Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide FeetThere is no basketball without shoes, and basketball shoes are a real attraction.

From the rookie to the professional everyone demands style in basketball shoes. There are somehow certain limitations in the style of the shoes.

The tight fit is not suitable for the players having wide feet just like the low cut, which is not recommendable for ankle issues.

Selecting proper, most comfortable basketball shoes for the wide feet was a hectic task because the market was focused on slim products that look sensual under the feet.

The trend has shifted now, and manufacturers are producing more focused shoes than orthodox ones. It is very easy to choose basketball shoes that best fit the feet of a player.

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet 2021 [Top]

Air Jordan Xxxi: Best Wide Basketball Shoes

Jordan Men's Air XXXI (31)" Space Jam Black/Concord 845037-002 (7.5)

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Nike steals first place. Air Jordan XXXI is the famous production of Nike shoes. The shoe is named after the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. This set is a booster for the player’s performance.

Air Jordan XXXI used the Flight Speed technology to boost up the responsiveness and performance of the player. This technology enables the shoe to distribute the compression forces evenly in the shoe and provides a spring-back response for explosive movements.

Enhance cushioning is the hallmark feature of all Air Jordan shoes. Zoom Air units along with the cushioning give maximum responsiveness to the movements of the player on the court.

The shoe is made up of synthetic leather and mesh. Synthetic leather heel along with the fly weave forefoot provides excellent covering and comfortable grip to the feet.

These shoes are best fit for wide feet players because they are customized for wide feet and the inner sleeve wraps the feet comfortably and provides feasible space to wide feet.

What we liked
  • Flight Speed technology distributes the shock evenly to the feet.
  • Wide feet players feel comfortable in this shoe.
  • Foam pods absorb the shocks and prevent heels.
  • Allow swift movements and cuts to perform tricks.
What We didn't like
  • It takes a little time to get used to it. It is better to use the shoes in practice for some time rather than directly using in the match.
  • They have a high price tag.
  • It is recommended to order one size up than the normal fitting.


Adidas D Lillard 2.0 Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

adidas D Lillard 2 Mens Basketball Shoe 12.5 Scarlet/Burgundy/White

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This is the quality production of Adidas for wide feet players. This shoe came in two categories; you can buy it either in synthetic leather or signature prime knit of Adidas.

Players having wide feet usually preferred prime knit because it adds extra flexibility to the shoe that best fits for wide feet.

These shoes are armed with the signature Bounce technology of Adidas that absorbs the shocks during explosive moves and jumps and prevents the feet from injuries.

The sole of Adidas D Lillard 2.0 is made up of thick tire rubber which provides plenty of traction and control on the court. These shoes are very breathable because they are made up of mesh and either synthetic leather or prime knit.

The color combinations are also limited, but the product is made for a purpose, and it came up to the expectations with the main purposes of wide feet comfort, feet protection, and control.

What we liked
  • They are lightweight.
  • D Lillard 2.0 has excellent traction.
  • Prime knit gives extra flexibility and snug fits for wide feet.
  • Signature Bounce technology absorbs the shocks and prevents the heel.
What We didn't like
  • They may slip in outdoor games, usually used for playing indoor.
  • Came with limited color combinations.


Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Wide Foot Shoe

Under Armour Men's ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoe (10, Purple/White)

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Under Armour is also in the top three following Nike and Adidas. Under Armour Clutch Drive 3 are lightweight men’s basketball shoes designed for extra responsiveness and performance.

They are made with trademark premium UA Clutch Fit synthetic upper, which allows the required degree of stretchiness that best fits for wide feet along with the breathability to sustain comfortable temperature.

Laces are tied up in a bear trap pattern, grips the feet comfortably, and disallows any extra stretch of ligaments to protect the feet from injuries.

The herringbone pattern used in the wide sole is responsible for supreme grip and stability on the court and reduces the slipping, but you have to clean often the dirt trapped in these patterns to avoid slipping.

What we liked
  • They are lightweight and breathable.
  • The traction and stability are very good.
  • The price tag is low as compared to other shoes in the market.
  • Micro G cushioning protects the ankle and the Achilles pillow provides extra protection to the heel.
  • They are flexible and give wide feet a comfortable environment inside.
What We didn't like
  • They are not recommended for outdoor activities.
  • The clutch may irritate a new user.


Adidas Crazy Explosive Wide Footer Basketball Shoes

adidas Men's Crazy Explosive 2017 Basketball Shoe Black/Silver/Grey Size 9 M US

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Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive basketball shoes came with a unique making and are the best fit for players having wide feet. There is a synthetic covering all over the shoes for the flexible and clean look of the Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive.

This thing makes them clean and flexible. The material used in their manufacturing is a combination of fiber and synthetic fiber. The additional work done on these shoes is on the technology of their laces. Laces are modified in these shoes backed up with Xenos.

The linings of this pair are wide, and this makes them the right choice for wide feet Due to the texture and materials used in these shoes, they cover the feet well and allow wide feet to rest in there with comfort. The feet are not compressed in them and allow the player to play with maximum comfort.

What we liked
  • They are friendly to wide feet due to their flexible nature.
  • The grip of these shoes is superlative.
  • These shoes provide protection to the heel and feet.
  • Modified laces exert less pressure on feet of the player
What We didn't like
  • They are not durable for extended practice hours.
  • The back of the heel portion is rigid and requires extra time to break in.


Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2017 Cheap Wide Feet Shoes

Nike Men's Hyperdunk 2017 TB Basketball Shoe Black/Metallic Silver/White Size 12 M US

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Nike’s Hyperdunk shoes are very adaptable. Synthetic fiber is used in their manufacturing. The look of Hyperdunk is captivating and different color schemes are available for the player to opt for the desired color combination.

Cushioning of these shoes is responsible for the safety of heels and forefeet. A vital aspect of these shoes is that they are made for wide feet apart from the protection to the ankles of the player.

They are medium cut shoes, but the stretchability is remarkable and fits best to the wide feet. The freedom of movement and performing the skills and cuts is admirable.

There is a sense of feet protection in the player’s mind and he can give the maximum output without the fear of any feet injury. The sole is wide, giving increased stability on the court and a comfortable environment to wide feet.

What we liked
  • They are light in weight.
  • These shoes are comfortable in high cut too.
  • They are very supportive of the feet and do not give any distress during the game.
  • They are adjustable to wide feet players because of the flexibility in synthetic fiber.
What We didn't like
  • Extra-wide feet players may feel a bit of discomfort.
  • Online ordering may cause a mismatch in the fitting to feet.


Under Armour Fire Shot Good choice for Wide Footers

Under Armour Fire Shot Basketball Men's Shoes Size 9.5

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Under Armour is not coming slow, stabilize the list with two products of each brand, including Nike and Adidas.

Fire shot is lightweight and durable shoes from Under Armour men’s basketball shoes for wide feet. The sole is wide and stable, encompasses the wide feet with ease and comfort.

The upper body is made up of signature CompFi synthetic mesh, which makes the shoe flexible, durable, breathable, and fit for wide feet. The outsole is made up of rubber and has a spider web pattern that gives unmatched traction and control on movements.

The midsole is made up of EVA rubber, and the inner sole has Micro G foam cushioning, protecting the feet and heel from shocks. The full-length Ortholite sock provides complete protection to feet without limiting the required foot movements to perform sharp cuts and tricks.

What we liked
  • Lightweight product.
  • Flexible and best fit for wide feet.
  • Micro G foam absorbs the shock to give extra protection to the heel and feet.
What We didn't like
  • Not efficient in dusty places.
  • Laces may get loose for aggressive players.


Adidas Men’s D Rose Comfortable Shoes for Wide Feet

adidas Mens D Rose 8 Basketball Casual Shoes, Blue, 7.5

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This is the third Adidas shoe in the top ten picks for wide feet basketball shoes. D Rose 8 is the updated version of D Rose 7 from Adidas.

D Rose 8 came with a wide sole as compared to their ancestors. The wide sole gives extra stability to the player in attempting his moves on the basketball court.

The inner cushioning is soft and comfortable. The snug-fitting soothes the feet and increases the efficiency of the player. D Rose 8 lacks in sole quality, but it is not a negative thing in this shoe.

Because the herringbone pattern is multi-directional and provides the required grip on the court. The traction factor is impressive and works every court.

Breathability is also impressive in these shoes. The airflow inside the shoes is maintained properly and does not allow the inside temperature to rise above the comfort threshold.

These shoes came with attractive looks and colors in the market and allow the buyer a wide range of color schemes to match the color taste of the buyer.

What we liked
  • It is best to fit for players having wide feet because of its flexible material.
  • The traction in these shoes is hard to found in other brands.
  • The ventilation system is responsible to maintain the inner temperature at a low level.
  • Neoprene cushioning on the heel gives added protection to the heel.
What We didn't like
  • The fitting issue may be a disadvantage while the online ordering of D Rose 8.
  • Durability is the issue with the D Rose series, but the plus factors are enough to ignore this issue.


Under Armour Curry 3 Wide Foot Shoes

Under Armour Curry 3

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Under Armour curry 3 is made with high-strength flexible signature threads. Threadborne is the technology to develop the signature thread for Under Armour Curry 3. These threads are the trademark of Curry models.

These shoes are a complete package of feet protection and are versatile as well. The herringbone pattern is also used in the manufacturing of the sole to give superb traction.

The inner sole is made up of a dual-density midsole. The dual-density name is given because the midsole is made up of trademark Micro G foam and Charged Cushioning.

The base is kept wide so, wide feet players are very happy to have these quality shoes in their feet that snugs fit wide feet. They are very easy to break in and give comfort to the feet

What we liked
  • They are stable due to the wide base.
  • Dual-density midsole provides an additional level of comfort to the feet.
  • ThreadBorne makes them supportive and durable.
  • The traction is appreciable and enhances the movement of a player on the court.
What We didn't like
  • They are expensive than Nike and Adidas, but the complete package is above the price.
  • It is better to choose a number up than your normal shoe size while online ordering Curry 3.


Nike Men’s Lebron Xiii Wide Basketball Shoes Review

Nike Men's Lebron XIII Midnight Navy/White/Red Basketball Shoe - 8.5 D(M) US

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Lebron XIII is the modified version of the famous Nike’s Lebron series. The shoes are made with the famous L.E.A.P technology of the Nike manufacturing plant.

It is a fact that the dusty areas are slippery and adhesion to dusty surfaces is less as compared to the normal surfaces. These shoes are the best performer on dusty courts as well. It is the result of their impressive sole.

The sole is also kept wide, which enables this product wearable for wide feet players. The overall stretch of this shoe is commendable and gives proper space to wide feet to adjust in it.

These shoes are breathable due to zoom air units and hence provide pure comfort to the user. Soft foam-lined collars and inside of the sole are the snug fit for feet and give added protection to the heel and ankles of the wide feet players.

What we liked
  • Lebron XIII is breathable and comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • The grip is excellent on all types of surfaces, including a dusty ones too.
  • These shoes are lightweight.
  • Sole is made up of rubber and provides excellent traction.
  • They are flexible.
What We didn't like
  • These shoes are lacking in forefoot cushioning.
  • Lebron XIII may feel tight at the ankle portion
  • They are expensive than most of the basketball shoes in the market.


Adidas Neo Ilation Affordable Wide Basketball shoes

adidas Kids' Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Skate Shoe, Grey/Solar Blue/Electricity, 6.5 M US Big Kid

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Adidas’ fourth product that best fits for wide feet in the top ten picks is Neo Ilation. They are made up of synthetic leather and textile combination. The sole is very wide and best fits for wide feet players.

The remarkable feature is the ventilation system on the front and sides of the shoes, enable them to be used for hours.  One of the trademark features of these shoes is that they are available in different widths so, people with wide feet can easily find the best width for their feet.

The traction is commendable and applauded by many players, and the traction is supportive that allows free movement on the court. The lace-up construction of this shoe keeps the feet locked without irritating or limiting the feet’ movements.

They are light in weight because of the Cloud foam usage in their construction. These shoes are the most economical shoes in our top ten picks.

What we liked
  • They are available in a number of widths and are very light in weight.
  • Most economical shoes in the market have supportive features for wide feet.
  • Traction is commendable.
What We didn't like
  • Some players may feel that they are too high.
  • Odd shock may have an uncomfortable effect on feet.



The article displayed the top ten basketball shoes in the market for wide feet players. Air Jordan XXXI is at the first spot in our picks due to its entire protection and comfort to the feet.

The things that must be taken into consideration for a wide feet player are that the sole must be wide and the material of the shoe is flexible to the extent that comforts the wide feel and covers them well.

Leather material shoes are not recommendable unless they have some splendid features that support the wide feet without congesting them inside the shoes.

Traction and stability, along with the styles and colors, are the other parameters that are also considered in these shoes because they are the basic requirements of every player.

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