Best Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops

Basketball is loved across the USA by almost all the youngsters. The game is followed by either the rookies playing it to avail of any opportunity on offer at the national level or the die-hard fans who love watching the game on their tv screen.

No matter which class of fans you belong to, the bottom line is to enjoy as much of your time as you can.  Many companies have analyzed the above-mentioned market factor, and they started manufacturing pool hoops for those who have a swimming pool at their homes.

These hoops are structurally the same as the normal ones, but there are some features that the manufacturers have invested their time on.

Each of these factors is necessary for easy usage and longer useful life. All such things will require a general understanding to let the users know their importance.

In this article, we will recommend the popular basketball hoops and the features that you need to consider while buying one for yourself.

Furthermore, we will identify each of the products’ pros and cons to help you compare the hoops for convenient planning.

Best Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops

Dunnrite Splash Hoop 

Now forget about the routine basketball hoop as the new Dunnrite Splash hoop comes with more fun features to convert your swimming pool into a basketball court.

The basketball rim is more than sufficient to enable porting shots from various angles. A diameter of 18 inches makes it an ideal piece of equipment to play games with. The net is durable, too, as it does not break and is stretchable. 

The body is waterproof and strong enough to sustain all sorts of blows from players. The aluminum pole is heavy, sturdy, and stable. The vinyl coating ensures that the colors do not fade away quickly and the body does not get rusted.

The base can store about 200 pounds of water which plays a crucial role in keeping the hoop stable and upright. For making the calculation easier, it stores 25 liters of water.  

The height is also adjustable as the telescopic baton provides numerous adjustments to make the hoop suitable for all players. 


  • The base is portable and provides much-needed support.
  • Rim is of standard size, so you should not worry about that.
  • Rust-free parts with durable material.
  • Height adjustment is convenient.


  • Customers usually complained about the missing parts.
  • Assembly is usually an issue.
  • The rim is prone to breakage from the board junction.

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SKLZ Basketball System

The most orthodox hoop that you will find in our list. This incredibly sleek, stylish, light, and durable pool hoop is the way to go if you search for a dependable option to make your pool time enjoyable. The backboard is made of polycarbonate material, having a width of 33 inches.

Moreover, the rim is 14.5 inches broad. The edges are developed using spring technology. The equipment is all durable, with professional-grade material used to make gameplay smooth and efficient.

The base is mobile with the capacity of holding either water or soil in itself. The mobility is ensured to provide a basketball training experience on the ground as well.

The height is also adjustable to any extent between the range of 3.5 and 7 feet. This variation in height suits both the ground and pool play for adults and children alike. The name might include mini in it, but the functionality does prove it to be macro if not mega.


  • It can be used in-ground as well as in the pool surroundings.
  • The assembly is easier than other substitutes in the market.
  • Height adjustment is extraordinarily smooth and convenient.
  • The design is sleek and light.


  • The backboard is not ideally wide. 
  • The rim might slope down, so do not put pressure on it.
  • Rim quality is also something that would bother you.

Lifetime pool basketball system

Lifetime series has a hard-built reputation of being one of the best basketball hoop producers. The company has translated streamlined hoop-making excellence into pool hoop production.

Starting with the backboard, you will receive an anti-shatter board with a width of 44 inches to make sure the ball rebounds off the surface. The rim is classic with a nylon net to resist all sorts of weather conditions. 

Height adjustment is convenient as the telescopic adjustment provides unlimited adjustments between 4 to 6.5 feet. Durability is yet another thing to love about this system apart from the adjustments. The pole has a diameter of 3 inches to make it sturdier and heavier. 

Lastly, the base is very portable because it has an ideal capacity of 27 gallons. The company also offers a 5-year warranty contract to keep you on the safer side.


  • The backboard is wide enough to rebound almost all the shots fired.
  • The rim is classic and wide.
  • Height adjustment is convenient.
  • Portability is not that much of an issue as the base is moderately big. 
  • A warranty contract saves you from all sorts of manufacturing issues.


  • The body is not rust-free. 
  • Customer care is not that cooperative.

Poolmaster Splashback Basketball

A pretty new-fashioned and children-friendly basketball hoop comes with an all-weather backboard (34 inches wide) to make the hoop resist all sorts of adversities.

The rim has a diameter of 14 inches that allows a regular basketball to get through, and the polyethylene net buffers the ball’s motion to reduce the splash.

The material used in making the board and base is a polyform that can sustain all the pressure and hits from enthusiastic basketballers. The base can be filled with water or sand to enhance the poolside supportability and stability. Moreover, it has a volume of 34 x 45 x 38.

You will also receive a basketball of regular size, including an inflating needle to fill the ball up whenever you feel the need. This package is extremely budget-friendly, given the whole system’s durability and the accessories that the company has included in it.


  • The backboard contains a target to shoot at.
  • The body is rust-free and weather-resistant.
  • The rim is narrower but good enough to port a regular ball.
  • It comes with a basketball of its own.
  • The base is compact sufficient to ensure portability.


  • The overall feel is childish.
  • The backboard is smaller than usual.
  • Height cannot be adjusted.
  • Colors may fade off.

Dunnrite PoolSport 2-in-1

Turn your home swimming pool into an aquatic sports court with the installment of the new, advanced, and versatile Dunnrite PoolSport 2-in1 Basketball and Volleyball set.

Now buying two different sets to play other sports in the pool is not an issue as you can get two of the most commonly played ones in one package. There is no tool required to install either of the gadgets.

The measurement of the polyethylene backboard is 31 inches that come with a heavy stainless basketball rim. The volleyball gear is an additional utility included by the company to let the people know that such versatility can be provided at such a low price.

The width of the net can be adjusted anywhere between 16 and 22 feet. There are 2 water bases included playing either basketball or volleyball with utmost stability. 

The company has included a volleyball and a basketball with inflating needles to ensure that you do not lack anything to start enjoying the hoop from the get-go.


  • More fun for both basketball and non-basketball fans.
  • Comes with a couple of balls.
  • Provides better value for your money.
  • The air pump also adds value to the set.


  • Both basketball and volleyball cannot be played together because the bases are just 2 in number.
  • The backboard is not ideally wide.
  • The volleyball net might not be wide enough for larger pools.

GoSports Splash Hoop PRO

A pretty simple-looking and cost-beneficial basketball hoop made for poolside training. The new GoSports Splash Hoop PRO Pool Basketball Set comes with a pair of basketballs and an air pump to make sure that you are ready to play the game from the get-go.

Starting with the initial requirements, if ordered from a verified supplier, the hoop is delivered within a single office day. The base is stable enough to hold the system upright.

This stability is extremely admirable because the 31 inches wide backboard and 14 inches broad rim is a considerable amount of burden to bear. 

The design is such that the build is kept compact and as lightweight as possible. Those redundant designs and classic hoops are long gone now as a masterpiece like this product is introduced to the market. The setup is also very simple, so you need not worry about that.


  • The design is compact and simple.
  • The delivery and installation are quick.
  • Easy installation and basketball set with an air pump is a great initial setup to start with.
  • The price factor is another feature worth mentioning.


  • The backboard width is not ideal.
  • There is no height adjustment feature.

Swimline Super-Wide 44

If you are looking for a product to make your swimming pool time fun, then this pool basketball set from Swimline is surely something to consider.

The base fixed to the side of the pool is made of resin and perfectly fits all sorts of ground material or heights. The backboard is comparatively light and sustains even the most brutal shots.

You will receive a 44 inches wide backboard that blocks the majority of throws from the pool participants. Moreover, the metallic rim is durable and adjustable to suit the gameplay at any height. 

The height adjustment is not that effective and convenient as the telescopic and other advanced methods. The best part about this basketball hoop is that it is made of plastic, so you should never worry about the rust.

There is no tank for stability at the bottom so that stability might be an issue at times. It also comes with a basketball to give you a complete entertainment package.


  • The backboard is broader than the majority of other substitutes.
  • The installation is not an issue as there is no installation at all.
  • Completely rust-free function.
  • The body is durable and hit-sustainable.


  • There is no fill-up base available.
  • Height adjustment is not that effective.

Poolmaster’s Pro Rebounder

Last but not least, Poolmaster’s Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball & Volleyball Game Combo comes with the dual sporting feature where you get all the necessary equipment to play both basketball and volleyball with your friends in the pool.

The gear includes an all-weather backboard that is rust-free. The hoop is also lightweight, and the net is made of polyethylene threads, so testability will never be an issue.

Alongside this, you will get a volleyball set with a couple of rust-resistant poles that can be filled with sand or water to keep them stable and erect. You will receive a 30 inches wide net that is more than enough to cover almost any pool.  

This equipment is designed specifically for children between 8 and 18 years of age as the backboard is smaller than the regular in-ground basketball backboards.

The board width is 34 only might bother you a bit, but poolside basketball gear is used for casual gameplay, so this factor would not annoy your child that much.  


  • The price is low, so it is worth spending your funds on.
  • Provides dual-gameplay with both volleyball and basketball equipment.
  • It is completely rust-free.
  • Board is shattered resistant, though not as broader as other hoops.


  • The net is low quality and cheap.
  • The height is not adjustable.

Who do we recommend using these pool basketball hoops?

These basketball hoops are made for usage during pool time. Most of the products are height adjustable which makes them suitable for both adults and children.

The remaining hoops with fixed height are manufactured at a medium height to make it an appropriate system for people of all heights. 

Furthermore, all these products are made for entertainment purposes. They are not meant for the intense training like most of the in-ground basketball hoops provide.

If you are searching for a product to help you win the next basketball match, then the pool basketball hoops are definitely not the ideal choice. These hoops can be a perfect party companion, though. 

Why do we recommend these Best Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops?

There are several reasons for which we have recommended the mentioned products.

Healthy enjoyment

Basketball is all about staying healthy and enjoying your time while training. You can double the enjoyment by installing these hoops beside your swimming pool. Using the pool to swim is an old-school way to train physically, so the basketball hoop will definitely help your cause. 


All the products that we have mentioned are durable enough to last more than 5-7 years (if handled with due care). Most of the suppliers guarantee your purchase by offering warranties that cover all the manufacturing faults and quality-related problems.


The bases are filled with either sand or water. This extendedly heavyweight is certainly bulky enough to keep the system upright and minimize the fluctuation in the hoop’s position.

Stability is what most players need because a tilted basketball hoop is never the way to go, even if you are playing the game at the poolside.

Things to consider while buying Best Swimming Pool Basketball Hoops

When you go out to purchase a basketball hoop for your pool, the general guideline will remain the same as the sport does not change. There are some additional things to consider which would feel comparatively less relevant than the normal products.

Water resistance

This feature is a no-brainer. When you search for a piece of equipment installed either beside or inside the swimming pool, you should look for the water resistance on offer.

Mostly the backboard and base, along with the vertical support, is made of stainless steel. You would also see certain companies manufacturing plastic or other rust-free material to ensure clean basketball gameplay.

Height adjustment

Not just adults but the children also enjoy playing pool basketball. Keeping this thing in mind, we must consider the difficulty a child would face while throwing the ball at a rim as high as the adult-friendly one. 

Base and support

Like any standard basketball hoop gear, a pool basketball hoop will require support to stand its ground. Ensure that the base has the required water capacity in the base to enable it to remain in the posture and position you need. Stability is one of the most critical features as it might impact your accuracy.


Pool basketball is not a professional sport where you need to train hard to excel. The best part of it all is that you would find products with complementary equipment for other sports (usually volleyball). This feature saves the cost of buying a new volleyball net to add more fun. 


Playing basketball in the pool is both a healthy and fun thing to do. Using the pool to swim is an old-school way to train physically, so the basketball hoop will definitely help your cause. All the products mentioned in our article are very much fulfilling to serve your cause.

Your first and foremost priority should be your budget and the pattern of usage. If your budget is not a problem, we would recommend purchasing the most advanced hoop with a rust-free and durable body.

At a lower budget, plastic hoops are also an excellent choice. Plastic body also negotiates the risk of countering rust that too at a very low budget. Another important thing is height adjustment.

Make sure the hoop that you are buying is the most adapting one at the suitable price range. This will allow children, adults, and even the dwarfs to enjoy the game while swimming in the pool. 

Just go through our article before committing yourself to any purchase, and it is preferable to visit the suppliers’ website or the outlet at which they are physically selling it.