Best Basketball Face Mask For Broken Nose

Basketball Face Mask For Broken Nose

Have you ever wondered why basketball players wear face masks?

Well if yes then you are going to get the answers today.

Many basketball players wear a face mask because it is one of the safest ways to stay away from potential face injuries.

It is also worn to protect against injury and stop themselves from getting hurt.

Previously the players did not have many options when it came to safeguarding themselves against potential damage or injuries.

The only options were either to stay within their cabin, wait for injuries to heal, or either wear a one size fits all mask which was extremely uncomfortable and increased the overall risk of injuries.

The basketball face masks today have evolved to a greater extent and young players love to wear them as it is an indication that the player is strong enough to even play through the injuries.

So in this blog, we will be comparing 4 different kinds of face masks for basketball players and then decide which one is the best according to the specifications.

Best Basketball Face Mask For Broken Nose [Top Picks]

Mueller Face Guard

Mueller Sports Medicine Face Guard, Nose Guard for Sports, For Men and Women, Clear, One Size

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This face guard protects the face, eyes, and nose since it covers most parts of the face. It is an ideal face mask for basketball players. The material used in the making of this mask is shatterproof and is of medical-grade polycarbonate.

This also improves its ability to fit well and is far more comfortable while also ensuring that the vision is not affected. Another important aspect of Mueller’s faceguard is that it does not move much and stays attached to the face making it a better fit.

What we liked

This mask does its job fine for basketball because it not only resists impact but also protects the face against hitting.

What We didn’t like

It is highly recommended for sports such as football and basketball. However, it is not suitable for wrestling or any other game where face contact is more.

Also, it does not prevent the sweat from penetrating into the eyes which hampers visibility.

SafeTGard Protective Nose Guard/Mask

SafeTGard Protective Nose Guard/Mask (Protects Broken Nose)

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The SafeTguard protective nose guard comes with a lot of advantages for the players.

  • Its best quality is the protective acrylic frame which protects the nose
  • The foam used during construction is comfortable and is solid protection against injuries
  • There is no hindrance caused by vision. Those who wear it do not experience any problem with vision
  • It has adjustable head straps which makes it easier to wear and remove.
  • The size supports almost all face types only those below the age of 12 cannot use it.

What we liked

Overall the SafeTguard has been the best when it comes to protecting the face and nose against injuries.

What We didn’t like

It is not suitable for longer durations. The transparent covering has to be kept clean continuously even while using otherwise the vision might become distorted. Also while fitting it according to the face size the sidebands pop out and it cannot be held back.

Qiancheng Nose Guard Face shield

Qiancheng Nose Guard Face Shield for Broken Nose, Protective Face Mask L5 Medium Size with Padding for Women and Teenagers, QC-L5-M

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The Qiancheng nose guard face shield works the best when it comes to providing effective protection against the face and nose. It also comes with measurement which means that it can be customized according to your face and nose.

Moreover, the material used in making this mask is of high quality which is able to resist injuries and is durable. The visibility also stays unaffected when you wear this mask.

Another added advantage of this product is that it comes with straps for comfortable fitting along with its stylish design which makes it all the more attractive.

This product works best to prevent fractures, nose, and face injuries.

What we liked

The Qiancheng nose guard face shield is considered the best for basketball players when it comes to safeguarding against injuries and fractures.

AURAFIX ORTHOPEDIC Nose Guard for Broken Nose


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The Aurafix Orthopedic nose guard for the broken nose is termed as the best amongst others when it comes to protecting the face and nose. There is a protective face mask with this product which allows one to continue to play while preserving and supporting the injured nose.

It is not only suitable for basketball but it is also recommended for other sports such as wrestling, karate, baseball, football, and soccer. It is made to protect against the face, eyes, nose, and zygomatic injuries.

The material used in making this product is medical-grade, the inner surface has an additional softened terry cloth pad which not only guards the nose but also protects the face from getting injured. The design is suitable for both men, women, and teenagers.

The nose protection mask comes with adjustable and compatible straps so it is easier and more comfortable to wear according to the face shape and size. It is a long-lasting and durable product made of high-quality suitable material.

Another added benefit is that the material prevents discomfort and the straps make it easier to keep the mask secured in one place. Moreover, due to its comfortable fit and attractive design, the vision stays clear all the time.

What we liked

The Aurafix guard has outstanding performance when it comes to protecting the face and nose against injuries. It is considered to be the best for basketball players.

Our pick:

Considering the features of all these masks discussed above we have picked Aurafix orthopedic nose guard for a broken nose.


Thus based on the specifications of each face mask discussed above the Aurafix nose guard for broken nose works the best when it comes to safeguarding against injuries and nose protection.

Its attractive design along with the long-lasting material used in its making allows it to provide excellent defense against any injury.

Moreover, the adjustable straps and the inner terry padding make it comfortable to wear and stay in place during rigorous movements.