

Comfort should be your priority. Certain companies sell basketball shoes that look good for ankle support. However, they often lack comfort. Your feet should fit perfectly inside the basketball shoes. The size must not be too tight or loose. Loose basketball shoes do not have sufficient grip to prevent your feet from slipping.


I always know my budget before buying any product. It is important to know your range because you will find different basketball shoes for ankle support. Each pair of shoes has a different value for money.

Brands like Adidas and Nike carry high brand value, while other companies are quite affordable. It is better to go for a quality basketball shoe for ankle support, but affordability must be considered.

Cushioned sole and strap

Ankle support is not merely placing a pad on the ankle. Zoom Air or other similar material used in the sole cushioning is ideal. These soles grip your feet from underneath and prevent slipping. A less downward motion will reduce ankle pain. A perfectly cushioned sole will drip your feet and prevent it from sliding.

Conclusion (best basketball shoes for ankle support)

Basketball shoes are of no use if they are not safe. There are many options available to keep your ankle in place. As mentioned above, ankle support depends on the top type and many other factors.

I never chose my basketball shoes critically because I used to think that companies only changed the design of the newer models. However, this perception changed when my best friend started explaining the features that basketball shoes usually have.

I started exploring and buying different basketball shoes online and took my foot health seriously. The basketball shoes with ankle support on my list are all tested by me. Some were sponsored, while others were an addition to my basketball footwear inventory.

This article’s product descriptions and suggestions are based on my experience. You must understand your role on the basketball field and decide on the right product. Understanding what basketball shoes offer is not hard, but all you need is the correct guidance, as my friend gave me.