What does and-one mean in basketball?

And one is a technical play in basketball that helps flip the game and switch the gears from being on the defending team’s side to the offense. The and-one play-off is a difficult one to pull but when done correctly can easily sway the momentum of the game.

There are other plays like a three-pointer or a dunk to win back the scorecard, however, the and-one is a very exciting playoff that brings a lot of excitement into the game.

The and-one play makes the crowd roar and brings them to their feet as the ball is dunked into the basket. Now let’s look at the literal definition of the word and-one?

What does and-one mean in basketball?

And-one Definition in Basketball

As understood by many basketball enthusiasts, and-one is called out when the player is trying to shoot the ball through the hoop while the opposing team’s player tries to foul. The name “and-one” means that the player gets one foul shot instead of two or three in case the foul was called mid-shot.

Technology advancement:

Due to the advanced technology, all the sports have benefited and so has basketball. The high-paced game with loud noises from the players and fast-paced motions can be easily seen on a high-definition system.

The referees and broadcasters are also able to replay the action in slow motion to see the tactics and give their analysis on the play-off. With the improved sound quality, you can easily hear the players shouting “and-one” during intense games.

The and-one play is not easy to pull off, it requires a lot of different aspects and one should be able to pull them off perfectly to get the play performed perfectly. The core aspects you need to have for this kind of play are as follows:

  • Determination
  • Strength
  • Accuracy


Determination plays a major role in drawing out a foul from the opposing team’s player and not backing out at just the foul but carrying on to dunk the ball. It’s easy to draw out a foul from the opposing team’s player and then get two foul shots.

However to draw a foul and then carry on to get a foul shot is what makes the and-one play so amazing and exciting for the fans to watch. An and-one is a very difficult play as you are playing your shot while being hit and have to stay standing until you through the ball and it lands in the hoop.

What makes it even more fantastic is that you are able to add foul to the opposing team’s total as both teams have 5 fouls at amateur levels and 6 fouls at the NBA level.

The fans and the players love to plan an and-one as it draws out the foul and shows the determination of the player as they fight till the last moment to get the shot.


Strength is the core element that will help you achieve this shot. As you are being fouled by the opposing team’s player you can only pull off this shot if you have the ability to handle the shot properly without falling and your body can handle the beating and still make the shot.

Imagine being hit and not having any energy left in your body to pull off the shot except throwing the ball high enough that it lands in the hoop.

You need to perform a lot of contact training to ensure that you are able to take the hit and stay put on your feet and make the shot.

Players who want to excel in their careers learn how to handle contact while playing major leagues. Strengthening different parts of the body such as arms, legs, and core will help you get the shot you need without falling down.


Accuracy is what every basketball player is taught when they start playing or practicing basketball. All basketball players are taught to square off their feet and body towards the basket.

As your chances of making a basket are much higher if you follow this square rule. Now consider adding the pressure of being hit in the body and having to make the shot regardless.

According to most coaches, to get this shot you will need to hit the shot with extreme accuracy and make sure that your body doesn’t move out of the slot too much.

Accuracy of shot in motion is what most players are taught, as the shots are taken while running or jumping, on top of that, an and-one means along with running and jumping you also have to withstand a blow from the opposing team’s player. This makes the playoff even more difficult.

No matter what people may say the and-one play-off is certainly an exciting one and makes for an exciting game for the people to watch as well as the players to play.

What does and-one mean in basketball?: Final Words

To recap this article, what we have learned so far, is that the and-one play means taking the shot while being fouled by the opposing team’s player.

It requires determination, accuracy, and strength to pull off this kind of a shot. The chances of you making this shot rely on how strong you are and how accurate your shots are. You will require an immense amount of talent and skill to pull off an and-one.

To sum everything up, one is an excellent playoff, it keeps people on the edge of their seats and the players are very eager to take this kind of a shot. It makes the game more exciting and fun.