Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Wide feet are the problem that most players face. Basketball players are tall and bulky. All their body parts are large, including their wide feet. Therefore, purchasing the best basketball shoes for wide feet is important.

Wide feet are irregularly shaped and heavier than normal feet. The best basketball shoes for such feet should have the flexibility to accommodate the irregularity of the shape and the support to avoid the risk of injuries due to heavier weight.

My feet are normal, so I never wanted basketball shoes made for wide feet. However, considering the seriousness of this problem, I ordered some popular basketball shoes for wide feet.

My friend wore these shoes and played a game in them. This article contains the honest review that I got from my friend. I have listed the best-selling basketball shoes for wide feet. Read this article and make your purchase easier and more effective.

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Adidas Dame 5

adidas Dame 5 Shoes Men's, Black, Size 17
best basketball shoes for wide feet

The Adidas Dame 5 is an easy-to-wear pair of basketball shoes for wide feet that are soft inside and outside. The upper material is synthetic and stretchable to let your foot sink in the inner compartment.

The company has equipped the middle part of these shoes with handy features. The midfoot has internal pods and bankings to lock your feet and comfort them.

My friend liked the cushioned midsole that did not deform after two to three consecutive basketball games. The pair is light, so your ankle will not feel any extra load.

The Adidas Dame 5 are low-top basketball shoes made for fast play. The sole is made of rubber and contains a herringbone outsole for traction. The lace closure is perfect for locking your ankle in place.


  1. These shoes have light cushioning to put less burden on your ankle.
  2. Your wide feet will sink in these shoes due to being stretchable.
  3. The interior is comfortable due to the softness of the interior, impact absorption cushioning, and internal pods.
  4. The rubber sole and herringbone traction are ideal for indoor play.
  5. This pair has a low-top design for fast play.


  1. Low-top design is not the safest choice for ankle support.
  2. The design is not premium, and the material easily catches dirt.
  3. It slips on the dusty outdoor courts.

Under Armor HOVR Havoc 2

Under Armour Men's HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe, Black (002)/White, 5
best basketball shoes for wide feet

The Under Armor HOVR Havoc 2 is a pair of high-end basketball shoes that looked heavy when I unboxed it. I instantly liked the synthetic textile upper molded to enhance comfort and aid in breathability. My wide-footed friend confirmed this when he wore it for the Under Armor HOVR Havoc 2 for the first time.

These shoes have a mid-top shaft that perfectly balances stability and agility. You can use this pair as a guard, center, or forward. The web lacing system not only locks your ankle & foot but also provides a custom fit for better comfort.

The tongue is meshed to increase the airflow to your foot. The sole of the Under Armor HOVR Havoc 2 is made of synthetic EVA. It is elastic and absorbs shocks effectively.


  1. These shoes have a high-end look.
  2. The synthetic textile upper is molded for better breathability.
  3. The mid-top shaft is balanced for all sorts of usage.
  4. The  EVA sole is flexible and shock-absorbent.
  5. The web lacing system locks your foot to secure it.


  1. The cushioning is not up to the mark.
  2. The break-in period is long, so it will take time to get comfortable.

Nike Lebron Witness 3

Nike Men's Lebron Witness III Basketball Shoe
best basketball shoes for wide feet

The Nike Lebron Witness 3 basketball shoes are tailor-made for wide feet. They have a synthetic mesh upper which is breathable for long and draining basketball games.

The interior has a soft lining of fabric that provides cushioning and comfort. The air heel unit cushions your feet without deforming the interior. Your wide feet will feel the much-needed comfort that you are striving for.

The Nike Lebron Witness 3 basketball shoes have rubber outsoles. The outsole provides traction on slippery wooden courts. These shoes are mid-top to provide support and agility combined.


  1. The synthetic upper maintains the airflow.
  2. It has a soft internal lining of fabric for added comfort.
  3. The air cushioning does not deform.
  4. The rubber outsole is durable.
  5. This pair has a mid-top design to balance support and agility.


  1. The lateral cushioning and support are miserable.
  2. It is a moderate option that supports all play types. The usage is not specific.

Way Of Wade 10

LI-NING Wade All Day On Court Men Basketball Shoes Lining Cushion Wearable Professional Sport Shoes Sneakers White ABPR077-1H US 9.5
best basketball shoes for wide feet

The Way Of Wade 10 is a pair of basketball shoes designed as a tribute to the three times NBA champion Dwayne Wade. The design is very stylish and premium-looking. The meshed upper is added for more airflow and sweat evaporation for an intense game.

My friend gave it a thumbs up because he had it in his inventory since its launch. It is a comfortable shoe for wide-footed people because of the TPU stabilizer and panel. These parts are connected firmly to the midsole.

They support movement in all directions. The TPU stabilizer and panel protect wide feet from rolling over when playing fast. The shaft is low-top, so these shoes give you the freedom to run and score.

The Way Of Wade 10 basketball shoes have durable rubber outsoles. These outsoles contain a water rippler pattern for ideal traction. The carbon fiber plates help maintain consistent traction. My friend uses this pair indoors and outdoors. The boom midsole provides the best cushioning for high jump and responsiveness.


  1. The look is stylish for those who fancy it.
  2. Mesh upper is breathable for wide feet in an exhausting basketball game.
  3. The TPU midsole components and low-top design provide stability and protection in a fast game.
  4. The traction is nearly perfect.
  5. The rubber outsole is durable.
  6. It is a great option for high jumps.


  1. These shoes are expensive for students.
  2. The fit is narrow, so your wide feet will need time to adjust.
  3. The ankle support is not ideal because of the low-top design.

Nike PG 5

Nike Mens PG 5 CW3143 002 - Size 9 Black/White/University Red
best basketball shoes for wide feet

The Nike PG 5 Basketball Shoes come from the product line named after Paul George, a veteran in the NBA. The material of these shoes is not of premium quality, but the company has improved the lateral support. The midsole is reinforced with sidewalls to allow changing directions safely.

The Nike PG 5 Basketball Shoes are ideal for people with wide feet because they have outriggers to make the outsole wider and more accommodating. The interior has full-length Air Strobel cushioning, adding stability and responsiveness for your wide feet.

It felt very comfortable when my friend wore it. He admired the cushioning and wider outsole. The midsole has firm foam support and pods to lock your wide feet. The sole is made for indoor games due to excellent traction.


  1. The outsole is wide due to outriggers on the sides.
  2. You can expect great performance due to ideal lateral support.
  3. The traction is ideal for wooden basketball courts.
  4. The Air Strobel cushioning allows for better responsiveness.
  5. The firm foam and pods lock your feet tightly.


  1. The material is not of excellent quality.
  2. The traction and cushioning are not suitable for outdoor usage.

Unisex Curry Flow 10

Under Armour Curry Flow 9 Team Basketball Shoes - Black - Men's Size 10 / Women's Size 11.5, Black/White
best basketball shoes for wide feet

The Unisex Curry Floe 10 Basketball Shoes bring solid features for your wide feet. The Under Armor Wrap Technology increases comfort and allows you to control your movement. A half-bootie upper lining maintains a comfortable playing experience for people with wide feet.

This pair has the Under Armor Flow cushioning that improves the group and keeps it light. This cushioning allows you to change direction easily.

The TPE shock liners in the Unisex Curry Floe 10 Basketball Shoes give you immense energy while jumping, and your wide feet will never feel the impact. TPE is a special shock absorber that can easily compress and stretch.

I wore these shoes, and the midfoot shanks felt stable and supportive. The outsole provides reliable traction to avoid slipping on wooden basketball courts.


  1. It has enhanced comfort and control due to UA Wrap Technology.
  2. UA Flow cushioning keeps it light and secure.
  3. TPE shock liners absorb even the harshest bumps.
  4. Midfoot shanks give stability to your heavy forefoot.
  5. These shoes have a durable outsole for better traction and movement efficiency.


  1. The impact protection is not as effective as air cushioning.
  2. These shoes are not ideal for outdoor usage.

Adidas Harden Volume 6

adidas Unisex Harden Vol. 5 Futurenatural Basketball Shoe, Black/White/Team Dark Grey, 6 US Women
best basketball shoes for wide feet

The Adidas Harden Volume 6 Basketball Shoes are as impressive as James Harden’s play style. I asked my wide feet friend to wear these shoes, and he instantly liked the stretchability provided by the soft textile.

The forefoot and heel bands keep your wide feet in place to avoid the risk of injuries. The boost midsole helps generate high energy to maintain performance throughout the game.

The Adidas Harden Volume 6 Basketball Shoes provide excellent court traction because the sole is made of rubber. It has light strike cushioning to prevent your feet from sustaining injuries when playing fast. The material is extracted from recycled resources to avoid impact on the environment.


  1. The upper is made of stretchable and soft textiles.
  2. Your forefoot and heel remain in place due to bands.
  3. This pair energizes your jumps and movements with the boost midsole.
  4. The rubber sole is durable.
  5. These shoes are prepared from recycled material to reduce environmental impact.


  1. The design and material are not appealing.
  2. These shoes are not breathable, and the toe box is tight.

Adidas Dame 8

adidas Unisex Dame 8 Basketball Shoe, White/Black/Grey, 10.5 US Men
best basketball shoes for wide feet

The Adidas Dame 8 Basketball Shoes are breathable shoes with an air-mesh upper. It has a textile lining. The upper material is 50 percent recycled, so these shoes have a minimal environmental impact.

Adidas has added TPU support plates in the Dame 8 Basketball Shoes to enhance support and stability. Your impact force gets transferred efficiently when you change directions on the basketball court.

The Adidas Dame 8 Basketball Shoes have responsive cushioning. The midsole contains Bounce Pro cushioning that perfectly balances the energy to jump and stability while landing.

The rubber outsole is durable and provides great traction on wooden courts. The outsole has aggressive patterns to allow effective cuts and movements.


  1. The air-mesh upper is breathable.
  2. The TPU support plate maintains stability while changing directions.
  3. Bounce Pro midsole cushioning provides an ideal balance between energy and support.
  4. The rubber outsole is durable and provides great traction.
  5. These shoes have a minimal environmental impact.


  1. There is no grip to lock your feet.
  2. The traction is not ideal for sandy surfaces.

Things to consider before buying basketball shoes for wide feet

Wide outsole

The outsole of your basketball shoes should be wide enough to accommodate your feet. Wider feet are difficult to fit in normal basketball footwear, so you should find shoes with a wider outsole (the forefoot area). Basketball requires a lot of sprinting, so your comfort is important to ensure your toe does not experience intense physical pressure.


Durability is an important feature in a basketball shoe for its wide feet. Wide feet are heavy, so they apply more force on the sides and upper of the basketball shoes.

The basketball shoes for wide feet should be durable for outdoor usage. The material used to make the upper is another important thing you cannot ignore before purchasing a pair for your wide feet.

Upper material

The upper material decides the ease with which you can play your basketball game. Though many synthetic fabric shoes are available on the market, you should try purchasing one with a stretchable upper material.

Rigid fabric restricts the width of the basketball shoe to a few centimeters. On the other hand, the stretchy material extends the room to comfort your wide feet. Woven uppers are an ideal example of a stretchable upper material.

Support and stability

It is important to check the tightness and support that the basketball shoe provides. It would be best if you found a pair that has a perfect balance between supportability and tightness.

A wide-foot basketball shoe must be tight enough to prevent the foot from slipping and the risk of an ankle injury. Wide feet are more vulnerable to injuries because they are heavier and irregularly shaped.

Basketball shoes with ankle support are ideal for people with wide feet. You should check if your feet and ankle lock up nicely. Moreover, the midsole and heel should have air cushioning to keep them durable and free from deformation upon application of pressure.


You will find different shoes on the internet that claim to be the best footwear for wide feet. Wide feet are often the most problematic for a bulky and tall basketballer.

Normal basketball shoes usually feel irritating and suffocating for wide feet. The products mentioned on my list are my recommendation to ease this problem.

All these products have some important features to accommodate your massive and wide forefoot. The outsole and forefoot compartment is stretchable in all these shoes.

The shock liners and air cushioning are integrated into almost all the products on my list. This cushioning is secure and light to let your wide feet rest with the risk of an ankle injury.

There is no winner from the list because all these basketball shoes also have downsides. You must understand what you want. I would recommend purchasing basketball shoes from physical stores instead of ordering online.

You can wear, walk, and feel the shoes before purchasing them. List your desired features and purchase the right product to support your wide feet.