What is a Heat Check in Basketball?

Have you ever seen a player be on a shooting streak? No matter what shot they take, it goes through the basket. That’s when the player is called hot. And on top of it, if the player shoots balls through the basket, he is considered “on heat” or “he is heating up”.

Now, a heat check is a shot that a player makes to see if his luck will still hold. A heat check shoot is not an easy one and is a difficult shot from a distance or with a defender in the player’s face.

The player still decides to take the shoot despite all these issues because he is having a great day on the court and would like to see if his luck will hold the third time or not.

Why do heat checks?

If a player is on a streak and having the best time and night on the court, they may try to see if their luck will hold on to the upcoming shoot. If so, the player makes the shot and can have a true winning streak.

But as already mentioned, the players who are having a good night on the court will do their best to make these difficult shots that they may not ordinarily attempt. Especially when a player can make a difficult shot then they are called the hot streaks.

Some examples from the past are Klay Thompson, Splash Brothers, and Steph Curry, who are also known for their exceptional hot streaks that led them to be some of the best shooters in history.

The chance of getting a heat check shot is slim but they do happen most of the time. The worst part about it is that when the defending players notice someone going on a hot streak, they strategically focus all their efforts on that team player.

And due to such an aggressive strategy from the defense side, the hot streak player is left with no option but to try for a heat check shot. If it lands in the basket good, or sometimes it can be a miss as well.

Along with that the fans and the coaches also want the player to make the shoot and see if it works.

Is it necessary for players to take a heat check?

The percentage of a heat shot making it to the basket is low. However, due to the reasons mentioned above, such as a heavy defense tactic or even a far distance from the basket, these shots to be difficult and will cause the players to make the shot.

However, other shots, such as when the player is not farther from the basket and is closer to it or does not have the defenders attached to them. These kinds of shots can be easier to make and the likelihood of them getting through the basket is much higher as well.

However, since the player is on a hot streak, they believe they can make the shot and land it. Hence, they do push the limits and try to make the shot.

If it lands, the hot streak continues and more difficult shots can be attempted. If it doesn’t work then the player will try to get closer to the basket and make a shoot that is much easier to make.

It isn’t always sure that the player will make the basket on a hot streak, as the buzzer can sound for a half break or the end of a game. It even can break if another player makes a shot while the other player has a heat streak going.

The heat check shot is a difficult one to play, and the fans and players can get riled up about the heat check shot. The chances of it making the basket are slim and the difficulty of this shot is higher than the closer-to-the-basket shots and less defense focused on the player.

These players can easily make the basket if they get slightly closer to the basket and can get the shots without the defenders attacking them constantly.

Despite the excitement and the thrill this kind of shot brings to the game, it’s best for the player to make easier shots and strategize with the team on how to control the defense as the shooter tries to get closer to the basket.


We have tried our best to lay out all the points of the heat check. Hence it makes it easy for you to spot your favorite player making the shot despite there being so many obstacles. You will be able to find your favorite player trying the heat check, and the fun part is you will know when it happens.

Watching a match with your favorite player becoming hot and going on a hot streak can be one of the best moments to watch as a fan. Regardless of the player making the final shot, the moment it is happening is worth a watch.

Now you know everything about a player becoming hot in the game. And taking heat tests, so now you can spot any player who acts similarly during the game and you will be able to watch it with the same enthusiasm as the fans on the court.

Your favorite players running on a high streak will be able to make the shots and will help you enjoy the game twice as much with the excitement overload. So spot your heat test players next time you watch a game.