6 Best Cushioned Basketball Shoes 2020

Best Cushioned Basketball Shoes

The basketball game is considered as one of the most professional games.

It’s a complete package that includes high jumps, tricky cuts, instant acceleration and deceleration, fast running, instant stops, and abrupt direction changes.

You can not win this game alone by merely trusting your body fitness and strength, no doubt, they are important.

But you need good basketball shoes that support your actions by supplying you outstanding features in the form of good cushioning, traction, support, breathability and many others.

Cushioning is something that ameliorates your jumping distance and delivers you excellent bounces for your jumping.

There are many cushioning technologies like boost cushioning, HOVR cushioning, zoom air turbo cushioning, max zoom cushioning technology, etc.

The cushioning technology, most of the shoes are using, performs dual functions. The cushioning technology also offers protection from impacts and adds to the protection of your feet.

This article is based on best basketball shoes in the context of cushioning and we have prepared a list of top six cushioned basketball shoes for you

Best Cushioned Basketball Shoes 2019 & 2020 (Top Picks)

Nike Kyrie 5 – Nike Cushioned Basketball Shoes

Nike Kyrie 5 is a brilliant article form the Nike brand and nails the first position in our top picks for best-cushioned basketball shoes and has a huge fan following.

Nike Kyrie features an upper comprised of mesh which ameliorates the breathability of these shoes.

The cushioning delivers you outstanding bounces and saves your feet from dreadful injuries by dispersing dangerous shock uniformly to other parts of shoes, as a result, your feet get protection against different types of impact.

These shoes are famous among players due to the venus flytrap lockdown. This lockdown is very strict in its function by keeping your feet confined in a specific area and got its name from Venus Flytrap.

These shoes have rounded rubber outsole that is incorporated with spiral eyes traction pattern, which equips you with a fantastic grip during the game to make successful moves.


Adidas Harden Vol. 2 – Adidas Cushioned Basketball Sneakers

Adidas is a well-recognized brand and Harden Volume 2 is a fabulous article that belongs to this brand and stands second in our top ranks.

These shoes have synthetic material construction and the use of neoprene and mesh make them exceptionally breathable, supportive, flexible, durable and also deliver your best lockdown.

These shoes have a semi-burrito shape that is attributed to the tongue of these shoes and this shape is amazingly effective in providing you ideal lockdown for your feet. Harden Vol.2 is introduced in the market with one of the most terrific cushioning systems.

These shoes are featured with boost cushioning technology that delivers you exceptional bounces, exceptional responsiveness and stupendous protection from impacts.

These shoes are manufactured with a rubber outsole and have used fractal traction pattern that gives you utmost grip and support.

It lets you make quick and multidirectional movements while you are struggling hard to have a stronghold on your game.


Under Armour HOVR – Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes 2020

UA HOVR Havoc Low is the product nailing the third position in our selection and is constructed from 2-tone mesh upper that makes these shoes exceptionally breathable.

The lacing system of these is very outstanding in delivering you a splendid lockdown. This lacing system gifs you with the authority to adjust the lockdown according to the comfort level.

Outclass cushioning! outclass game! These shoes are famous in the market for the cushioning they deliver to their users.

These shoes have used HOVR cushioning technology that has the function to boost the energy return in the form of good bounces and ameliorate the overall responsiveness of these shoes.

The traction is outclassed and attributed to the herringbone traction patterns and of course, to the rubber outsole.

Such a traction pattern is very effective in delivering you exceptional grip on almost all type of surface, does not let you slip and maintains your balance during the game.


Nike KD 12 – Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes 2019

These shoes nail the fourth position in our top picks. They are composed of screen mesh, textile, and fuse that adds to the flexibility, light-weight, comfort, breathability, and strength.

KD 12 is found to run true to your size and gives you a one to one fit. It needs zero break-in time and is also very supportive by the amazing lockdown provided by Flywire cables.

You get super bouncy and responsive cushioning with tremendous impact protection out of these shoes by the full-length Zoom Air cushioning technology.

The fingerprint-like traction pattern spread on the translucent rubber outsole of KD 12 delivers enhanced traction and stability on the court surface.


Nike PG3 – Basketball Shoes with Best Cushion

These shoes stand fifth in our top picks for best-cushioned basketball shoes. The upper composition of synthetics and mesh makes it ultra-soft, light weighted and breathable. It also adds support and agility.

These shoes are known to provide a snug fit and fit true to the user’s size. These shoes have great lockdown thereby ameliorating the support.

The forefoot zoom air unit gives great bounces and responsiveness whereas the heel region contributes to impact protection.

The outsole of PG 3 is composed of rubber and also bears a circular traction pattern that gives multi-directional coverage with utmost grip and stability.


Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 – Most Cushined Basketball Shoes

Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 comes on the sixth number in our top picks. It shows the upper composition of knit and mesh that makes it breathable, comfortable and durable. These materials need no break-in time.

Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 fits true to your size and provides reasonable lockdown as well. It has a TPU plate featured in it to deliver torsional rigidity and enhanced stability.

The featuring of a forefoot Nike zoom airbag works to deliver you maximum cushioning with good impact protection and responsiveness.

The rubber outsole of these shoes is featured with the circular traction pattern that gives you an adequate grip for your moves and also delivers stability during the game.



In this article, we have focussed on the best-cushioned basketball shoes and have discussed the top six basketball shoes in the context of cushioning.

This selection is based on the study of different articles and reviews of different users who have used them.

Nike Kyrie 5 is the leading basketball shoe in our list and it is composed of many desirable features. It features mesh upper for breathability and zoom air turbo technology for cushioning.

It has Venus Flytrap lockdown for delivering exceptional lockdown experience to the users and features a rubber outsole with spiral eye traction patterns for amazing grip on the court.

Keep our recommended shoe into consideration while purchasing basketball shoes with the best cushioning and these shoes would not give a chance to regret our selection.

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