History of Basketball Invention

History of Basketball Invention Stamp

The history of basketball started in Springfield, Massachusetts, with its invention in 1891.

It was invented by a Canadian physical education instructor named James Naismith.

It was considered a sport less prone to injury as compared to football.

The game was admired and grew popular in America and then worldwide as a professional game.

Where did Basketball Originate?

It was the winter of 1891 – 1892 when, after the end of football season at Springfield College, a group of restless college students was looking forward to some exciting indoor game as a substitute for football.

The first public basketball match was played at Springfield on 11th March 1982.

How was Basketball Invented?

How Basketball was Invented the history

James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, was a second-year graduate student.

Who, on watching other students dreading monotonous gymnasium work, followed up on the challenge of Gulick (superintendent of physical education) to invent an indoor game.

That would be interesting, easy to learn, and easy to play in the winter and by artificial light.

After much meditation, he invented a game where two peach baskets with bottoms removed were considered goals nailed to the gymnasium balcony and a soccer-style ball.

Then, 13 rules were drawn up and tacked on a Springfield College bulletin board.

In this way, Basketball was born. Naismith called it “Basketball” when someone proposed it as a “Naismith Game.”

But, he said, “We have a ball and a basket: why don’t we call it basketball?

First Professional Team of Basketball

In 1898, the first professional league – National Basketball League – was founded, in which six teams participated. Trenton Nationals were the first champions of the league.

The league was abandoned in 1904. Later, many small championships were organized but remained unpopular compared to those that played for money.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

How Basketball was Invented

The basketball league was founded as the Basketball Association of America in 1946.

It adopted the name National Basketball Association or NBA after integrating with the opponent, the National Basketball League, in 1949.

In terms of popularity, level of competition, and skills, the NBA is known as the most significant and noteworthy professional basketball league worldwide.

First International Match

The first international game was played in Saint Petersburg in 1909. During the inter-allied games, the first great European event occurred near Paris in Joinville-le-point in 1919.

The United States of America won against Italy and France under the leadership of Max Friedman, the future Hall of Fame. Soon after that, Basketball became a trendy game among Italians and French.

Differences between the Original And Today’s Game

Originally, the peach baskets were closed, and the balls were retrieved manually, but their bottoms were removed.

In 1906, the backboards, nets, and hoops were introduced, and a Spalding ball replaced the soccer ball, similar to the one used today.