NBA Teams Without A Championship

The NBA championship is considered unarguably the best basketball league in the world. The franchise management, sponsors, players, broadcasters, and fans invest a significant effort supporting their respective teams.

While you will see many teams living up to all the stakeholders’ expectations, some franchises find it hard to cross the ending line (with some of them not making it near the ending line).

When you see a franchise failing for a longer period, you might think of poor budget utilization, unmatching player synergies, or possibly bad luck.

The failure might probably be due to either one of these factors. Anyhow, we have brought to you’re the unlucky dugouts that never enjoyed the privilege of being the champion.

NBA Teams Which Have Never Won A Championship

The Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets franchise was established in 1976. The Nuggets have indeed seen some impressive seasons, especially with the glittery and star-studded lineup where they have had Carmelo Anthony, Alex English, and Adrian Dantley.

Everything has been as shiny as a nugget for them apart from the championship win. This time the Nuggets have recently invested smartly by opting for the most versatile squad, which is evident from the top finishes on the league table.

They have an ABA title, which might keep the fans cheering until they win their first trophy.

Memphis Grizzlies’

The ever so loved team of talented names like Paul Gasol and Abdur Rahim. This team has always struggled while competing with high-ranked opponents. However, the team was associated with Vancouver when it was established in 1995. The franchise relocated its affiliation to Memphis in 2001.

The team management thought that the relocation might change the fortunes, but it was nothing more than a disappointment. During the mid-10s, Memphis Grizzlies’ upset some of the stronger opponents, but they failed to make their way into the finals.

Phoenix Suns

Study any league globally, and you will find certain teams that lost championships due to rigging or human error. The Suns had the same problem where the NBA referees denied a couple of straight wins (according to fans and management).

Indiana Pacers

The name “Indiana” is charming enough to catch anyone’s attention. The same happened when this team played the ABA championship, where it has won the title 3 times. Sadly, the luck has never been on their side since they joined the NBA championship.

The team has always been a very competent contender, but it matched one of the strongest opponents. This thing has dented their chances on multiple occasions. Let us hope that the Pacers make an impact as strong as they made in the ABA.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves franchise was known as the one added as an extension in the league. This relatively competent and enthusiastic team is a newer build in the NBA circuit (compared to the other settled teams) but succeeded in gaining strong fan support.

However, the going has never been like a walk in the park; still, Kevin Garnett is working day and night to revolutionize the whole system.

The NBA penalty has been a significant set back to the team where the management cannot hire talented players. The team is still in the rebuilding stage, so if you are looking for a team to invest your support, this franchise will be a hard gum to chew.

Charlotte Hornets

Die-hard NBA fans will know the kind of team Hornets had in the 90s, where players like Larry Johnson, Muggsy Bogues, and Alonzo Mourning were their backbone.

It is safe to say that this franchise has seen a very favorable time, but there was an equally strong competition in the league during the 90s. This factor never allowed the Hornets to win a single title during their peak.

Even though the legendary Michael Jordan currently owns the team, you will see them hanging at the table’s bottom. The Hornets will take time to find the right team combination.

New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans are among the franchises which are yet to make a strong impact on the NBA circuit, but they are still better than other similarly newer teams.

The team management has failed to retain a couple of bigwigs in the squad as the settlement is usually a difficult job to do for new franchises.

The team has still built a strong and young team that can make a difference in years to come. You can name them as the real black horse, and being the NBA fan, and you can invest your support and interest in them.

Orlando Magic

A franchise that is known for having Shaquille O’Neil and Dwight Howard in their squad. The bench strength has always been their plus point apart from the NBA experience (as a franchise). The veterans have taken the team into the finals once, where they lost to their rivals.

The Magic has never made it to the playoffs ever since, and this has caused many fans to give up and switch to other better substitutes. The Orlando Magic is still trying to cast a magic trick.

Brooklyn Nets

The team had a strong ABA profile where it did win a couple of titles. The basketball pandits predicted a similar run in the NBA, but the team has underperformed considerably. The last final that they had played was back in the year 2003.

On the brighter side, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are working with the youngsters, and the time is near when you will see a change happening.

Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers are known as the second team from Los Angeles, always coming behind the Los Angeles Lakers. The franchise never made an appearance in the finals, but Kawhi Leonardo & Paul George, the two legends, tried their best to bring the first title home.

We can assure all the Clipper fans that a title win is around the corner, so you better keep supporting the team as the tough times are very much over.